Routt expects Raiders to man-up


Hosts Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan tried their best to get Stanford Routt to say the Raiders’ reputation as man-to-man defenders was overblown.

In an interview on SiriusXM radio, they pressed Routt as Routt would press an opposing receiver.

Surely, the Raiders don’t play that much man-to-man. No one does.

“You can’t play press coverage every damn down.”

Replied Routt: “Basically, you just hit it on the head. We basically play man every damn down.”

Ryan challenged Routt with a 2009 game against Philadelphia when the Raiders blitzed Donovan McNabb heavily and backed it with more zone than usual.

Routt said “we ran a little bit of zone that game, but predominantly, (man) is what we do. If we play 60 snaps on defense, at least 56 of those are going to be man coverage. Everyone in the league knows what our game plan is.”

Kirwan said it must be difficult to play straight man against a three-man bunch set.

`You’re right. It is hard as hell to do that.”

Routt was asked if defensive backs had the freedom to play press coverage or off-man to play to their strengths.

“For the most part, they want us to be in the receiver’s face and disrupt them off the ball,” Routt said. “It’s just the way we do things. We believe in cutting down all the air. From playing tight coverage and seeing up close, the quarterback is going to have to be pinpoint accurate.”

More from Routt on Sirius XM:

On missing Camp Seymour

“I was taking a graduate course to substitute for another course that was only offered in the fall. I just had to ahead and do the school thing”

Routt said he is six hours short of getting his undergraduate degree at Houston _ he is a six-year veteran.

“College, per se, really isn’t that hard, but it’s just something you have to get through. I think it’s important to finish what you started.”

The possibility of Nnamdi Asomugha sticking around

“Until I see it on ESPN or you guys at Sirius Radio or see it in print that he’s signed with a new team, as far as I’m concerned he’s still a Raider . . . I know he’s a free agent and it’s a business, we all get that . . . I hope it works out for him, and I hope it works out for him in Oakland.”

The play of Mike Mitchell

“I think the coaches challenged him and he did very well. His locker is right by mine. We’ve had a lot of talks throughout the season and last year at minicamps and OTAs. There are times he may have been a little discouraged, but in my opinion I thought he did real well. He had good games against Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis in back-to-back weeks.”

Playing with Rod Woodson as a position coach

“During that 24 to 48 hour period when the lockout was lifted, I had several conversations with him. He’s areal cool dude. I can’t wait to actually meet him in person and pick his brain. He’s one of my two favorite cornerbacks of all time, him and Deion Sanders. He’s got a lot to bring to the table and I can hardly wait to have some of it rub of on me.”

Issues with run defense

“We were holding teams to 2.5, 2.7 a rush, stuff like that, not really big games. Then after four plays of stopping the run, stopping the run, stopping the run, it will be a pop, someone will be out of their gap, there will be a missed tackle, the corner won’t set the edge, and it will just explode on one play. Big runs kill your average as a run defense. It’s not just the front seven, it’s all 11 of us, and we need to be more consistent.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer