Sapp’s critique of Huff is three years old

Warren Sapp told the Dallas Morning News watching Michael Huff practice made him want to vomit.

A damning criticism for a soon-to-be free agent, but keep in mind Sapp hasn’t watched Huff practice since 2007. At the time, Huff was struggling through his second year as a miscast strong safety. Things got even worse in 2008, when Huff moved to free safety _ a move which was supposed to liberate him _ and he lost his job to Hiram Eugene.

Things have gotten better the past two seasons, as Huff had 14 passes defensed and three interceptions in 2009 and had three more picks, seven passes defensed and four sacks in 2010.

Enough for the Raiders to load up with a big offer in free agency?


Huff’s fate was likely sealed (as well as defensive coordinator John Marshall) last Dec. 12, when he surrendered a 48-yard touchdown pass to Jason Hill in a 38-31 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It came on a second-and-18 play with two tight ends and a single back, with Huff giving up the scoring play to Hill in man coverage in an alignment that didn’t include a cornerback.

The Raiders have shopped Huff during at least two offseasons and found no takers. Now that Huff has had two decent years, he could get an offer which far outweighs his true value. Oakland seems to have anticipated that when they signed Eugene to a four-year extension at a rate that could makes him either a well-paid backup or a relatively underpaid starter.

Interesting to see how hard Rob Ryan pushes the Dallas Cowboys to sign Huff. Ryan always talks up his players in a media setting, but if Sapp’s practice reviews of Huff are true, then the defensive coordinator must have had his share of nausea as well.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer