Sapp’s critique of Huff is three years old


Warren Sapp told the Dallas Morning News watching Michael Huff practice made him want to vomit.

A damning criticism for a soon-to-be free agent, but keep in mind Sapp hasn’t watched Huff practice since 2007. At the time, Huff was struggling through his second year as a miscast strong safety. Things got even worse in 2008, when Huff moved to free safety _ a move which was supposed to liberate him _ and he lost his job to Hiram Eugene.

Things have gotten better the past two seasons, as Huff had 14 passes defensed and three interceptions in 2009 and had three more picks, seven passes defensed and four sacks in 2010.

Enough for the Raiders to load up with a big offer in free agency?


Huff’s fate was likely sealed (as well as defensive coordinator John Marshall) last Dec. 12, when he surrendered a 48-yard touchdown pass to Jason Hill in a 38-31 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It came on a second-and-18 play with two tight ends and a single back, with Huff giving up the scoring play to Hill in man coverage in an alignment that didn’t include a cornerback.

The Raiders have shopped Huff during at least two offseasons and found no takers. Now that Huff has had two decent years, he could get an offer which far outweighs his true value. Oakland seems to have anticipated that when they signed Eugene to a four-year extension at a rate that could makes him either a well-paid backup or a relatively underpaid starter.

Interesting to see how hard Rob Ryan pushes the Dallas Cowboys to sign Huff. Ryan always talks up his players in a media setting, but if Sapp’s practice reviews of Huff are true, then the defensive coordinator must have had his share of nausea as well.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    have a safe & happy 4th..!


    you too 909, Dakota, Silver, etc!

  • RaiderRockstar

    comparison (first 3 years in the league)

    Bo Jackson ’87 – ’89: 390 carries for 2084 yards (5.3 ypc) & 11 TD’s

    Plus 34 catches for 284 yards and 2 TD’s


    Darren McFadden ’08 – ’10: 440 carries for 2013 yards (4.6 ypc) & 12 TD’s

    Plus 97 catches for 1037 yards and 3 TD’s

    thoughts ???

  • RaiderRockstar

    Lakers add Person, Snyder to new coaching staff

    Posted Jul 1 2011 4:25PM

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) — Chuck Person and Quin Snyder have been hired by the Los Angeles Lakers as assistants to new coach Mike Brown.

    They join John Kuester, the former Detroit Pistons head coach, on Brown’s staff.

    Person spent the last two seasons working with the Lakers under retired coach Phil Jackson. Previously, he spent two seasons each as an assistant with Sacramento and Indiana, where he played 13 years in the NBA.

    Snyder spent last season as an assistant with Philadelphia. Previously, he coached the Austin Toros in the NBA D-League for three years. Snyder coached seven years at Missouri, where his tenure ended in NCAA violations that led to probation and off-the-court problems with players.


    Did the “Lake Show” just get better or worse?

  • Bo put up those numbers while playing PART TIME!!

    I’m not quite old enough to have seen Jim Brown when he played, but had BO stayed healthy who knows how incredible his stats could have been…

    Bo was awesome to watch….

  • Lakers are on the back burner for now here in SO-CAL. Everyone wants that carpetbagger Frank McCourt removed from ownership of the Doyers….

  • raiderinparadise

    This post is 3 years old. Forget Sapp and Huff they both done.

    I got D-Mac pushing for the MVP this year, he will rush for over 1,350 and catch for 850. about 14 TD’s combined.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    # RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Since 2006:

    Carson Palmer – 68 starts, 15961 yards, 62 % completion percentage, 104 TD’s, 70 INT’s, 83 QB Rating, 3 rush TD’s, 35 fumbles (13 lost)

    Since 2006:

    Jason Campbell – 64 starts, 13247 yards, 60 % completion percentage, 68 TD’s, 46 INT’s, 82 QB Rating, 4 rush TD’s, 43 fumbles (13 lost)


    JC everyday of the week twice on sunday, here is why

    Crason has hit his ceiling JC has not. Palmer has been in the same offense for years, and he has had very good receivers, ochocstinko, t.o tj and so on. he cant get any better than he already is.

    JC is mobile, has played in too may offense to count year after year, with no reciever to speak of. the best he has had to throw to, santana moss, chris cooly and z miller.

    JC finally has good weapons to throw to, and the same offense. he will be much better than palmer when all is said and done. JC is still getting better palmer has maxed out.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Bo put up those numbers while playing PART TIME!!

    I got D-Mac pushing for the MVP this year, he will rush for over 1,350 and catch for 850. about 14 TD’s combined.


    both excellent points

    Let’s hope DMAC has a breakout year in his 4th season instead of a career ending one like BJ. I think McFadden is poised for greatness, at least for the next 5 years (then who knows?)

