Boss likes idea of playing for Raiders


Must be the position. Kevin Boss was not a priority for the New York Giants in the same way that Zach Miller was not a priority for the Raiders.

Boss is currently the best free agent tight end on the market. It makes sense that the Raiders, having already cleared salary cap space with the Kamerion Wimbley deal, would be interested in Boss.

At 6-foot-6, 253 pounds, Boss would be more than a consolation prize. He’s been a productive, physical player who has 16 touchdowns in the past three seasons _ four more than Miller has in four. Last season, Boss had 35 catches for 531 yards and a 15.2 average and five scores.

A Western Oregon product, Boss, talking with Rich Gannon on SiriusXM radio, was asked on July 26 about the possibility of joining the Raiders.

“I would be surprised if they didn’t re-sign Zach,” Boss said. “He’s been one of their best offensive weapons since he’s been there. But they definitely like to use the tight end. Zach’s put up some great numbers there so that would definitely be a place I would look at.”

Unconfirmed reports have the Raiders stocking up on offensive linemen _ tackle Stephon Heyer (Washington Redskins), guard Justin Smiley (Jacksonville Jaguars) and tackle Seth Wand (Florida Tuskers).

Heyer said on his Facebook page he’d signed with the Raiders. Smiley has 78 starts in 88 games with the 49ers, Dolphins and Jaguars. Wand played with the Raiders in 2007 and 2008 but played in only one game.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • da trinity

    Well peeps, we lost another key player. I got my NFL Sunday and I’m ready to watch my raiders. I hope some players step up. We got a tougher road ahead of us then last year, please Al get Boss at least, we can’t go into the season with meyers as our starter, and those two youngsters we got at te won’t cut it this year, curse the cable man

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    God….harden giving up the deep bomb to left…..okay im done for now….gotta buy a pint after seein that schit

  • armond

    now all these azzholes wanna pay attention to zach miller like he’s was some all pro. they never gave him the time of day until he leaves for another team. just pathetic.

  • plataynegro

    @PGutierrezCSN maybe reading into it much but checked Giants roster and K.Boss’ number (89) was given to a player NY recently signed.

  • plataynegro

    The Raiders have signed free agent offensive linemen Stephon Heyer, Justin Smiley, Samson Satele and Seth Wand.

  • ArmChair GM Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:47 pm
    RealMaddenRaider Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 8:28pm

    I’m almost through with the Raiders, and I don’t plan on taking up another team. A lot of people just watch the NFL, and mock their former team for continuing to self destruct. It’s not their fault your team loses every year.


    RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:52 pm
    MB, we’re going to win it all.


    Think about it MR/x100. You finally get better last year and you take all the steps in the right direction to get better. Al may be the owner, but with the players, Hue is the man. He will get it done. You will come over to Als’ side when he has gotten SB victory #4, THIS SEASON. Tell me this, who is better? And dont say the eagles, cause they’re not.

  • Kirk
  • DKnight007

    Only way I get out of this depression of Raider news, is if old man Al gets his balls back and signs Boss, Lofa, AND Floyd or Braylon!!


  • lefty12

    YA,there are many others that fit that description also-comment 48.

  • I for one dont care what kind of moves Al makes. Or doesn’t make. Not at all. Hue has the team and he’s gonna make them winners.

  • DKnight007

    # plataynegro Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    The Raiders have signed free agent offensive linemen Stephon Heyer, Justin Smiley, Samson Satele and Seth Wand.

    Heyer is a good signing and resigning Satele is good. I don’t know about Smiley….and Wand is garbage and will be cut!

  • Kirk

    The Raiders are signing offensive linemen. That’s what I’m talking about! We have plenty of offensive weapons. We need linemen!

  • Where the real BOSS @??

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Was just talking to a friend of mine who was with the Giants a couple year ago. He said Boss is soild and would be a great pick up.

  • plataynegro

    Dknight, I agree about Wand, just a camp body for the D-line to beat the hell out of. If Smiley has gas left in the tank, he will fill in as a vet back-up

  • DKnight007

    The Raiders lost their most reliable and #1 WR today who made plays and was a weapon.

    Who is going to be the go to receiver now???

    Who the hell knows!!!!!

  • RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:53 pm
    MB, will Rod Woodson even have a clip board?


    Woodson is also a scout and does prospective player evaluations.

  • DKnight007

    What a silly old looney man Al and his “management team” is.

    They could have signed Miller to bargain deal before the lockout, but no he waited and Miller felt unappreciated and said bye bye then old man.

    Now the old man will overpay for Boss, like he overpaid for Routt and Eugene and even Wimbley. Even though Wimbleys contract is cap friendly.

  • Angry Villager with Pitchfork

    Coach Davis drafted two O-Linemen, two DB’s and a TE and a WR that was converted to TE, so I got to believe that Coach Davis knows what he is doing. His track record of three SuperBowl wins supports his decisions. I have to believe he has a plan knows what he is doing.

