Jerry McDonald moving to print, new blogger on board


Jerry McDonald has been assigned the Raiders beat writer position, effective immediately. I am switching from the beat writer the past 14 years to the full-time blogger. So, for those of you who crave your Raiders fix from Jerry, he’s still a click away, as well as in the paper. I have the task of trying to fill Jerry’s shoes, which won’t be easy. He was on the leading edge of papers incorporating blogging into their coverage and he quickly developed into one of the best in the nation.

I intend to bring you many of the same elements that you became accustomed to during Jerry’s tenure. However, I also want to try some new things as a means of keeping things fresh and expanding the coverage. With that in mind, feel free to suggest some things you are interested in seeing in this space.

At some point, we will run a regular feature where I take some of your questions to the players and coaches and get you answers. We also are toying with the prospect of adding a second live chat each week, as well as video feeds and exclusive interviews. So, now is the time to weigh in on some of the things you would like to see from me and this site.

Jerry and I still will work hand in hand and complement each other’s coverage. However, there are going to be times when I am needed to help out on the 49ers. How often remains to be seen. During any absence, Jerry likely will help fill the void. That’s a work in progress.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the rabid Raiders fans who have made this blog as successful as it has become on Jerry’s watch.



Steve Corkran


Steve Corkran

  • Bauce Rules

    I dont know jhill

  • J Hill

    Why not?

    Who are the big $ guys on the team?

    Routt, Seymour, DHB, and McClain are the only guys making some real coin, right?

    MCFadden too.

    JC, Bush, the entire Oline, Houston, ShoNasty, Branch, Stevie Brown, etc are all making peanuts.

  • J Hill
  • J Hill

    Maybe Corkran can give us some clarification on our salary cap position??!!??

  • ohioraider

    Coach Davis and MR. Jackson need to address this.
    For chrissakes grow up azhole.

  • ohioraider

    J Hill Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    LOL at the Oline concern.

    I mean, REALLY??!!??!!!

    Certainly you guys aren’t worried about Veldheer at LT, right? I mean he’ll be better year 2 than he was as a rookie, right? Experience alone should dictate that.

    Are you really concerned about a Wisnewski? Who was coached by Joe Paterno? Who has his HOF uncle as an Oline coach? well I’m not?

    We had a 380 RT last year who just couldn’t move at all. We replaced him with the starting LT from LSU. I don’t see the problem here.

    OG is probably generating the most area of concern. We are probably talking about the “right field” of football. How hard is it to play OG? Someone from the Bruce Campbell, Loper, Carlisle, Parsons pack will do just fine. Or some FA we pick up next week.

    OT and C are solid for the first time in a LONG time in Oakland, imo.
    Your imo doesn’t count, genius.

  • Raiders for life

    ohioraider Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 7:25 pm
    Coach Davis and MR. Jackson need to address this.
    For chrissakes grow up azhole

    I specifically said that for you, I knew you would bite on it dumbFk

  • J Hill

    I doesn’t?


  • Bauce Rules

    Jhill its not that simple with the oline. You got all different type of defensive schemes coming your way. We have all question marks on the oline including Veldheer. If it is true that we are under as that site claims then go after Mankins and Lutui. They can help aid them youngins.

  • ohioraider

    You got me, Mr. RFL!

  • Bauce Rules

    Fk it you not re-signing Aso….why not pay for two good veteran guards….Hell one of them is a top tier LG. Wouldnt that put us in prime position to shock the league?

  • Bauce Rules

    Veldheer-Mankins-Wiz-Lutui-Barksdale is way more encouraging than the projected lineup on this blog

  • HayesDaze37

    J — Totally agree about the new talent coming on board. BUT, no matter how talented guys are, talent doesn’t replace experience and veteran know-how.

    Now, if the rookies totally kick arse and out-play the vets (at any position), we’re going to be more than just OK…for a long time coming. I’m about as optimistic as anybody on this board, but even I know rookies (with rare exception) carry a team.

    Now…we all know I think Al’s been kicking arse with his last few drafts. Hopefully they are everything we all (well, most of us) hope they are…and they’re ready to play big league ball now!

  • Bauce Rules

    anyhow yall be cool…outro

  • Raiders for life

    ohioraider Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 7:35 pm
    You got me, Mr. RFL

    My apologies Ohio, I’m not here to talk shizz or make enemy’s. Too many beers today I guess.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    85.raideredoutL.A. Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 4:45 pm
    I’ll take the reds tonight for schts and giggles. outro.


    cash it.

  • PumpkinPie

    First time visitor and I just want to say hi, and I really like this blog.

    And Coach Davis is doin a helluva job this off season, especially with getting Mr. Hue Jackson, and anybody that doesn’t get that can just deal with it.

    Anybody who refers to Coach Davis in any other way needs to grow up and get a clue.

    Coach Davis has done more for football than any other human ever, and he stands alone when it comes to football genious.

    And if you can’t handle the truth, deal with it. People need to grow up and quit calling people names.

    Just want to say hi to all my buds out there, see you at game time. Go Raiders!

  • Dude

    PPie, I hear ya man, loud and clear. Seems like some folk just want to get in here and make a lot of noise about Coach Davis and callin him names like old creeper and such.

    I mean, come on man, let me see you get to be eighty plus and see how your doin, if you got what it takes to run an NFL team.

    Coach Davis has super bowls trophies.

  • jrock24

    Congrats on the new gig!

    I do have a few suggestions for the blog. One, is it possible for the blog to be converted to an app or a more mobile user friendly website? Most of the time, and I am not sure about others, I am checking the site from my phone. It would be much easier if this site was more mobile friendly.

