Raiders wanted WR Ochocinco


The New England Patriots just consummated a trade for Cincinnati Bengals veteran wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Soon thereafter, the Boston Herald reported that the Raiders, 49ers and Patriots were the three teams that requested permission to speak with the Bengals about a trade for Ochocinco.

Keep that in mind when Raiders coach Hue Jackson talks about the state of his receiving corps, especially if he says that he is content with the receivers he already has on his roster. Also, keep that in mind whenever another veteran receiver such as Plaxico Burress (free agent), Steve Smith (Panthers) or Bernard Berrian (Vikings) hits the open market.

This news also supports what Jackson said Wednesday about being interested in any free agent that might be able to help the Raiders:

“We’re talking to everybody,” Jackson said. “I know everyone wants to know, ‘Are you talking to this guy or that guy?’ We’re talking to everybody. If there’s a guy that’s out there that is free, trust me I’ve called him and I’ve talked to him.”


Steve Corkran


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  • CuzImaRaider

    Clarence 13x–> Dude, I wish you had some credentials, I’ve been dying to read the crap you’ve been posting all day!! Trolling, friggin john clayton, shefter and canfora’s twitter accounts, but nothing!! And this damn Steve Corkran, WTF man? Jerry would have been filling us in from practice, had interviews and managed a live chat already!

  • YoungAmerican

    So allegedly the Raiders have been looking at OT, FS, CB and WR this offseason. Also have been rumored to be in the market for a QB (Vince Young and Pat Devlin supposedly). If that’s true it’s a good sign, because at the very least it means the Raiders know their weaknesses this time around – not something I think you could say with any confidence the last two or three years.

    IF they somehow clear enough salary to sign a few of the players they’ve been rumored to be interested in, this team might be ready to compete this season.

    Goldson and Gaither alone would give me way more confidence that this Raider team could get back to 8-8 in 2011.

    The addition of Cromartie, a veteran WR (Ochocinco is off the market), and/or a solid backup QB may even be the difference between winning the division and another 3rd place finish.

    I’m FAR from sold that the Raiders have enough talent to face off against the best of the AFC in the playoffs… but their case is a lot stronger if they spend the next couple week adding talent to key positions.

    The first step, though, is bringing Miller back.

  • Clarence 13X

    I believe the casual NFL fan is not aware of what most “in the know” Raiders fans had speculated from day one. When Hue Jackson was hired as OC, it was already agreed that Hue would be the head coach. Cable was of no consequence, never was in the future plans. May sound bad, but its the nature of business. Hue had more attractive offers the year he was hired as OC, but no other team offered what Davis did, the opportunity to be HC once Cable’s contract was up. It was done this was way for financial reasons, and for the sake of continuity. Contrary to what people may think, Davis was concerned with what firing another coach so soon would do to the team at the time Jackson came on as OC. Trust me, I have zero knowledge about how Al thinks. My source is one with Jackson. Thats all I can say.

  • 89052RAIDER

    I so badly want to believe you, Clarence. You are very convincing. If you end up being right, thank you for the update.