Things to look for if CBA approved by players tonight


The owners voted in favor of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Thursday afternoon. Now it’s up to the players to weigh in.

The latest word paints a picture of the players having some concerns over a “supplemental revenue sharing proposal” that the owners approved, but the players side was unaware of, according to NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith.

Some reports are filtering out that the players now are inclined not to vote tonight. That places in jeopardy the tentative guidelines set forth by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upon delivering the news that the owners approved their proposal.

In summary, the season is set to begin Saturday if the players sign off on the new CBA in the next 24 hours or so. If not, everything is back up in the air and will be pushed back.

For now, here’s how things shake out.

Training camps are permitted to open Wednesday. No padded practices are allowed on the second and third days. The Raiders already are scheduled to kick off camp this day anyway, so no big deal here.

The Raiders can begin waiving players and renegotiating contracts Saturday. That’s a good thing because they will need time to get under the new salary cap limit of $120 million. Teams have until Wednesday to be in full compliance of the new cap limit.

The Raiders and other teams can being voluntary training, conditioning and classroom instruction Saturday. They also are permitted to sign drafted rookies and their own free agents, as well as franchise players.

 Free agency starts Wednesday, with players who have four years or more experience considered unrestricted free agents. The new CBA reverts back to the terms of the previous agreement, whereas last year players needed six years or more to be an unrestricted free agents.

This is of utmost concern to the Raiders because tight end Zach Miller now is an unrestricted free agent. The one-year tender he received in March goes away because he no longer is considered a restricted free agent. The Raiders want Miller back in a big way. It’s likely going to take a big contract to secure the long-term services of their leading receiver each of the past three seasons.

As of now, the Raiders exhibition opener against the Arizona Cardinals remains in place for Aug. 11 at the Coliseum.

The Raiders and other teams are free to go after any undrafted free agent Sunday. The Raiders typically are quite active when it comes time to targeting such players. Given their salary cap constraints, they figure to be just as active this time around.

Other items of note include:

— The Raiders are as successful as any team at getting their players to report to training camp on time. However, players under contract aren’t required to report until Aug. 9 before they are subject to fines. 

— The ability of teams to carry as many as 90 players on their rosters, beginning Wednesday. They wouldn’t have to get down to 75 until Aug. 30.

— Teams can make trades beginning Wednesday. Trades seldom are made in the NFL, so this isn’t that big of a deal.

Again, the aforementioned dates are tentative and subject to the players approving the new CBA. If that doesn’t happen soon, all bets are off and these dates get pushed back.


Steve Corkran

  • Just Fire Baby

    “Philosophical and economic” differences.

    Tough to ascertain what the philosophical differences are, but economic means he wanted more money or some type of more favorable money situation for himself and the Raiders organization (not their players).

    His economic difference isn’t that he thought he was getting too much, lol.

  • lefty12

    Sully,just wondering,are you a player?

  • Sully

    You guys, forget it. It’s coming down the personal insults now, and I’m just not going to get in that kind of argument here.

    priest, just so you know, my “tunnel vision” only allows for facts. I have no dog in this race. These are all Americans. The owners have the right to sell their business any time they want to, the players have the right to leave the game and bag groceries. Let them bargain. Whatever they agree on is what they agree on. That’s my take. I’m done talking about this with you and Lefty, because it seems to be getting persona. You guys are getting angry because I won’t join your mob. So forget it.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12 the players are puddy in D Smiths hands whatever he tells them they listen to. The problem is they don’t have strong leadership in amongst the reps. Smith should be doing what the players tell him to do like Goddell is for the owners. But the player reps all suck……………..period

  • lefty12

    How have I made it personal,by asking if you are a player?

  • Sully


    Even though we disagree, thanks for the spirited discussion. I wish others in here could be as mature as you. You can make your point without insulting people. I respect that.

  • lefty12

    Is asking if you are a player insulting?

  • priesttj

    Sully……I’m sorry…….what?????


    Gotta step away!!

  • Sully

    lefty12 Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    How have I made it personal,by asking if you are a player?


    You’re insinuating that only one of the “childish”, “teenager-like” players could make the arguments that I am. That’s why your’e asking me if I’m a player. It’s an insult. It’s a generalization which assumes that I have limited intelligence and get my marching orders from propaganda. And it’s why I’m done discussing this with you. Sorry I won’t join your mob. I prefer to be an independent thinker. good day.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    # Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    You dont like Davis. You dont like our head coach or our starting qb, so your take means nothing to me.


    Pretty indifferent on Al Davis. Kind of cool mystique, but mostly a crappy team he has provided me.

    Soup, I will learn to like him when he wins. Until than, he is a NFL vagabond QB.

