Training camp on the fly


The ESPN report authored by Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen conveniently covers the network for breaking the story in the event of an NFL labor settlement on July 21 as well as if it doesn’t happen.

More interesting is the “transition rules” contained in the report and how rosters will be shaped if and when an agreement is ratified when the owners meet in 10 days.

Basically, it would ensure that Raiders training camp opens on time (July 26), but that the Napa Marriott will be seeing players arrive at different points during the camp process unless they move quickly to get their own unsigned players under contract.

Rather than having virtually the entire team in place on the reporting date, players will come in based on deadlines set by the new agreement, and Hue Jackson’s “Build a Bully” camp opening will have a lot of key components missing at the outset.

PFT broke down the ESPN report like this:

4 days after the ratification: Teams will be able to sign undrafted players. On the same day, teams will get a three-day window to re-sign their own players. It’s safe to say tampering will go nuts in this period as agents shop deals around.

7 days after ratification: Free agency starts. So does the league year. A lot of huge deals figure to be signed within hours. Magic.

12 days after ratification: Rosters will be set at 90 players. That’s a lot of signing in a very short amount of time.

13 days after ratification: Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets. (We’re assuming RFAs will only be third year players at this point, but that isn’t confirmed.)

17 days after ratification: A four-day period for teams to match restricted free-agent offer sheets ends.

22 days after ratification: This one isn’t agreed upon, but it could be a deadline for rookies to sign. Um, wow. This unprecedented idea is something we’ll delve into later.

26 days after ratification: The signing period for RFAs, franchise players, and transition tag players ends.

If this transition process is implemented, teams that don’t have a lot of issues with regard to restricted and unrestricted free agents will benefit from a relatively full camp experience.

Otherwise, players such as Zach Miller and Michael Bush, should they play under their tenders instead of deals, could miss most of training camp.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Silverandblack666

    Good morning Bauce

  • Bauce Rules

    Yeah whatever you coward…..u will never show ur face to anyone from this blog…….especially the Bauce

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    Promise you this MR….u show up in the Lot…you wont be entering the gates to see the game

  • Bauce Rules

    Vegas Raider…..haha Buffalo game easier? You smarter than this. You think a team who always had loud fans is gonna be easy in their home opener? Plus how do you figure they lose to KC? I got bills winning that game and being the upset of week 1


    ….negotiations with Bob Gallery broke down (ie Gallery rejected his lowball offer)
    I don’t think it’s accurate to say Al ‘low balled’ Gallery.

    Let’s wait and see what kind of offers Gallery gets once free agency commences. I seriously doubt Gallery is going to be offered much more than 2.5 million per.

    Truth is Gallery has been injury prone. I’ve seen it said that he was a superior, bordering on dominant, guard, but honestly I felt he was mediocre at best.

    Gallery definitely thought the Raids were low balling him. If he didn’t feel this way, he wouldn’t have gone public so quickly to announce he definitely wasn’t returning. The Raids made it clear they weren’t interested in retaining Bob for anywhere near what he was asking. I’m thinking the Raids weren’t enamored with his level of play to begin with and considered him an injury risk as well. Robert was vastly overpaid during his time in Oakland and I don’t blame the Raids for feeling it was time to part ways.

    I’d be interested to know exactly what Gallery’s expectations were and what the Raider offer was.

    Gallery might fetch a larger bounty than what the Raids offered him. If he does, then you could say the Raids low balled him. Even so, low balling Gallery might turn out to have been the right thing to do. I don’t think Gallery is going to have a very lengthy or productive career ahead of him. Good luck to Gallery and whomever signs him – as long as they’re not playing the Raids.

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    Vegas…..u really underestimate the Bills….they were competitive enough against teams more talented than the chiefs. Fitzpatrick is a good young qb who gets the skills ppl involved. Watch CJ Spiller vastly improve as a RB

  • Just Fire Baby

    I got the Bills losing week 1, and being no better than 5-11 this year.

    Not so sure on the Donks, could go 4-12, could go 10-6 with Jesus at QB.

    But a MNF game in Denver is going to be waaaaaaay louder than in Buffalo. And Buffalo has no edge rushers, who have the most to gain from crowd-noise advantages.

    Never said it would be easy, but easier than the Broncos game. Von Miller and Dumervil are a scary pass-rushing duo.

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    Gallery is soft….Ninerwoman49 GayesDaze37 and La Melissa can relate

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    Von Miller did what in NFL last season? Elvis Dumberville is coming off major surgery lol….yeah so scared……..buffalo gonna have merriman off the supplements and aaron maybin I guess is some scruub. They run a 3-4 with blitzing from all angles. I doubt you are taking this in account

  • Just Fire Baby

    Bills had the worst rush defense in the NFL. They have no pass-rush, no ground game and Chan Gailey as a HC.

    They have no chance at anything.

  • Bauce Rules

    Ummmm Vegas….Buffalo has always had a rowdy ass crowd. This is since the 60s with Jack Kemp! To diss Buffalo’s crowd like that is purely off. And after they beat the chiefs that eastcoast crowd will be crazy…..do you forget we play them early sunday on a short week….u clearly arent looking at big picture

  • Just Fire Baby

    Bills had 27 whole sacks last year.

    If they are “blitzing from all angles” and mustering only 27 sacks, than there is holes all over the field.

    The also gave up more than 35 yards a game rushing than we did as well.

    Not worried about the Bills, unless Steve Johnson goes ape-ish on us.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Short week……now that is cause for concern.

    Did not factor that one in. Still thinks the Bills crowd won’t be raging as much as MNF in Denver.