    DMAC gave up a ton of carries to Fargas as a rookie and Bush as a soph … but injuries also played a part in that

  • RaiderRockstar

    JC finally has good weapons to throw to, and the same offense. he will be much better



    I wish I could buy into that. I just don’t feel confident enough in JCamp’s supporting cast (OL & WR)

    Campbell will put up better stats than last year due to a few things imo… assuming he stays healthy & doesn’t get benched for poor performance

    1. no Gradkowski for competition
    2. no Cable (Grads saved Cable’s job in ’09 – making him a BG supporter)
    3. Hue Jackson in Year #2
    4. DHB, Murphy, Ford, ZMiller, Schilens (same targets = more/better chemistry)

    Yes – I use his WR’s & TE’s as both for a reason he could improve or stay average. That’s because his WR’s need to step up (seperation, crisp routes, fewer drops, no fumbles). If they improve in those areas, JCamp might look like the best QB in AFC West. If not, he may look like the worst

  • raiderinparadise

    Yeah D-Mac impressed me against JAX on the road, that game outcome pains me but the type of runs and catch and runs he made proved to me he is in the groove now. Kid is a freakish athlete as a WR and RB. IF AND ONLY IF he stays healthy he will have a great year. Only thing is that Bush will command touches as well as Reece and then you know Taiwan Jones will be used in screens and draws, etc… Thats a lot of carries to go around. Therefore its possibly he has similar numbers as last year.

  • priesttj

    I love DMC but don’t compare him to Bo Jackson, Bo was a once in a lifetime type athlete we may never see another Bo Vincent Jackson. That kind of speed and athletcism is way to rare Bo was dman near as fast as Ford at 230lbs. Contact with Bo was very different than hitting DMC. Bo could truck you like Bush can and then outrun your entire secondary.

    As far as speed and power there was Bo and Jim then everyone else. Herschel Walker was close to those two early in his career but no one else. Oh I forgot Cookie Gilchrist with the Bills some say he was as good as Jim Brown as well.

  • Twocents

    And Bo was only doing it part time. He was never really in football “trim”.


    “Sapp’s critique of Huff is three years old.”

    So is this post Jerry.
    Got anything else?

  • After Taking A $10 Billion Bailout, Goldman Sachs Announces It Will Outsource 1,000 Jobs To Singapore

    Less than three years after receiving $10 billion in bailout money from American taxpayers, Goldman Sachs informed its employees recently that it will fire 1,000 workers in the United States and elsewhere, shifting their jobs to the cheaper Singaporean labor market.
    According to Fox Business, Goldman Sachs has quietly informed workers and lawmakers of its plan to outsource 1,000 jobs in an attempt to inoculate itself from the impending blowback:

    Goldman Sachs has also worked to protect itself by hiring former Republican Sen. Judd Gregg (NH) as an “international advisor.” It is not unreasonable to assume that Gregg’s 26 years in Washington will help the investment firm’s attempts to placate critics.

    The move to shift 1,000 jobs to Singapore is part of an overall effort by Goldman Sachs to cut $1 billion in operating costs over the next year. However, Goldman is firing American workers at a time of record profits for the company, which raked in $2.7 billion in profits in the first three months of 2011 alone.

    Goldman’s plan is helped by conservatives in Washington who have prevented Congress from discouraging corporations from outsourcing. Last fall, Senate Republicans voted unanimously against a bill that would have ended tax breaks for companies that shift American jobs overseas.

    Many conservatives justify outsourcing by arguing that not only would companies be more profitable by shifting low-skilled work to developing countries, but laid-off American workers would be forced to re-educate themselves for new, high-paying industries. However, this move by Goldman Sachs is particularly troubling for that theory because, according to a source with knowledge of the matter, the 1,000 Singaporean jobs are likely to be “high-paying, skilled positions in sales and investment banking.” Whereas highly educated workers may once have imagined themselves immune from the specter of outsourcing, Goldman Sachs has shown that is not the case.

    With today’s news, Goldman joins the ranks of top U.S. corporations like GE, Chevron, Intel, and others who have collectively outsourced over 2.4 million American jobs in the past decade.


  • edward teach

    would anybody rather watch Raider home games at Candlestick Park?

    Many Raider fans think that The Coliseum is a dump.


    Two things; first off, it’s a moot point. Al would never allow the Raiders to play at Candlestick. Never.
    Second; it’s the team that’s kept fans away from the ballpark, not the facility. Sure, it’s not your state-of-the art NFL stadium, but if the team is winning it goes from a “dump” to the world’s greatest home-field advantage and the fans gain even more notoriety for coming out in droves to see the Raiders in a gritty, old-school evvironment. In other words, we don’t need no Jerry’s World. We’re the Raider Nation and we LIKE it this way.

    Winning cures just about everything. Doesn’t mean a new stadium wouldn’t be a great thing, just that a winning team would trump that in the eyes of (at least) most of the Raider fans I know.

  • Just Fire Baby


    Sachs got their bailout from TARP, which had only 9 Dem’s vote against, and BO voted FOR IT.


  • Just Fire Baby

    There are all kinds of crappy teams (AZ, Cincy, Houston, Denver) that have new stadiums and just as bad as teams as us and average 65K a game.

    The stadium features bring out the casual fans. State of the art scoreboards, stupid games and stuff for the kids, bars and restaurants in the stupid and outside of it.

    Oakland either has none or very little of that stuff, and they also have the lowest attendance.

    No coincidence. They could build a new stadium, go 4-12 next year, and probably double the attendacne from last year.

  • edward teach


    Agreed that new stadiums bring in the casual fan, and that there are some pretty crappy teams out there that bring in crowds despite the product on the field. Absolutely agree that the stadium matters there.

    The current reality is that a new stadium or arena for anyone in NorCal is and has been a monumental challenge.

    There is plenty of evidence to support your claim about fans coming out to see an inferior product if they like the facility. My point is that if the team is winning, the facility, while still important, becomes much less an issue.

    I’m considering the reality of the prospect of a new stadium in Oakland. It ain’t happening in the next couple of years, so the best way to get butts back in the seats is to start winning football games.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I’m considering the reality of the prospect of a new stadium in Oakland. It ain’t happening in the next couple of years, so the best way to get butts back in the seats is to start winning football games.


    No doubt about that.

    But an inferior stadium, with even a Super Bowl level team (like we had in 00-02) doesn’t assure sell-outs.

    I blame it a little on the quality of TV’s and the need for instant fantasy scores these days. Some people just prefer to watch the game and refresh their fantasy roster 250 times on Sunday, than driving the couple hours to the stadium.

  • Winning brings out the casual fan.

  • edward teach


    No doubt. Maybe I’m old school, but I go to watch the game. If my team is winning games I really don’t care whether or not I have a three square mile big screen or an interactive freaking experience or an in-stadium shopping mall.

    If I want to go to Disneyland, I’ll go to Disneyland.

    I guess I understand it on some level; maybe I’m just hoping that people will come out and watch their team because they’re kickin’ ass on Sunday, not because they can go to the metroplex and the football stadium all at the same time.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Remember there was a SI fan voting poll (by fans of their teams), on all the stadiums in different areas of rankings.

    Raiders were near the top in tailgating and access to the stadium. But Raiders fans THEMSELVES, rated Oakland Coliseum as the worst fan environment in the league.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Sachs got their bailout from TARP, which had only 9 Dem’s vote against, and BO voted FOR IT.

    Whatever, that’s not the point.

  • I’ve been to Pac Bell Park, the nicest stadium I’ve ever been in, ONCE.

  • edward teach

    Polls are polls, JFB. They are only worth the opinions of the people that participate in them. It’s an SI.com poll; realistically, how many people voted? How many of those people are regular spectators?

    Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here because I completely agree with you that a new stadium is very important (for a lot of reasons; keeping the team here is no doubt one of them), but I do stand by my statement that current reality dictates that a winning team is going to have to happen first, and may have to suffice for awhile if the team does in fact remain in Oakland. The “fan experience” most likely improves under those conditions as well.

  • 504 Raider

    What up Nation! I gotta chime in on this Elway defending JaMarcus crap. Bullshiznit.

    Yall know I’m a big time LSU fan so I used to worship the guy. But if Al Davis and the Raiders failed JaMarcus it would be in the fact that upon drafting Russell, Al didn’t name Uncle Ray Ray the offensive coordinator and Russell’s grandma the QB coach.

    That is the only way Russell succeeds in the league. Elway can say what he wants. If John Lucas can’t help you…………….C’mon you gotta be realistic about this whole thing Elway.

  • Owners like new stadiums, of course. More ways to skin the customer.

  • edward teach

    When I was a kid and the Raiders were one of the two or three best teams in football year after year the Coliseum was still reviled by many. Sal Bando called it “The Mausoleum”.

    Raider tickets were hard to come by because the team was winning.

  • edward teach

    On a different topic, and interesting read for those that don’t think Rolando McClain showed much as a rookie;


  • Just Fire Baby

    The days of yesteryear are gone.

    22 year old fans aren’t like the most of us.

    They want bars, hi-speed interent stations, massive big-screens, and really only watch 40% of the game.

    That’s just what it is.