Miller tells how he became a Seahawk


Based on a phone interview I had with Zach Miller, it sounds like the Raiders coaching staff and teammates were reaching out in a way owner Al Davis did not.

Bottom line is the Raiders took care of the unrestricted free agents Davis thought most important and showed them the (guaranteed) money _ Kamerion Wimbley ($29 million), Richard Seymour ($22.5 million) and Stanford Routt ($20 million). Miller got $17 millon guaranteed from Seattle, so it’s safe to assume Oakland was offering less.

Some of Miller’s thoughts:

–“Coach (Tom) Cable gave me a call Saturday morning and saw I wasn’t signed yet, kind of feeling the Raiders would have done it by then. He said, `We want you here and I’m going to make a push to get you here.’

“I took a visit, and my wife and I just loved it. I’m still kind of blown away about what an an amazing place it is and we feel it’s the best fit.”

— “Football’s a business and I know that first-hand. When I was going into the last year of my rookie deal I was hoping to get extended and get a long term contract and it didn’t happen. Then the season ended and was expecting a deal and it didn’t happen, either.

“Throughout the process I was expecting it and it just never happened. I thought I’d get an extension and it never materialized.”

In the end, it didn’t matter how many times Hue Jackson, tight ends coach Adam Henry or teammates called to tell Miller how much he was wanted. Davis simply was not going to pay a tight end the same kind of money he was for a pass rusher, an established potential Hall of Fame defensive tackle and a speedy cornerback.

And Miller and the two best hands in the organization are now in Seattle.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    CODE BLACK 2011!

  • 707raiders

    Give the dam ball to Dmac, Ford, Chaz….. Over and over again




  • JFB,
    Cables line was so solid we couldn’t keep a qb upright for the last 3 years.

    Are you blind in 1 eye and cant see out the other ?

  • raiderjhawk

    Code Black 2011 fools!

  • HairyBush

    Langston was just seen at sausage eating contest with J. Gaither. They both love the sausage, Maybe they are better off in SF.

  • the single reason we did better last year is Cable benching jamarcus.with jascittlesyurp gone = more wins

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    Hahaha MR….ROD WOODSON ISNT A SIGNIFICANT ADDITION?…..U mean the guy who left comfy job and volunteered to work with those young guys? lol

  • SilverNutSack

    RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    MB, aka kool aid drinking derelict moron…

    Hue Jackson hasn’t coached one NFL game yet. Statistically, Cable is better. And for the record, Cable was .500 his most recent season. As he so aptly put it, they “aren’t losers anymore”. Well, they are now. But of course idiotic kool aid drinking fans like you can’t see it.


    Hue is undefeated as a HC… thats the kind of manhood he is packing… straight legit.. no quit, bringing it to the table each and every week… thats whats up, so enjoy his shine.

  • If you dont think Woodson is going to help our Db’s you are a derelict ass clown.

    RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    MB the dumb fan just counted Rod Woodson as a significant addition!

  • He unfurled his manhood… he laid it all out on the table to see what being a man is all about…
    Sounds like me back in college.

  • 707raiders

    @ B@uce, LOL.. congratulations to your grandparents

  • Guys, have no worries. It’s like MB said, we have Rod Woodson now! He perfectly fills the void for Asomugha. It doesn’t matter which players you have out there. It’s all about just having a good former player running up and down the sideline with a vein popping out of his head. MB, you’re a genius! No, really, you’re not! You’re just another homer, brain dead fan who chewed an electric chord too many times as a kid.

  • the roadgrader Walker would be great at RG,imo

  • SilverNutSack

    that gives evidence to you true silver and black nature…

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    707…I like your style Tibbs

  • HairyBush

    664.4evaRaider Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:29 pm
    the roadgrader Walker would be great at RG,imo

    I would have agreed with you years ago.

  • in the heat of the night,Br ien?

  • Woodson is upgrade over the last Db coach whoever the hell it was! L Washington? Its addition by subtraction you idiot.

    RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    Guys, have no worries. It’s like MB said, we have Rod Woodson now!

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    Is Bob Wylie and Steve Wiz not additions?

  • SilverNutSack

    zach wasn’t willing to drop it for the team.. kept hiding that shine, flirting with the cash trying to catch a few extra bills… but really he saw how hue laid it out and he wasn’t ready to do the same.

