Raiders on verge of reporting to training camp

Several news outlets reported that the NFL owners and players have reached accord on all the major points in bargaining for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and that ratification by the players is a formality.

The owners approved the new deal Wednesday. The players delayed the vote so that they could take some time to scour over the deal. Barring a last-second glitch, the players are expected to vote on the proposal Monday.

This means that the Raiders, as well as other teams, should be in training camp by the end of the week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday. Our best guess is, the Raiders will report to Napa on Friday, though there hasn’t been any confirmation.

We will provide the finer details of the timeline for free agency, player signings, training camp and such once they are finalized and announced by the Raiders.

Jerry McDonald and myself will be in Alameda for player reaction to the end of the lockout whenever the players are allowed to show up next week. From there, we will shift operations to Napa, where we will file stories on a daily basis throughout camp.

One of the first things we will seek confirmation on is the status of running back Michael Bush, who has been in the league for four years but played only the past three.

Bush’s agent has said that he is under the impression that Bush’s rookie season won’t count as an accrued season, which would make Bush a restricted free agent.

That bodes well for the Raiders because they could tender Bush a one-year tender for a modest amount and have the right to match any offers from other teams. It also prevents the Raiders from having to break the bank for Bush and tight end Zach Miller in a year in which the Raiders are without much salary cap room.


Steve Corkran