Bush joins Raiders in Napa


All present and accounted for.

Running back Michael Bush joined the Raiders in Napa on Saturday, the club confirmed. The first indication Bush reported came from the Twitter account of safety Michael Huff, who said he was having breakfast with Bush.

Bush’s arrival means he either signed a a one-year, $2.6 million tender as a restricted free agent or he received a deal with more years and more money.

The Raiders’ second-leading rusher with 655 yards, Bush has made no comments regarding his absence from camp, although it was assumed it was contract related.

Bush was originally thought to be a four-year free agent until it was determined his first season was actually spent on the non-football injury related list, rather than the physically unable to perform list. Players on the NFI do not receive credit for an accrued season, as players on the PUP do.

(Bush’s injury _ a badly broken ankle _ obviously occurred playing football. But it happened in college at Louisville and pre-dated his entry into the NFL).

That meant Bush went from a four-year veteran to a three-year veteran and was a restricted free agent.

Tendered at a first-round level, Bush was on the market, but the price was prohibitive. The Raiders could either match the offer or receive a first-round pick in return.

Bush was the only restricted free agent who hadn’t reported to his team.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • J Hill

    I hope he signed a long term contract, or else I fear it’s one and done for the guy.

  • stubblebuzz

    That’s right … Raiders need to write a check and get Bush committed beyond 2011.
    Everybody’s undefeated in August but this team seems to be shaping up pretty well. Some potential even on the OL and among DBs, the two big question marks.

  • Kirk

    The last piece of the puzzle…

  • plataynegro

    Jhill, I agree with Barksdale at RT, but we need a vet at RG to help the rookies on each side of him. If not Carlisle then Smiley or bring in Waters or whoever! Build a Bully!

  • mcraiders24

    Just to let u guys know…I have my Raider banner ready to fly at arrowhead stadium for the third straight year! We have more fans there than Chiefs! Its awesome to see the silver and black take over Arrowhead! When we beat em last year there were chief fans walking around with their heads down while Raider Nation celebrated! This year will b no different! Go Raiders!

  • BigLefty

    Kirk Says:
    August 6th, 2011 at 10:00 am

    The last piece of the puzzle…
    Are you kidding me !!!!!!!

    The last piece of the puzzle my a$$

    There is no photo of this puzzle We are trying to put it together blind with mis-fitting pieces

  • Fear_the_eyepatch

    What a great sight to see, our mighty Raider Nation celebrating victories on our division rivals home turfs. Looking forward to seeing it repeated 3 more times this year. RAAAAIIIIDDDDEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!!

  • cdub

    Another situation that frustrates Raider fans. Michael Bush is a highly valuable player for the Raiders, yet his pay is not in line with his value to the team. Then you have Darius Heyward Bey GROSSLY overpaid and by all accounts Stanford Routt and Wimbly no doubt paid at least more than they should be. All the while we lose Pro-Bowl calliber players because Al pays average NFL guys like they’re future Hall of Famers.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    August 6th, 2011 at 8:47 am
    I was Pee-Wee Herman for Halloween one year in college, and ended up doing an ad for a local liquor store that night (with others dressed up), so I could not live it down for about 3 years, because you always saw me on TV for Ray’s Liquors commercials.


    Didnt pee wee get busted once for tryin to jerk his pee pee with his pants down in a movie theatre? I trust your holloween garb was before that.

  • Bush’s arrival means either signed a a one-year, $2.6 million tender as a restricted free agent or he received a deal with more years and more money.


    Wonder when hererra will release the details.

  • No Mas Diamante

    Actually he broke his femur, not his ankle.

  • Straight-Up-Raider

    Oh hell yea…It’s on and popping now

  • Straight-Up-Raider

    Is there anyone beside myself that believe this could be are year? I mean we have the pieces in place to make a run…

  • beach

    Now we’re in business! Michael Bush is a stud. We have a top notch offense. Let’s hope the defense will be ready come Monday night in Denver, September 12! Let’s win a season opener, for crying out loud!!!

  • FarEastRaider

    YES, the news just keeps getting better! I agree with u, Beach…Bush IS a stud. We really do need to lock him up longterm. Either way, great news!

    2011 Let’s Go!!!! RAIDERS


    nothing is going to stop or running game now, we added taiwan, re signed bush & reese. Our o line has added new peices but would be awesome if gaither gets in shape or heals completely from his back injury?

  • irishraiderfan

    We have a solid ground game with Bush in the mix. Hope they locked him up for next few years. Those first 2 games on the road are against teams that won 4 games last year, that being said a night game at Dhole and a cross country trip(we always seem to have a hard time in Buffalo) are tough. If were going to be what the posters in here know we can we have to win both. Still like to see 1 more solid name come in and no Chad Jackson don’t count. Either ol, cb, or wr. You guys think were done bringing in any guys like im talking about?

  • beach

    Irish, it depends on $$$. I’m fine with the wide receiving group.

  • FarEastRaider

    I’m actually cool with our WR group as is. As long as Chaz stays healthy i expect this unit to be very productive this year. Also, Boss should make our already great ground game even better (we don’t want to depend on him to make our passing game go). As long as the OL can play above average the Offense should be fine. Defensive secondary is a question, but the front 7 should be seriously dominant which will help. I’d still like to see them bring back Capt Kirk to play OLB though. Overall i’m pretty happy with the current roster. Its not perfect by any means but above average for a young team definately.

  • irishraiderfan

    Yeah agree with that, wrs should be cool. Don’t feel as good about ol and really don’t feel good with C Johnson and S Routt as starting corners

  • FarEastRaider

    I do agree the CB’s are the biggest worry. But regarding the O-line, its basically the same as last year (minus Gallery) and they were decent overall. Remember, we were the #2 rushing team and also ranked pretty high in scoring. We just need to be more consistant in the passing game, which i believe we will be. If our running game is the same and the passing game improves, it’ll take alot of pressure off our D and help keep them fresh.

  • Just Win Baby

    Glad he’s in.

  • dvrick


  • dvrick

    Doesn’t matter what leftovers you sign you won’t keep up with the CHARGERS.GO CHARGERS!!!

  • Only A True Raider Fan and Loyal Raider Fan is Welcome

    dvrick Says:
    August 7th, 2011 at 10:33 am
    Doesn’t matter what leftovers you sign you won’t keep up with the CHARGERS.GO CHARGERS!!!


    Typical charger fan, all talk and blow hard but no substance.