  • MB, Rod Woodson should just play. He’s better than Routt, right now. If Rod’s not playing, he’s not helping anybody, MB. Stupid fans like you don’t realize that in the NFL coaches can’t do anything with lousy players, but get rid of them. And of course Rod Woodson won’t be able to get rid of any of our average at best defensive backs because he’s not even really a coach. He’s a defensive backs coach. He has no say in anything. He’s basically a cheerleader. And you’re basically a kool aid drinking dumbass!



  • HairyBush

    Kevin Ross?

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    4eva….Sidney Poiter movie?

  • 707raiders

    , @ 4eva……….
    The single reason we did better is because we shook the weak azz zone blocking scheme and Hue took over the play calling… Come on bra that wasn’t hard to see

  • Demon Raider

    Al Davis needs to let go of the team and let someone with a brain and that doesn’t require assistance from a walker run the team. I would’ve been trying to get Nnamdi and Miller locked up before the lock out even started. Always start with a lower offer and then work your way up. I would much rather have Nnamdi for 5 years, 60M than have Routt for 3 years, 30M. Davis overpays his guys so much it is pathetic. No way would I give Routt 30M, unless it was like a 6 year deal. No way for 30M for Seymour. 5 years, 48M for Wimbley is a bit much. Davis needs to let go of the team now.

  • well its been great Nation

    Cable had us sailing in the right direction and I hope Hue carries it farther

    Have a most enjoyable evening Nation

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    707….naw seriously need my shoes shined but Kell wants a raise….I dont think he earned ten cents a shine yet

  • SilverNutSack

    I don’t know… I’d imagine Rods laying it pretty thick in the locka room… in them boys ears preachin…. get those competitive juices flowing listenin to the best of the best laying is straight to you..


    Everyone wants to blame the old man when we lose, but they don’t want to give him credit when we win. Shut your salad tosser and bow down to the emperor of the nation!

  • Demon Raider

    DFor God’s sake, Davis never even made Nnamdi an offer and he low-balled the hell outta Miller and made him wait too.

  • ‘evening 4!

  • Woodson is an upgrade over the last DB coach? lmfao. Who was that? Willie Hall? Another former player? Only dumb Raider fans like you, MB, think that hiring former players into irrelevant skills coaching positions helps teams win. In the Raiders’ system, Rod Woodson is basically a bubble gum chewing cheerleader. Add a bald head, a beer belly, and a brain the size of a peanut, and he’s basically you.

  • 707raiders

    Hue Jack City, I love It

  • Demon Raider

    I only get pissed at Davis when he make dumbass moves…

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    Fk it Im buying an Al Davis jump suit and some Ray Bans with the chain just like Al…..Im rockin it at the games this year

  • Br ien…

    Tibbs was a charactor on a tv show with archie bunker so thats what I thought you meant.Take it easy my purple brother and I’ll see yall 2morrow!

  • Melvin replaced Geren and the A’s have some life.
    Addition by subtraction is recognized by any half wit idiot. Coaches make a difference! Sorry MR you didn’t make the cut.


    Grimes anyone?

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    707….we need Gerald Levert alive so he can sing it……just enough for the city!

  • RaiderRich510

    Bet Al is on the horn tryin to make a trade to get a big name corner…..the man’s on his last…..I would…

  • I guess you meant Willie Brown but he retired before the 2010 season.


    RAIDER Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Woodson is an upgrade over the last DB coach? lmfao. Who was that? Willie Hall?

  • MB definitely schooled us tonight. Taught us that we upgraded our assistant defensive backs conditioning coach…evening shift. Went from one former player to another. Watch out for that Raiders secondary!

  • Demon Raider

    let’s move Reece to TE and sign Le’Ron McClain….

  • 707raiders

    @ B@uce, tell em its all good, let em shine u up, the give him a shiner too. Ya feel! Look if Kk goes to the games let’s meet up and give him a town pass and see what he do.

  • Willie Hall?


    you fuggin dork MR go take your prozac and watch Mash re runs.

  • Demon Raider

    I would have rather re-signed Nnamdi for 12M a year than trade for a CB


    I’m buying a custom jersey with Al “GET OVA IT” Davis on the back and the number 000. because Al is a triple OG.

  • BeAlwaysUrselfCommittingtoExcellence2011

    Man Fk it Im gettin an Al Davis jumpsuit before that Jets game….hell i may bbuy two….one in white and one in black….have the ray bans and the towel just in case I need Kell to wipe my kicks down