Report: Raiders lose Miller to Seahawks


UPDATE: John Clayton now reporting Seahawks have confirmed signing Zach Miller.

ESPN reporter John Clayton is reporting the Seattle Seahawks have beaten out the Raiders for tight end Zach Miller.

No confirmation from Raiders or Seahawks . . . more details as they emerge.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • crazysandude

    How can things change if everything remains the same?

    Sure, everyone loved Miller. (Nnamdi too). They were GREAT Raiders!

    It’s time to move on, re-invent, and see who the next GREAT Raiders are.

    I still think the Raiders are better than the Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs. The Raiders will win the division and make the playoff’s this year

  • SR Raider

    So, now that we’ve lost 3 starters, there should be some extra cap room. Sign somebody or fire the mf-ing GM

  • good 4 Zach getting a big payday but…

    BabySlash is right,imo

  • devilr8er

    Kevin Boss- 15 games- 35 rec-531 yds-5 tds- 2010 stats

    Zach Miller-15 games- 60 rec-685 yds-5 tds- 2010 stats

    ZM was a primary target, kevin boss was maybe 3rd option, Boss is a better blocker than ZM. We need to lock up Boss now. I am going to hate to see ZM go, but we can do with BOSS.

  • finley was injured last year…

    bbl Nation!

  • BabySlash

    Miller is soft and wore a stupid looking handicap helmet with a simian-like jaw protruding from his facemask.

    Roll with what we got and sign a couple of cheaper guys who can contribute in several areas of need.

  • Just Win Baby

    How many TD did Finley have last year? 1. If you are going to win a Lombardi trophy you dont do it relying on your TE to carry the offense. Time for our WR to do their jobs and get open and catch the damn ball and score some damn touuchdowns. Leave a TE in to block.

  • Raider E

    Raider E what you smokin stop getting these guys fired-up


    You already know, plus i got me one of them watermelon 4 locos 🙂

  • BabySlash

    Boss wants to be a Raider. He’s almost as good and half price.

    Zach wanted to be with Cable.

    He’s toast…mark my words. One hit and he is DONE. Good move to ABSTAIN for once.

  • Straight-Up-Raider

    Looks like a major change is coming to the nation…I think were changing to a 4-5 WR set… Lets open things up and see what’s under the hood…just bought tickets to the Monday Night (Donkey) beat down in denver… I’ll be the guy in the Black Raiders Jersey

  • dvrick

    The RAIDER QB CAMPBELL’S SOUP isn’t even as good as Jackson so Miller will be just fine.If McFadden goes down you’re done.Pretty SAD when that’s all you got.THUG MENTALITY even fight with your own fans.SEAHAWKS will rule the RAIDERS once again.

  • WNYRaidersFan

    @ 396, you misspelled your name, BabyDick, there i fixed it. And don’t forget how many Raider greats left the team to try and get an extra season or two before retirement, a la Tim Brown, and thinking your way is why one of the greatest Raiders EVER was disrespected by lack of attendance to his retirement press conference (like 4 people showed up if I remember right).
    Thing is with Miller leaving maybe we can go out and make a push to get a vet OL, and drop a doodie bomb on the 9ers and get Goldson. Like the people in Georgia said bout the leprechaun, I just want the Gold man.

  • bcz24

    The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent offensive linemen Justin Smiley, Stephon Heyer and Seth Wand.
    2 minutes ago

  • devilr8er

    TE Kevin Boss’ role can’t be underestimated. Over the past three seasons, 25.5 percent of Boss’ receptions went for 20 or more yards. In addition, 14.6 percent of his receptions over that same period have resulted in touchdowns – both stats ranking boss first among NFL tight ends. Want another reason why Boss is so valuable to an NFL offense? Last year as a pass blocker, he didn’t give up a single quarterback sack.
    The last sentence says it all, get boss now.

  • JLofty

    Malcolm Floyd and Kevin Boss sounds like money better spent.
    Maybe even be cheaper. Not sure what Boss is looking to make.

  • raiderinparadise

    jmcclain Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 4:05 pm
    Miller 17 mill guaranteed not worth it seattle can waist money on miller lije that glad the raiders didnt. Sorry peeps but davis is right on this dont waist money on just a few players. Get a good core of players are decent and have this coaching staff make them better.


    shut the F up. so make Wimbley, Routt and pro-bowler millionaires when they aren’t. Hiram Eugene!? He blocked a punt last year, thats it! Al Davis is not right, he is lucky to have Hue Jackson, who he will fire anyways when he goes 7-9 when its his fault he let them best cliber talent go.