    Hue I like. I liked Tom Cable and the 8-8 record he brought to us last year, but I never had anything against Hue. I anticipate he will move the offense in the right direction next year, just hope there is not a lot of on-the-job training, being that he had the same amount of HC experience at any level as Lane and Cable when they came aboard, and neither of them was ready.


    your at it again, you cant straddle the fence. You have already exposed yourself as an impostor.

    Your trying to clean it up but its too late, you didnt want hu jack, you wanted that loser cable. you wanted scabs over jc, and you think davis should step down.

    What a joke

  • lefty12

    ESPN is reporting the same things.Are they controlled by the owners also?

  • Just Fire Baby

    And from the B, Norco Bob-talking to Lou Murphy at the airport debate earlier this week.

    Louis Murphy is still in Florida. He exchanged tweets with Stan Routt, talking about still chillin in Florida.

    I guess he could have flew back Sunday and returned Wednesday, but that doesn’t make a ton of sense.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    You dont like our head coach or our starting qb, so your take means nothing to me.



    Its simple jfb.

    Uncle Al and I knew what you didnt. Cable sucked and so did his hero. Never once did i think davis wouldnt get those scrubs out of here. I trust Davis, I love having him run our team. you dont

  • Sully

    Funny, Raider fans usually call it “BSPN”. Now it’s ESPN? When they report something that compliments your point of view? Tomorrow when they report on how many question marks the Raiders have, you’ll be calling it BSPN again.

  • Sully

    BTW, everyone.

    What was Al Davis’s vote on this CBA again?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Al hired Cable, as an O-line coach, gave him the HC job when he didn’t have to, and than brought him back two offseasons in a row.

    Now Al wants to hid from his hiring like he had a gun to his head.

    If you want tosay Cable sucked, the person who hired him sucks more, IMO.

  • lefty12

    Sully,I actually agree with you to an extent.No way should the players ratify anything they don’t know about.My problem is with the way yesterday,many of the player reps said they had no idea what was in the deal.What the hell has their leadership been doing all this time.When I was involved in union negotiations,our leadership kept us abreast of what was going on.We were presented with the proposal BEFORE either side did any voting.Your opinion isn’t childish but the rhetoric from some players is.

  • Sully

    Lefty, there’s no point in it. We’ve made our arguments. I’m not joining your mob. That’s just going to make you angrier and angrier, and then you’ll start with the insults. Just let it go. Let’s agree to disagree, like adults. Are you capable?

  • hwnrdr

    406.Sully Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Even though we disagree, thanks for the spirited discussion. I wish others in here could be as mature as you. You can make your point without insulting people. I respect that.

    I try my best. I don’t like getting insulted just as much as the next guy. Do on to others is the motto I live by…
    With that said, I truly hope this ends well! We are all in a dire need to discuss something other than the lockout!

  • Bauce Rules

    Bruce Campbell wants to play tackle…..now think people…if Hue was so sold on him why would they draft Barksdale? Barksdale is a tackle and a much better one than BG for sure. Bruce Campbell is playing RG not RT….if he wants to play tackle it will have to be as backup cuz he not a better pass blocker than Veldheer or Barksdale

  • lefty12

    I find your condescending nature insulting,so I can see you can’t have an adult conversation.This isn’t making me angry,but perhaps it is making you so,so I will drop it.BTW,what is your jersey #?

  • Silverandblack666

    “All of this led to a chain reaction of concern by players. Veteran fullback Heath Evans tweeted roughly an hour after the league’s announcement that: “Here is what the ‘Real’ fans need to know: The owners tried to slip many things in to the CBA ‘they’ voted on that were NEVER agreed to!”

    If DeMaurice Smith is doing his job then he would understand every paragraph of this agreement and he would not sign off on it if there was anything in there detrimental to the players union.

    So far we have heard from several players this complaint that the owners tried slipping things into the agreement but “Just exactly what are these things they tried slipping in” and have any of the players actually read the agreement yet, NO they haven’t so why are they commenting.

    Because its exactly like I said they are posturing for more. There is no other logical explanation.

    The players are at fault here if this thing drags out any longer and I am sorry that does not bode well with most of you who support the players and are looking for a way to place blame back on the owners.

  • Bauce Rules

    We’re talking Bruce Campbell a guy who never dominated as Tackle in college lol.

  • hwnrdr

    Oh well, it looks like this will go on til Monday!
    Per Schefter, player reps have emailed a letter to players saying that they will meet again on Monday to discuss their options and what direction they want to go…
    What’s up Bauce?

  • Dakota

    Wow, the player reps are not even going to meet until Monday? So much for things getting started tomorrow.