Raiders training camp practice highlights, notes and quotes


And on the day of the 11th practice, he spoke. He, as in seldom-quoted middle linebacker Rolando McClain.

McClain wondered what all the fuss was about as 20 or so media crowded around to hear about his weight loss, marked leap from his rookie season last year to this year and how the defense is going to fare this season.

McClain didn’t disappoint. In fact, his words matched coach Hue Jackson’s proclamation that he has no interest in McClain being a good player, he wants him to be great.

“We’re still working,” McClain said. “We want to make a name for ourselves and be one of the great Raider defenses here, so that’s what we’re striving for right now.”

McClain is doing his part. He worked out in Tuscaloosa, Ala., with some former coaches, by hitting the weights, watching film and swimming for as long as 90 minutes per day.

“I feel like I came back a step ahead of some guys as far as being prepared, shedding a few pounds, workouts, things just to get my body ready for a season,” McClain said.

As a result, he lost 5 or 6 pounds, feels faster and is taking control of the defense. Now that he has his rookie season behind him, he is concentrating more on what the offense is doing.

“It’s a lot more of a difference,” McClain said. “When you can play fast without thinking about what you do, it gives you the ability to play fast as well as make plays, so now I’m not worried about what I do. Now I can look at the formations and think about what the offense is going to do, instead of worrying about what I’m going to do. It enables me to play a lot more fast.”

Jackson raves about McClain almost on a daily basis.

“He’s very smart, he understands the game and thinks the game,” Jackson said. “What I’m trying to get him to understand is this defense flows through him. He gets to see it all. Richard (Seymour) is the veteran, obviously, but McClain gets to see the offense. Richard’s hand is down on the ground, but this guy (McClain) needs to be the unquestioned leader of our defense, and he should be and he can be.

“That’s what I expect from him. I’m always in his ear because I know what this young man can be. He’s a really, really good football player, but I’m asking him to be great. I’m not looking for him to be good. I want No. 55 on this team to be great.”

*Veteran guard Justin Smiley decided he no longer has what it takes to grind it out every day in training camp and stand up to the rigors of a 16-game regular season. So, he walked into coach Jackson’s office Saturday, thanked him for the opportunity and called it a career after seven seasons with the 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars.

“What a man,” Jackson said. “He came in to see me today and said, ‘Coach, I just, this is just not for me right now.’ And I respect that. The great thing about this place is, I told you, this is hard work. Everybody can’t do this. If your mind and body is not ready to do this on a daily basis, it’s tough. And he said, ‘Coach, thanks for the opportunity, but my heart’s just not in it anymore, football. So, nothing against you or the Raiders, but I just can’t do this anymore.’ And I respect that.”

 *The Raiders signed free agent wide receivers Shawn Bayes, Derek Hagan and Chad Jackson. All three were at practice. None is expected to make the 53-man roster, though.

Coincidentally, Hagan’s 85 career receptions are more than any of the Raiders wide receivers on the roster. He did that in five NFL seasons with the Giants and Miami Dolphins.

Hagan and Jackson spent some time in practice returning punts. Hagan clanked one, which is the last thing coaches want to see on your first day of practice.

“We practice pretty fast and pretty hard,” Jackson said, “and if you only have five guys, it’s hard for those five guys to just keep taking a bunch of reps. Again, the health of our football team is very important, and we don’t want to run the other guys that are practicing in the ground, and we also don’t want to take a chance of doing something to the other guys in trying to get them back too fast. So we have to do a great job of that.”

*McClain, running back Michael Bennett and linebacker Bruce Davis returned to practice after missing a couple of days. Jackson said he expects even more of the 14 players out to return in short fashion.

*The Raiders welcomed back running back Michael Bush and welcomed into the mix for the first time tight end Kevin Boss on Saturday.

Bush practiced for the first time after he signed his one-year tender and passed a physical. Bush was eligible to report to practice as soon as Thursday. However, he said he had to “take care of business.”

“He’s in shape,” Jackson said, “and I said the other day that we have to be very careful because I haven’t been around him enough to know what kind of shape he was in. But he felt like Michael running on the field. He was quick and fast and he looks lean to me, which is great. The guy’s worked out, he’s done a great job of getting his body prepared for football, so we’re glad to have him back.”

Bush said his agent and the Raiders had discussions about a long-term contract. Those talks are on hold right now, though it’s possible the issue will be revisted at a later date. Bush signed for $2.6 million for this season. He is eligible to be an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

The Raiders are counting upon Bush once again to be there in case lead back Darren McFadden gets injured or needs a break. Bush rushed for 655 yards last year, with McFadden setting a career-high with 1,157.

“It’s hard for a back to play 16 straight regular-season games and not get, at some point in time, nicked up,” Jackson said. “So you got to always have quality, quality players back there. And, again, our organization has done a great job of making sure that we have good players.”

Bush looked and performed like a man on a mission, ready to reassert himself as a complementary player who does what is asked of him at a moment’s notice.

“Goal-wise, I never really have goals,” Bush said. “I don’t need 1,000 yards. My whole thing is to always do better than I did last year and be consistent. When they’re on the field, they know they can count on me and they know what they’re going to get out of me, so those are pretty much my goals.”

*Here we go again. If we’re writing about another practice, there surely must be some talk of rookie receiver Denarius Moore.

And there is plenty, once again. Moore got jammed by strong safety Tyvon Branch at the line of scrimmage on a one-on-one drill, worked his way through the setback and hauled in a pass from Kyle Boller with one hand and without allowing Branch to break it up.

