Is OT Gaither a Raider?


Two local reports say that the Raiders have agreed to terms with offensive tackle Jared Gaither. Not so fast, according to Gaither’s agent.

Gaither’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, just Tweeted that “Jared Gaither has not agreed to contract terms with the Raiders.”

One of the reports said that Gaither has been spotted at the Napa Valley Marriott and that two unnamed sources confirmed he has agreed to terms.

Practice begins in one hour. However, Gaither isn’t allowed to practice until Aug. 4, so he isn’t apt to be in attendance.

The Raiders have been linked to Gaither for the past several days. If he were to sign, it would give the Raiders two mammoth tackles. Jared Veldheer is 6-feet-8 and 340 pounds. Gaither is 6-9 and 340.

Gaither missed all of last season because of a back injury. He started 28 of 33 games from 2007-09 with the Baltimore Ravens.

If Gaither becomes a Raider at some point, it likely closes the door on the likes of Mario Henderson, Khalif Barnes and Langston Walker, unless any of those players is content with a backup role.

The other issue is which side to play Gaither and Veldheer. Gaither’s experience is at left tackle. Veldheer finished the season at left tackle for the Raiders last season.


Steve Corkran

  • big oak boy


  • Davy Jones

    Adam Schefter tweets Jets OUT of Nnamdi sweepstakes.

  • Haters going to hate

    BSPN was saying 80% NYJ, 10% Dallas, 10% other

    By my math that now means 50% Dallas, 50% Other.

    Who is other?


    its go time

  • HayesDaze37

    Alright…official announcements are about to happen.

    Nnamdi leaving is a hard choice for him to make…he’s been here, helping the Raiders climb out of the cellar, and we’re THIS CLOSE to being a Playoff team.

    Here’s hoping he shuns the Jets!


    come home 21………………………..

  • Its Jerry Jones vs. Al Davis in a classic mine is bigger war! C’mon Al – Hit up Murph for some Cialis!

  • Plunketthead

    Some of you have a poor memory. We never got any before game reports with Jerry. His first blog would be game kickoff every Sunday, including afternoon games.

    He was always the last one to report anything. It was always posted here by semi pros before Jerry tore away from big mac and large fries.

    Steve is gonna kick butt all year long. Just dont expect a blog pimp to start posting before noon, if that.

  • DT42

    Going to the cowboys will be a terrible move for Aso. Tell Dallas to call D-Hall and ask him what its like to be the cover corner on the other side of Planet A. Hall’s still having nightmares of Eddie Royal scoring on him….oh Royal just scored another TD on him. Plus didn’t Aso get tired of Rob Ryan’s prevent defense?? come home Aso and bring Miller with you.

  • I’m just glad he’s not going to Jets

  • Born with a Patch

    Jerrymcd Jerry McDonald
    Bummer if Asomugha takes Dallas over NYJ. Was looking forward to Raiders-Jets, Week 3 . . . Campbell looks right, left . . . .
    just off twitter from Jerry… its official, he’s anti-Raider

  • DeuceDeuce

    Come home Nnamdi..

  • Master Beeecham

    If Albert Bigelo Puss the Turd is glad Nnamdi’s not going to the Jets, his mommy must be pleased also.


  • Plunketthead

    More reason to slam the door on Jerry and his MR troll

  • HayesDaze37

    Nnamdi to the NYJets or Dallas??

    If Al can come close to affording what those two teams (or a “surprise” team) offers him…I believe Nnamdi stays right here.

    I hope I’m right…

  • Haters going to hate

    With the Jets out of the picture if Nnadi does go to Dal the Raiders better be on the phone with Cromartie

  • morilla

    Seriously guys, why would he go to Dallas? Remember, he could care less about money and the only reason he would leave was for a ring. His best shot was with the Jets. He is staying. This has all been a sham from the word go.

  • DeuceDeuce

    now the Cowboys are out?????


    raiders gonna win 21………………….

  • PurpleDrank81

    Now there saying that Dallas isnt in it

  • Born with a Patch

    Lombardi just said that Nnamdi told that Dallas is out of it!!!! who else? Oakland!!!!?

  • 8RaiderReign8

    The jets are out!

  • Cam Newton 4 year 22 million
    Jamarcus Russell 6 year 61 million

    New deal sure is good for owners.

  • RaiderDuck

    Watch Nnamdi sign with SF.

    Watch us all drink heavily tonight…

  • Born with a Patch

    Plunk, I flat out asked him if he was RMR… no response

  • DeuceDeuce

    I better not read that the Patriots are in…

  • Schefter says Cowboys are out too!?

  • DeuceDeuce

    RaiderDuck Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    Watch Nnamdi sign with SF.

    Watch us all drink heavily tonight…

    Watch your language!!! lol…

  • Haters going to hate

    Who is left?

  • PurpleDrank81

    The Raiders are Left

  • Plunketthead

    I still say Nnamdi will be a Cheating pat when the dust clears

  • # PurpleDrank81 Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Now there saying that Dallas isnt in it

  • Watch him sign with the Broncos.

  • PurpleDrank81

    Tampa Bay

  • aig-raiders

    I must admit I miss Jerry’s evil sarcasm…..Jerry is made for the blog world.

    Jerrymcd Jerry McDonald
    Bummer if Asomugha takes Dallas over NYJ. Was looking forward to Raiders-Jets, Week 3 . . . Campbell looks right, left . . . .

  • bcz24

    @AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
    Jets out, Cowboys out on Nnamdi. Any one got any guesses?
    4 minutes ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

  • RedneckRaider


  • Now Schefter is saying Eagles.

  • DeuceDeuce


  • Plunketthead

    Born, It was that obvious three years ago. MR is Scary or someone real close to him.

    Click on archives, any month in 06, 07 some of 08 and you can see that jerry had some sort of trollbot running back then

  • Haters going to hate

    Holy crap

  • Plunketthead

    Aig does he remind you of MR?

  • aig-raiders

    Jay_Glazer Jay Glazer
    by Jerrymcd
    Surprise team lands Nnamdi, I’m reporting the Eagles have come to terms with the free agent CB!!! Philadelphia Eagles land Nnamdi!

  • kellygreenninja


  • HayesDaze37

    Until Nnamdi or the Raiders say anything, Nnamdi goes nowhere. Class act, great CB…and a great Raiders project/success story!

  • kellygreenninja
  • priesttj

    Nnamdi’s in Philadephia……..

  • DaTruth91

    I have nothing put fond things to say about Nnamdi…Wish him the best

  • Stickem

    Corky ~

    Have you actually seen Jared Veldheer?!? No way the guy is 340 lbs.

    Maybe you’re thinking of Jared the Subway guy. He mighta weighed in at 3 and a half in those “before” pics…

  • al d. davis

    Nnamdi Asomugha aint squat: do the math:

    Nnamdi: 8 seasons, 11 INTs, 69 yds returned, 1 TD
    Lester: 10 seasons,39 INTs, 572 yds returned,5 TD
    Rod W : 17 seasons,71 INTs, 1483yds returned,12TD

    Elite of the elites?? Shutdown corner?? Never a game changer, never rode out a winning season: Knat on an elephant’s back; midget on the shoulders of giants.

    Nnamdi, good luck with your new dog killing pal; and Eagle fans…..you’ll find out, he aint all that he’s cracked up to be. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!