    Broncos-Raiders man!!! Some of the wildest crowds you will see in football games. Through it on a season-opener on MNF, and you are looking at probably the craziest home crowd all of week 1.

  • the Bills are the least of our worries compared to the rest of the afc east.

  • 314 beware of barrell man

  • Miami last year came in and did a number on us.

  • Bauce Rules

    You think ppl just try to go into a season and not improve on weaknesses? Com on Vegas lol

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    Thank u for mentioning Steve Johnson! They got Lee Evans as well with Spiller! They got a few weapons to cause problems on that turf

  • Bauce Rules

    Oh buffalo was worse in this and couldnt do that…..just like the 09 raiders huh?….see my point?

  • Just Fire Baby

    …..just like the 09 raiders huh?….see my point?


    I think you just made mine for me

    2009 Raiders:

    Can’t stop the run, inconsistent QB and WR play, good running the ball, decent pass-rush, great ST’s.

    Basically the same thing as the 2010 Raiders, with some slight upgrades here and there.

    So we can expect the Bills to maybe improve in some areas (like going from worst in the league to maybe 25th against the run), but they still will lack a pass-rush, struggle to stop the run and consistantly run the ball, and hope to win with Fitz throwing 50 passes a game.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Bills may improve, but they still will more than likely be a last placed team in their divison, and drafting in the top 10 next year.

    Chan Gailey people!!!!! Not going anywhere with that guy calling the shots.

  • Bauce Rules

    Bills dont worry you? Least of your worries? Who the fk do yall think all are? Raiders arent an elite team. This aint the packers of the 60s, steelers of 70s or Redskins of the 80s! Who the hell are you to overlook anyone? AZ and SF STUNK last year and beat us at home now Buffalo will be easy. This is the problem with most of yall on here and the problem John Vella told me developed since good ole days…….. TOOK THINGS FOR GRANTED………and when yyou get your ass whipped you cant recover

  • Bauce Rules

    Chan Gailey has won division before in his coaching career and did it i nhis first season….so what are you talking about?

  • Bauce Rules

    No VR….I DIDNT MAKE YOUR POINT BECAUSE 09 RAIDERS WERE A 5 WIN TEAM AND IMRPOVED TO 8-P8 WITH A TOP TIER OFFENSE and also was among leaders in sacks with a 5-3 at home and undefeated in division….now tell me what angle it is ur coming from again?

  • Bauce Rules Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 10:13 am

    MR…..you will have a big grand welcome party in either tthe A lot or D lot
    I’m still waiting for the big grand welcoming party in my parking lot. Lol.

    Such a little pootbutt.

  • Bauce Rules

    In my view i see 4 tiers in the NFL OF CLASSIFYING A TEAM………you got 1st tier that consist of title contenders….2nd tier are your playoff contenders……3rd tier is for average teams and 4th tier is for garbage. Guess what folks we still in 3rd tier! Who do u think u are to be this cocky?


    Don’t like starting the season with 2 road games, but can’t complain about the opponents.

    Don’t see either the Mules or Bills as being capable of putting up alot of points and blowing the Raids out. Even if JaJason stinks it up, Raids figure to be in each game. Pound the rock, avoid turnovers and Raids should be able to grind out 2 wins.

    The mules are gonna remember the Raids whacking them at home and will be looking for some ambush revenge. The Mules also have shown the ability in recent years to get off to a quick start only to fade badly later in the year. Vegas currently has line at Mules -1, total is 42.

    Traveling 3k miles on a short week for a 10 AM game has been bad news for the Raids and just about all west coast teams.

    Be nice to win at least one of those games. Raids start 0-2 with Jets coming in and there will be people ready to throw in the towel. At which point the Raids will promptly demolish the Jets and the Superbowl talk will resume.

  • Bauce Rules

    We have won about 3 maybe 4 damn games in the early easter time zone games in the last 8 seasons……calm that bs down now

  • bcz24

    1. We lost on the road to AZ and SF last year.
    2. If you are sweating Buffalo this hard, then you obviously have predicted us to be 0-16

    Buffalo is a very similar team to us, a lot of the same issues. Very weak OLine, very little pass rush, although marcell dareus will help with that. Maybin will be a camp casualty, the guy is a bum, their secondary is pretty bad, and they are losing Winfield and Posluzny, 2 of the 3 best defensive players. Kyle Williams is a cause for concern in the middle especially against a rookie center. The crowd will be loud, but 1/3 of the crowd or more will be wearing black, there is lots of Raiders fans in the area and we will all be there!

  • Bauce Rules

    Ninerwoman49 we know u want to start 0-2

  • DKnight007

    Having D.Moore and Ausberry means we will be saying bye bye for sure to JLH and maybe even Nick Miller.

  • DKnight007

    285.Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 9:51 am
    O-line will be a strength moving forward, IMO.

    Just not so sure they will be a strength this year, especially the first few games.

    Road games in Denver are brutal on tackles historically with the crowd noise, and I believe Dumervil will be back for them.

    Buffalo shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but it is week 2.

    NY Jets week 3?? YIKES for the elite O-lines of the NFL, not even sure what the adjective would be to describe a young inexperience O-line going against Rex Ryan.

    Same thing with the Pats week 4. Bellicheck will have all kinds of fronts and blitz-packages designed to create confusion, and Bellicheck is probably one of the greatest the NFL has ever seen in creating confusion defensively.

    Tough sledding for our youngsters to start the year.

    O-Line needs to be a strength NOW!

    Otherwise they start off slow on the road the first two games and it may get ugly from there with the schedule being competitive as usual for the Raiders.

    Starting 3 rookies ( Wiz, Campbell-redshirt bascially, and Barksdale) and a 2nd year player in Veldheer on the road the first two games is not easy.