  • devilr8er

    I hope those weren’t the three players Al was talking about that can be replaced with nnamdi’s money

  • DKnight007

    413.bcz24 Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 4:17 pm
    The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent offensive linemen Justin Smiley, Stephon Heyer and Seth Wand.
    2 minutes ago

    Is this legit? If true, than we have plenty of OLinemen now. Smily and Heyer are good pickups.

    We still need a legit #1 WR or TE though and they need to sign Lofa!

  • DKnight007

    415.JLofty Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 4:20 pm
    Malcolm Floyd and Kevin Boss sounds like money better spent.
    Maybe even be cheaper. Not sure what Boss is looking to make.

    I’ll stop being pissed about losing Miller ONLY when Floyd and Boss sign!!

  • crazysandude

    @ Dvrick

    What is the all time win/loss record between the Raiders and Seahawks? The Seahawks are going nowhere fast.

    The Holmgren era was the peak of the Seahawks, and P Carroll is a loser in the NFL. Hell, anyone can coach the deep pockets of USC, just ask Reggie Bush. (or Layne K)

    Anyhow, this isn’t about the Seahawks. They haven’t mattered to the Raiders since leaving the AFC back in 2002.

    Cable + Gallery + Miller isn’t going to help the Seahawks, but nice to see you appreciate the talent the Raiders let go.

  • GoodOle00
  • Miller got a 17mil signing bonus 5yr 34 mil deal
    he took the Bronx truck up there with him

  • Check that earlier post I meant brinks truck

  • DKnight007

    421.GoodOle00 Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 4:28 pm
    Heres WHY we let Miller go


    Sounds lame. Trying to be like Rams??

    WTF? The Raiders don’t have Warner at QB and they don’t have Bruce or Holt either at WR!!

  • Raiders for life

    Seems like the popular vote here says Miller sucked. I enjoyed watching him and thought of him as a clutch player at times. I thought he was a bright spot on the Raiders O. Some people lost faith in Miller last season…I haven’t. The dude is a fkn stud.

    Now then, he is not a Raider anymore so fck him. I don’t wish disability on anyone….but I hope he gets his effin bell rung and sets his status down to league minimum.

  • crazysandude

    The popular vote is not ‘Miller sucked’. The Raider teams that Miller played on sucked.

    To rewind what countless people have pointed out.. When your TE is the leading receiver your team has a much larger problem.

    Miller earned what he got in Seattle, it just wasn’t in the best interest of the Raiders to pay him that much dough.

    Once a Raider, always a Raider. I hope both Gallery and Miller have pro-bowl years up north. Cause the Seahawks aren’t going to make the playoffs, and certainly are not a threat to the Raiders season.

  • dvrick

    Funny how you bash a player when he leaves but if he would of stayed you’d be saying he was one of the best T.E. in the game.Just remember what you said when you thought he was staying.The best receiver you had!!We gotta resign him no matter what!Says a lot about RAIDER FANS!!

  • dvrick


  • Teflon30

    It sucks to see nnamdi and Zach go, we’ve followed there careers from their inception so it’s only natural to have some feelings of aprehension and attachment seeing the depart…but let us not forget these guys were part of a horrible team culture that accepted losing, great players make the guys around them better (ex. Richard Seymour). It was time to get the guys who are just collecting a check and don’t give a rats a$$ out (gallery, nnamdi, miller). I say to them best of luck. Now let’s get excited about the guys that are still on the roster and that want to be Raiders.


    Bye bye Zach into obscurity!!! The lowlife Seahawks….take the money and run. Never to be heard from again……

  • dvrick

    Now if you want to talk about SCRUB QB’S thats right up your alley!That’s all you’ve had for a long time.J.RUSSELL GREAT NO.1 PICK.By the way,what did you get for MOSS?

  • dvrick

    It’s alright,if you want to root for the SEAHAWKS we’ll let you.Can’t really blame you for dumping on your team it’s a real reality shock when you realize your team is regressing just like your owner.Maybe Paul Allen or BILL GATES will buy the RAIDERS and move them to PORTLAND.Would be the best possible answer so the RAIDERS won’t become extinct!