    Two, do you have a twitter account? I know some have asked if you could interact with them in this blog. I never had a problem interacting with Jerry via twitter. Maybe you and/or this website can have a twitter feed. Jerry, for a little while, would tweet when he had posted a new article. Then he stopped. I think this site would be a million times better if it was up to date via twitter. It would help me and others be more up to date with posted articles rather than having to check the site a million times a day, haha.

    That is all I can think of right now. More mobile/user friendly apps would go great


  • priesttj

    Welcome Steve I’m sure it’ll be be big fun…

  • Dude

    I have a few suggestions for the blog:

    1) see if you can come up with more inside info on the inner workings of Coach Davis and the management, like what time does he get to work, and whats for lunch, those kind of things.

    2) got any dirt on hererra?

    3) do the Raiders got any ‘moles’ on the inside? I mean, come on, sometimes stuff leaks outta there like a bad radiator.

    4) what the latest with kiffin/cable lawsuits? The randy hanson ordeal, that still kickin around?

  • DarkDays

    this sucks I hope steve is as dedicated as Jmac

  • RaiderFanFromJersey

    Wtf is this guy on espn radio saying the Raiders should sign Brett Favre???? Please no, please!!!!

  • I imagine the players’ will probably cave in soon. But I hope they don’t. I hope they don’t sign a thing until the owners have shown significant compromise, something I haven’t seen any sign of yet.

  • Dude

    RaiderFanFromJersey Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 9:18 pm
    Wtf is this guy on espn radio saying the Raiders should sign Brett Favre???? Please no, please!!!!


  • Al got rid of Gradkowski to eliminate fan and media questions about replacing Campbell with him. Think he’s going to bring in Favre now? Stop worrying.

  • Don’t worry, Jason Campbell’s job is nice and safe for at least this season, as long as Al’s around, even if Campbell turns out to be the worst QB in the league this year. He’s under no pressure, and Al’s not going to create any for him. Favre’s not coming here.

  • OneEyedTrouserSnake

    Raiders don’t need Favre

    Raiders don’t need Plaxico

    Raiders don’t need Ocho

    Raiders don’t need Lienhart

    Raiders don’t need T.O.

    Raiders don’t need nothin. They got everything in place. The house is in order. Now bring on this season…………..

  • RaiderFanFromJersey

    Favre is reportedly talking to eagles about coming in & backing up vick. He says this is his way of letting teams know he still wants to play. If someone “who needs a starting qb” is interested they can call him & offer him a job w/o Favre losing face by shopping himself around & not getting any offers. Radio guy says Big Al will prolly offer him a 4 year deal, smh. Put me down 4 a Hell Naw!

  • Daddy was a truckin fool

    Man that is a very valid point, OETS. I do believe we got ouselves a football team this year and got some mighty fine coaches to boot. Mr. Davis has done put it together.

  • Dude

    One thing Coach Davis has made clear is that he is tired of media attention type players, big name/little production type guys. No way Coach picks him up.

    Just say no to brett.

  • Wassup

    Hey I’m a first time blogger in here, hi everyone. Sure hope Steve can drop a article anytime of day or night like JerMac did. And if you ain’t got nuttin to say for a few days, don’t say it. Well it’s been a real slice.

  • Maitre d

    Anybody think there is going to be football tomorrow? I don’t. Players would be stupid to agree on this thing. They need to hold their ground. They were locked out and should not go crawling back. But thats what the owners expect, the players will cave.

  • Spoken like a true dependent of society.

    Or just a drain.

  • Bauce Rules Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 5:04 pm
    D-Racz….you leave them purple berries alone mayne

    You know what I say, ” the darker the Berry, the Sweeter the Bush”! Mmmm mmm

  • Bauce Rules

    MR….fk you and Gradkowski. Al didnt re-sign becuz the guy isnt any good. JC is our qb

  • Wassup Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 9:45 pm
    Hey I’m a first time blogger in here, hi everyone. Sure hope Steve can drop a article anytime of day or night like JerMac did. And if you ain’t got nuttin to say for a few days, don’t say it. Well it’s been a real slice.


  • Bauce Rules

    Youre a btch MR…..those players got it way better than most ppl in America. Its a fair deal dammit. 52/48 split….hell is there to complain about?

  • BAUCE.
    What’s good brotha?

  • Bauce Rules

    I just want the official word on end of this schit….Phaggets like MR dont want the season to happen becuz he is afraid of the raiders winning

  • Bauce Rules

    D-Racz…..posted….anxiously waiting for the deal to be 100pct official

  • Bauce Rules Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 7:37 pm
    Veldheer-Mankins-Wiz-Lutui-Barksdale is way more encouraging than the projected lineup on this blog

    Iv been told Barksdale is only really bout 6’3″. If that is true, I can’t see him playing RT, LT, or even backup T. Our T are typically 6’5″ or better

    I hope he is good no matter his posisition.

  • Bauce Rules

    New post bruh

  • Don’t trip on lil mr Bauce, he is still bitter over Al publicly belittling and fireing him for not cleaning the Town Car correctly.

  • RedneckRaider

    Farewell, Jerry. Thanks for the great blogging/reporting! Welcome aboard, Steve.

    Just 2 simple reminders as you make “changes” and add features:

    1. Many of us read this blog from work, so watching a video feed isn’t an option. Transcriptions are always appreciated.
    2. Just say no to slideshows.


  • Kykanvo


    Sounds good except do not waste any Raider time on the sorry Niners. Thank you.