OT Gaither just visiting Raiders … for now


Raiders coach Hue Jackson said that the visit by veteran offensive tackle Jared Gaither on Friday is to gauge his health and see if he’s worth signing.

Several reports earlier this afternoon said that the Raiders had agreed to terms with Gaither, 6-feet-9 and 340 pounds. Gaither was at practice and spent considerable time with a team trainer and team doctor. He also broke free long enough to chat with Jackson and chief executive Amy Trask early on in practice.

“He’s just visiting me right now,” Jackson said. “I’ve known him from before. He’s here. We’re checking him out, obviously. We brought him in. We want to make sure that any guy is healthy before we ever decide to sign anybody.”

Gaither played mostly left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens the past four seasons, though he missed all of last season with a back injury. He also missed the final five games of the 2009 season with a foot injury. Jackson said he isn’t sure how Gaither would be used if he were signed by the Raiders.

“What we’ll do is we’ll make that decision after we find out if we are going to sign him, first,” Jackson said. “Then, two, we’ll put the best five linemen out there and put them wherever we need to put them. Obviously, I’ve been around Jared and know exactly what he is and if he is a part of our team, we’re going to play him wherever we think he will best fit for us.”

One thing is for certain: Jackson thinks rather highly of Gaither from the time they spent together with the Ravens.

“He’s a tremendous player,” Jackson said. “When he’s healthy, he’s one of the better left tackles in the league. He has extremely long arms, very tall, very long. He’s a good football player. Again, there’s a question of health, and we’re going to do everything that we need to do to make sure that we know exactly where he is.”

Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour recalled playing against Gaither and being impressed by what he saw.

“He is a big guy and we would love to have himm” Seymour said. “All the help we can get is welcome.”

Raiders linebacker Kamerion Wimbley squared off against Gaither plenty of times when Wimbley played for the Cleveland Browns. He, too, was impressed.

“He is a good player,” Wimbley said. “He is a physical player, has great feet and he can help this team out if he comes here. He  has ability, and he has the tools to make it touch on his opponents. When you are trying to rush, his long arms definitely create space. He has the ability to reset and things like that. Quick hands, quick feet, strong guy. Those are the things you look for in an offensive tackle.”


Steve Corkran

  • armond

    i would like to get malcom floyd cuz he is a big athletic monster who takes the ball out of the air. greg papa said on chronicle live that zmiller and the raiders are negotiating a contract now. bush is restricted so the raiders dont have to get him right away. wimbley has to get his deal done and we may be retsructuring other deals.

  • Dhidee99

    No one has said it yet I will, I’m very happy we did not re sign Namdi! We would have over spent for a 30 something DB forreal he aint no primetime who could change the outcome of a game at any moment when he was on the field. Aso is more like Eneilus Williams Great Db and thats it no thrills and not worth 60 million for 5 years good work Al Davis on not falling in on that Scam the rest of the NFL was in on. Andy Reid is crowned A genuis way too easy where the Rings at? Al got three rings A real Genius. I bet he wins one more before he kicks the bucket.

  • armond

    interesting that papa also mentioned huff when he said zmiller’s contract. just cuz we havent been active yet doesnt mean we wont. hue said we are talking to everybody and i assume they are looking for the right fit. this is what yall said we shouldve done years ago and now some of yall biotchin.

  • armond

    bush is a special back. he can catch and run. he blocks well and is underused. he also is capable of getting 100 yards with ease. when he plays its still feels like the starter is in. there isnt a dropoff when he enters the game just a different style.

  • SilverNutSack

    I think Chaz can be that same monster as well… and Murphy can certainly be a 1000 yard guy… Ford will show up, DHB will be better, not to mention our rookie who looks promising… If we could get Floyd at a bargain price, why not, i suppose… but don’t pay out the ass, cuz he’s 30 and we prolly won’t be super bowl ready this year anyways… let our men develop.

  • SilverNutSack

    bush averaged 4.1 ypc with a long of 30… the fact that he can catch makes him a very good back, but I’m not convinced he is special… I don’t think he takes his conditioning seriously enough to be special at this point.

  • SilverNutSack

    he does have a lot of talent, no doubt.

  • SilverNutSack

    He’s a guy who relies almost completely on God given ability… who knows how beastly he could be if he worked out like DMC… but will he?

  • SilverNutSack

    I dunno… I just have a good feeling about our young wide receivers… I mean, the savvy vet mentor would have been great to have a couple years ago… at this point, I say lets ride with what we got.

  • ohioraider

    9.severeraiderz Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 7:34 pm
    Asomugha leaving makes room for the young guys to play….hw apparently didn’t want to be here

    Attention! Attention! Paging Mr. Master of the Obvious.

  • ohioraider

    202.DavisFanRaiderFan Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 10:22 pm
    It really irritates me that Al Davis will reward certain players and/or draftees with large amounts of money before, or even after, they have proven their worth. Then they quickly proceed to stink it up.

    Its like they got the money and forgot who bestowed it upon them. But really Al has no one to blame but himself. It is a very sad situation. But hopefully Hue will take it upon himself to “instill” some kind of mind set for these clowns.

    What do you mean “Its like they got the money and forgot who bestowed it upon them.” You think they “stink it up” because they’re ungrateful? They stink it up because the Old Creeper misjudged their talent AND overpaid them. Who wouldn’t take the money?

  • Teflon30

    Nnmandi had 8 interceptions in 2006, and 4 interceptions over the the past four seasons. I’m sorry but the guy doesnt make enough plays to be considered an elite cornerback. The dude was all hype, good dude, but all hype. Let’s not forget even last year he got burned by Fitzgerald in Arizona for the deciding touchdown; he gave up over 200yds receiving to Nanee on the Chargers & he can’t tackle. I’ll take my chances with the new guys, who actually want to be here. GO RAIDERS !!!

  • DKnight007

    Nnamdi doesn’t get thrown to enough to make big plays….other teams are afraid to throw in his direction.

    Nnamdi is the best CB in the league…period…end of story!

  • DKnight007

    He didn’t want to hear and the old man should have known this last year and traded him!!

  • DKnight007

    Raiders should sign Channing Crowder and plug him in as the starting WILL LB!!

    He has energy, strength, and can tackle and pursue. He brings some nastiness also.