    Having said that, it hurts to lose #21 and Miller but we still have basically the same team as last year. A smash-mouth type of football team. We are going to run the ball and our D-Line is IMO the most under rated D-Line in the NFL.

    Do I think that we are going to win the SuperBowl? No, but we have a young team and we are building something here. Raiders are headed in the right direction.

    CODE BLACK 2011!!!!!

  • Gerard

    43.BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011 Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:57 pm
    I promise yall by halloween MR will have a nervous breakdown and off himself

    For the sake of the betterment of humanity I hope to heck you’re right.

    You know somebody that mean spirited and weird doesn’t have any friends anyway. Noone would show up at his funeral.

  • Raider J

    I’m going to have to wait until the final roster before I try to figure out what the direction of the passing game is going to be.

    How have Gordon & Ausberry looked in practice?

  • CDERaider

    Ausberry got props from Steve in a post and Gordon looks like a monster on the camp pics. Meyers can start now and those 2 can fight for the #2 spot, I think Gordon gets it with his size and blocking ability and Ausberry goes to practice squad. Get Boss if he’s reasonable price wise, otherwise we need a vet WR much more than we need TE right now.


    Minus miller = more receptions for reese and mcfadden, miller wasn’t a blocker but we can run barns as a blocking te in a 3 tackle formation. Be a good idea to pick up mcclain/fb and convert reece to our new te. [the next gates possibly] save the money we would use on boss and give to bush to tie him up next for years and to make him happy.

  • CDERaider

    74. DEATHROW 55

    Agree, now its time to pony up for Bush longterm. Hope Al won’t just give him the 1 tender year deal cuz next year he will really have to pay to keep him as he will hit FA and we will be cap-strapped again.


    Those rookies te’s look good in camp but how bout in a real life game in full speed. new play book, not enough reps cause lock out. We can’t expect our rookies to explode like jacoby 5.0 ford. Reese is our safe bet at te and hes already on our team. Lets be smart and save some cash, I say we have the most versatile team in the league. Stamp that!!

  • alex7

    Come on, you mock Miller’s blocking skills, then seriously think about putting terrible-blocking FB Reece in at TE? You guys are slumping.

    We lost a cornerstone defensive player, a cornerstone offensive player, and have added no one impact-worthy this off-season.

    7-9 TOPS.


    You fool miller was a receiving te i am sain reece could easily do what miller did, reece was a receiver in college and could easily convert to a te. Gordon and myers are our blocking te’s you can run a formation with more than one te dumb a $$.

  • jmcclain

    Miller is not cornerstone. Everyone acting like miller has a dmac impact in games.


    Miller made pro bowl cause of injuries to real cornerstone te’s players of the afc , he was just a scab.

  • westozraider

    Hey Raider fans, just cant wait for some football. We get limited television coverage. Just Fox and ESPN so thank god for the net. GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!


    We should cut eugeen so we can add leonard davis or waters the only decent olineman we signed today was satele, smiley is so so. And lets pick up that aquib talib cb from tampa that got cut loose for some trouble he got in. That guy is a raider prototyoe wonder what is taking alo so long.

  • ambase9

    way to go AL

    Looks like you will get your stadium but no body will go
    You imbecile

  • ambase9

    Hue must be wondering

    why did I take this job
    Its Al and only AL

    probaly to Bush either

  • ambase9

    let sign Samson and undersized bust
    Oh yeah remember that deal

  • chargerschoke


  • dvrick

    SEAHAWKS RULE THE RAIDERS!! You get their scraps!!

  • ohioraider

    61.00raider00 Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 9:24 pm
    I for one dont care what kind of moves Al makes. Or doesn’t make. Not at all. Hue has the team and he’s gonna make them winners.

    Hue must have Harry Potter’s magic wand, eh?

  • dvrick

    Don’t be fooled!! He doesn’t really want to play for the RAIDERS but he has to make it look good just in case nobody else wants him.Why do you think he’s still unsigned?He’s hoping someone besides the RAIDERS will sign him. LMAO

  • dvrick

    AND for your information I wouldn’t put too much faith in HUE.It’s known all over Hollywood he’s addicted to VICODIN!!!

  • FarEastRaider

    Miller could’ve stayed if he wanted to (like Huff) but he didn’t so TO HELL WITH HIM! Any so-called Raider fans who wanna keep crying over it should jump ship too! Go be a SeaChicken fan or cross the Bay, you whiners.

    Go RAIDERS!!!!

  • Las Vegas Raider

    Best Said Far East Raider.
    We are all Raiders Fans till We Die.
    and If Players do not want To Be Part Of US .They can Go To Hell,We will be better off.
    We will take the Division This Year and We’ll Always Be Part Of The Raiders.

  • RaiderReggie

    Al Davis, stop the BS and get Kevin Boss signed.