Pre-practice odds and ends


The Raiders confirmed the signing of free agent linebacker Darryl Blackstock. He last played in the NFL in 2008, when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Blackstock. 6-feet-3 and 240 pounds, started four games for the Bengals in 2008 under the direction of Chuck Bresnahan, who now is the Raiders defensive coordinator. Bresnahan coached Blackstock for the Florida Tuskers in the UFL last year.

Overall, Blackstock has played four seasons in the NFL. His first three came with the Arizona Cardinals from 2005-07. He recorded four sacks in 46 games for the Cardinals as a situational player. He started only two games during his three seasons in Arizona.

*The Raiders guaranteed free safety Michael Huff $12 million to re-sign. Huff received $7.3 million to sign and $700,000 in base salary this season. He has a $4 million guaranteed salary in 2012 and the potential to earn $32 million over the next four seasons.

*Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell shouldn’t have any difficulty acclimating to playing behind the blocking of offensive tackle Stephon Heyer. Campbell and Heyer were in the starting lineup together for 25 of 48 games with the Washington Redskins from 2007-09. Heyer started three games in 2007 in which Campbell did not play. Heyer, 27, has played on both sides of the line.

*Guard Justin Smiley brings a wealth of experience to the Raiders offensive line. He started 78 games for the 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars from 2004-10. Only five of those starts came last season, when an ankle injury forced him to miss considerable time for the Jaguars.

*The re-signing of Samson Satele gives the Raiders some much-needed insurance in case rookie Stefen Wisniewski gets injured or struggles as the starter. Satele started 15 games at center for the Raiders last season and 59 games during his four NFL seasons, two each with the Dolphins and Raiders.

Wisniewski was the only natural center on the Raiders roster before Satele re-signed Tuesday. Alex Parsons and rookie Elias Eliades are getting some snaps at center during training camp.

*Thursday is the day the Raiders welcome a slew of veterans who have signed or re-signed since the lockout ended and weren’t allowed to practice. That list includes fullback Marcel Reece, long-snapper Jon Condo, defensive end Jarvis Moss, linebacker Sam Williams and Bruce Davis, Satele, Huff , defensive tackle Desmond Bryant and offensive lineman Khalif Barnes.

*Still awaiting word on whether running back Michael Bush signs his one-year tender as an unrestricted free agent. If he does so within the next 24 hours, he would be allowed to practice Thursday.

Any team that makes Bush an offer would be obligated to give the Raiders a first-round draft pick as compensation if the Raiders decided against matching the offer. Bush is due slightly less than $3.3 million per the tender.


Steve Corkran

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    From Twitter:

    Vittorio Tafur
    Hue now watching Boss run routes and catch passes from La Secla
    just now from Tweetbot for iPhone

    Jerry McDonald
    No surprise _ TE Kevin Boss in field house getting checked out, will work out, Raidrs moving quickly to fill Zach Miller void.

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    @PGutierrezCSN Paul Gutierrez
    Boss on field taking passes from La Secla…



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  • RaiderFanFromJersey

    Wishful thinking here that has about 0.5% chance of happening, but I’d be fine with DHB getting cut to free up a ton of cap room, signing Boss & perhaps Smith or Floyd. I know it aint happening, but dreamin is what the preseason’s for ain’t it?

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    I’m probably just a little tipsy on this preseason koolaid but Moore can turn out to be more valuable than DHB this season. Amazing what one good day of practice will do for you, lol.

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  • “I seen it from Day 1. No. 17 is a playmaker.” – #raiders Hue Jackson on Denarius Moore

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  • jmackraider16

    # rob_raider Says:
    August 3rd, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    stop thinking of it like u have to replace one guy w/ another. look at it like this:

    running game–#2 last year. should be very good again. lost gallery, a pretty good G, but Loper was a find. a journeyman who ended up being nearly as good as gallery. replacing satele w/ wiz is an upgrade. veldheer in his 2nd year, star on the rise. carlisle a solid vet. walker ok but slow. barnes or heyer fine. added jones, an explosive reggie bush-type. mcfadden could be huge this year.

    passing game–quicker RT should help. campbell in 2nd year for 1st time ever. played well in 2nd half. make-or-break year for him but i sense he could be good. wr’s have talent. it’s their time. miller was a possession guy only. a good one but his #’s were inflated due to poor qb play/young wr’s. lots of multi-wr sets, great rb’s out of the backfield. mcfadden, reece, jones. al saunders/hue jackson offense. could be a dramatic improvement.

    run defense–front four looking like dominant. LB’s key. mcclain’s improvement huge. not sure about groves but goethel/FA could be answer. branch/miller/huff good supporting safeties. again, LB’s the key here.

    pass defense–lots of sacks. #2 in nfl last year by 1. could be better this year. lb coverage good. branch is star. huff arrived last year. don’t discount him. he’s there now. routt too. he’s a player now. 4 1st or 2nd yr. CB’s to fill one spot. maybe a FA vet.

    so, basically, we might need aLB and a CB.
    I like it, saunders/jackson + Jacoby/dMac = Just win baby

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