Asomugha pursuit is in full swing


The New York Jets are the first team linked to Raiders three-time Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Asomugha is an unrestricted free agent after eight seasons with the Raiders, where he developed into one of the league’s two best all-around cornerbacks. The Newark Star-Ledger reports that the Jets are interested in teaming Asomugha with Darrelle Revis, the other player considered one of two best all-around cornerbacks.

The Star-Ledger is light on details and relies on two unnamed sources. The Jets need to do something at cornerback if they opt to let starter Antonio Cromartie bolt for free agency. Asomugha, naturally, would be an upgrade.

The Jets don’t figure to be the only team to contact Asomugha’s agent. In the end, the Jets might be remembered only as the first team to gauge the market for Asomugha. Yet, this shows that even teams already in better position than most at cornerback, already with a top-flight cornerback and salary-cap issues won’t shy away from Asomugha if the price is right.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Raiders jump into the fray if they see that the asking price isn’t as high as they thought it might be before free agency began. Asomugha has yet to say anything about which team he prefers to play for since the final year of his contract voided because of a failure to reach several statistical clauses.


Steve Corkran

  • 89052RAIDER

    If campbell gets coached up and we sign Gaither than the OL could be big and athletic. Campbell is the wildcard after we sign a veteran OL.

  • Cornfucious

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    Cornfucious just drop in to say hi to all and say so very very very happy locksown over. So glad greedy lawyers quit shafting owners up rear end. Owner must like that to end now, but probably real sore. Very Sore.
    😯 😯

    Cornfucious 😡 😡 😡 very happy for Al davis cause he come out smellin like a rose. Players like him.

    Cornfucious leave now and never return, just wanted to say hi and so happy locksown over. Now we have football.
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    Let roll Raiders
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    So happy locksown over. :mrgreen:

    So happy locksown over.
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  • Kirk

    Spend Aso’s money on the OL. Make Bruce Campbell a fullback or a tight end.

  • If Al Davis loses Nnamdi Asomugha and the secondary this year looks like garbage, it will be further proof Al is not a GM anymore. Everybody will try and keep Al propped up, but the team as always lets him down.

  • J Hill

    LT – Gaither
    LG – Barksdale
    C – Wiz
    RG – Campbell
    RT – Veldheer

  • all those UDFA signings are bullcr@p…not a player among them

  • and…believe it or not, we are in cap trouble. We can’t sign our own players, let alone Free Agents.

  • we will pay more for a Free Agent TE than we wanted to pay Zach Miller…and he won’t be as good…..PRINT THAT.

  • chilicrack

    Namndi is a great talent, no doubt. But every year he tweeks his itty bitty ankle or whatever and misses a game or more. Thats as frustrating as watching Dudley drop all those catches. How many winning seasons have we had with him?

  • at least we won’t be paying 20 million to a CB who doesn’t particapate in 80% of the plays.

  • chilicrack

    Al davis needs to sell part of the team and move to Industry.

  • 89052RAIDER

    Barksdale will not start or we are in deep bandini. Loper or satele will man it until Barksdale is ready. Two rookie starters and campbell with DHB as no 1 receiver..Yikes

  • we need to get financially healthy before the rest of the teams do…then strike!…that’s the Raider way.

  • we’re not winning the Super Bowl this year…so we should be doing things that help or improve our chances for winning it NEXT year…get financially healthy, develop a nucleus, develop them for the future.

  • there is a 10 year CBA, learn it and exploit it for the next 10 years.