Hue really likes Tyvon Branch


Here’s hoping the Raiders open training camp on schedule July 26, because Hue Jackson is giving indications that he may rival former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan when it comes to July-August hyperbole.

Jackson spoke with Murph and Mac Friday on KNBR (the full interview can be accessed on Raiders.com) and didn’t have a lot of new information, which isn’t surprising considering the labor situation.

When asked about the three Raiders who made the Top 100 list as compiled by NFL Network (and voted on by players), Jackson said Darren McFadden, Richard Seymour and Nnamdi Asomugha were all deserving, adding, “I would have guessed the three they picked and I think they left about seven more.”

After Jackson talked about McFadden, Seymour and Asomugha, he was asked to name those who may have been left out.

“There are some players I think this season are going to have breakout seasons. Matt Shaughnessy, who plays defensive end for us, I think is a tremendous player. Tyvon Branch, who people don’t give a lot of credit to, this guy plays football the way it’s supposed to be played,” Jackson said, before kicking it into high gear.

“He plays as well and as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen play the game.”

Roll that one around in your mind for a minute. Tyvon Branch plays as well and as hard as anyone Jackson has ever seen play the game.

Keep in mind he worked in Baltimore, where Ray Lewis plays middle linebacker.

Branch is extremely fast, made a lot of tackles and could indeed be coming into his own as a safety. The interesting thing to see will be if Michael Huff departs in free agency and Branch is moved to free safety with Mike Mitchell moving in at strong safety. As yet, Branch has shown little in the way of ball skills necessary for the position the way it is played in Oakland.

To be fair, he hasn’t been asked to do a lot of read and react stuff as a deep safety.

The Raiders re-signed free safety Hiram Eugene before the lockout began, meaning it’s conceivable he or second-year man Stevie Brown could compete to be the starter should Huff leave.

Jackson, by the way, is optimistic training camp will open on time, can’t talk about Asomugha’s future (although he’d love to have all his free agents back) and when asked about the production of Darius Heyward-Bey, said the entire team needed to pick up its performance but noted, “he is definitely one of the players that needs to step up and bring more to the table . . . I think they all do.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raideredoutL.A.

    in all hopes, the o-line wins by a big margin.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    My biggest concern of this current Raiders roster is obviously the o-line with the inexpierence and the poor pass protection we’ve already had.

    Second would be the secondary, minus huff and aso, very young and raw cb’s, routt a #1, mitchell a starter, branch a fs? flip flop with o-line concern.

    Last would be the Lb position, Mcclain has to make a major leap to make up for Wimbley and whoever we might have on the other side.

  • priesttj

    What makes you think that’s the W’s starting 5?

  • raideredoutL.A.

    just very unproven

  • priesttj

    How much experience do you want the secondary to have?? Routt-7th; CJ-8th ; Branch-4th; MM34-3rd every starter has at least 2 years in the league. That’s about as old as I would like them and then we have experience in the depth with Eugene, Brown, Ware and McFadden. Everybody has at least 1 year experience. That’s not too shabby. Very solid if you ask me. If we sign either Nnamdi or Huff even better.

  • priesttj

    i love both rookie corners one is very physical and the other is dman near a Routt clone.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    Branch will prob line up as our starting FS, 1st yr, Mitchell 1st yr starter at SS. Routt and CJ aside, youth. Dont get me wrong i like the upside but how will it go early on.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    I loved how Routt and CJ stepped up in games without #21, but what happens when 1 or the 2 of them are out for a game.

  • priesttj

    Same thing that happens anyones starters are out the backups have to step up. The key is are they talented if so you have something. Now rookies can be fooled but we go 4 deep b4 we get that far. And let me tell ya’ Chekwa and DVD aren’t slouches they’re just young. Last year Ware played as well as most rookies McFadden was injured but what i saw from him inn preseason I know this kid can play.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    The longer the lockout the more it’ll benefit the Raiders defensively since we all know the scheme is the same.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    Games will probably rely more on individual performances than being perfectly orchestrated schemes.

  • ohioraider

    priesttj Says:
    June 26th, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    i love both rookie corners one is very physical and the other is dman near a Routt clone.
    Father Pride & Poise, your problem is you’re easily impressed by this team. You’re a true fanatic, an uncritical acolyte, an aficionado (somebody stop me for crying out loud), and consequently your insights into the true strengths and weaknesses of the team the Old Creeper built is not reliable. You say you “like what you see.” Fair enough. But, to be fair, what you see is likely another 8-8, or perhaps 9-7 team with glaring weaknesses along both lines, weaknesses at wide receiver, weaknesses at safety, and–most damning–weaknesses in overall philosophy, which is of course the Davis Way of Doing Things, which has relegated this team to also ran status for over 20 years.

    You and your like on this blog offer Nothing in the way of unique or perceptive insights into this team. You’re a wishful thinker, a soldier, a gofer, but you’re no deep thinker pal. When I read your bs my eyes glaze over. But when I read a good jab at the Old Creeper you know what? I get a frickin hard on. Because that’s close to the truth numnuts.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    Mcfadden’s hamstring injury really stunted his development last yr. Rookie pt 2

  • priesttj

    OhioRaider We’ll both see and I’ll be here to own up to mine will you? or wil you find anothe rhandle to hide behind?

    I don’t predict records becuase of the injury factor, and to think you know what kind of team we have is foolish. FA period hasn’t even taken place and there have been zero cuts and no preseason. How can you gage anything? Sure I like certain players and think we can do well but only time will tell………..so all your supposed conclusions don’t matter. Right now everything is conjecture. But I like what I see whether you agree or not………it’s a personal opinion just disagree and move on.

  • hendu

    New Post,fellas

  • kaufman26

    Personally, I still ain’t convinced that Nnamdi will leave .. it will all depend on how much he wants to win. I still think Al will value him more highly in $$$$$ than any other team. After all, how many teams play more man than we do?

    I’d also be pretty surprised if Al wants to totally trust Chris Johnson, or a first or second year player. We have two rookie corners and two second year ones, neither of whom look like getting much of a training camp etc.. it’s too much of a risk.

    The argument that we did not win with Nnamdi so will somehow be better without him is nonsense, IMO.