In another drill, Moore put a move on cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, bolted downfield and made an impressive catch despite tight coverage by Van Dyke and safety Hiram Eugene.

“I guess I could say I’m starting to expect it,” Moore said. “Every time the ball is going up, I want to be the guy who’s coming back down with it, so if I can do it in practice, the coaches can depend on me in the game.”

The coaches are so high on Moore that they inserted him into the lineup with the starting offense at the end of practice in a red-zone drill.

Moore is feeding off the confidence and making more and more believers every day.

“It gives me a lot of confidence knowing the quarterback’s trusting me in and out of the huddle, knowing that I understand my plays and I’m a guy that they’re starting to depend on,” Moore said.

In a rare down moment, Moore dropped a crossing route that hit him in the hands.

*Jason Campbell was back at full capacity Saturday after sitting out most of Friday’s practice. Jackson said Campbell looked like a player who had a day off.

Overall, though, Jackson has been impressed by Campbell’s play, command and leadership.

“Jason Campbell is the starter of this team, doing great and leading this team,” Jackson said. “I’m excited about him. The thing I like the most is, sometimes things don’t go right, and Jason keeps his poise. That’s what a quarterback has to do. Your team has to know, when things get a little off, all of a sudden you’re not going to cave in. He doesn’t cave in. It’s like, ‘Coach give me the next play, let’s go.’ That’s the kind of quarterback I want on my team.”

*Rookie cornerback Sterling Moore turned in one of the plays of the day once again when he raced to snare a pass that hit off receiver Nick Miller’s hands twice before it hit the ground for another interception.

*Left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer and backup defensive tackle Desmond Bryant engaged in a brief scuffle at the end of one play. Teammates separated the two before any damage was done.

*Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was a bystander for most of practice once again. Jackson said he is holding back on turning loose Heyward-Bey until he is certain that Heyward-Bey is fully recoverd from whatever ails him. Neither Jackson nor Heyward-Bey has identified the injury.

*Samson Satele received a fair amount of reps at center for the second straight day. That relegated rookie Stefen Wisniewski to guard duty on more than occasion.

It’s all part of the plan to identify the five best players before settling upon a set offensive line, Jackson said.

“I’m going to let these moving pieces unfold,” Jackson said. “(Wisniewski’s) one of our better lineman, there’s no question about that. He’s doing a tremendous job. Sammy’s in there and, right now, I don’t know exactly how all that’s going to go. And that’s the beautiful part, we have the pieces, now it’s just getting all the pieces in the right spot. And we’ll do that as we continue to move forward.”

*Boss made a handful of impressive catch-and-run plays, displaying the skills that made him a dependable receiver for the New York Giants the past four seasons.

“He was awesome,” Jackson said. “(For) him to just step in, step right in, and we do a lot of things on offense, and he picked it up. As he goes every day, we’re a couple days away from seeing Kevin at his best, because once he learns the terminology and learns his teammates and Jason gets a feel for him and our other quarterbacks get a feel for him, that guy is a big target. He is a big man, he can catch it and he is pretty agile running up through there. So, there’s going to be some good things there.”

*The defense got the better of the offense, for the most part. That had Jackson referring to his defense as “The Hunters” and saying it has arrived.

“Our defense is starting to play football the way I envisioned our defense playing,” Jackson said. “There’s a lot of good players on that side of the ball, and we have a lot of good players on the offensive side of the ball, but the defensive decided today they wanted to show up and play. …  Those guys, they have the potential to be as good as they want to be. And I’m challenging them to be great.”


Steve Corkran

  • priesttj

    Everybody knows why he isn’t practicing he’s injured how many times do they need to say it?

  • rob_raider

    really? injured? what’s his injury? they refuse to say. that’s what’s weird. when dhb was asked, he said “it might be a toothache.” jerry said he does not have have a limp, has no wrap, and is not working on the side w/ trainers like other injured guys. it’s just too weird.

    i would normally be the first to say it would be ridiculous to cut him going into his 3rd year, when most wr’s emerge, if they’re going to.

    at first, i figured it was b/c he was being restructured.

    but, something is odd. too much secrecy involving his “mystery injury”. and by the way, they haven’t ever said he was injured, have they? they just said “he’s not ready yet”.

    it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

  • priesttj

    There’s nothing wierd when it’s the other players why is it wierd when it’s him. All Hue ever says is the guy is nicked. Therre are 14 other guys injured and not practicing. Why does EVERYONE dwell on DHB? There are several injured and no one knows what’s wrong with them. But whenever it’s DHB it’s all of a sudden an issue. Come on…

  • priesttj

    He’s slowly coming back he’s on the practice dude! he’s just not full go………what’s so damn mysterious about it?

  • priesttj

    let the guy get healthy and full participation and then see what happens…

  • priesttj

    Most teams don’t disclose injuries unless the guy is going to be out for sometime this standard procedure. Some coaches will some wont it’s nothing all that unusual.

  • jmackraider16

    149: i agree, i didnt hear where it came from..
    PRIEST!! Please share some insight on the mcclain/goethel situation…

  • Jerrymcd Jerry McDonald
    BLTN Raiders practice notes: Either sad news or good news: DMoore has made more plays in a week than DHB in 3 yrs in training camp.

  • TheGeneral

    DMoore will tear it up cant wait!!

  • Kirk

    It seems stupid to have practices that injure 14 players before the preseason even begins….especially the skill players. Why would you put McFadden in a position where he could break the orbit in his eye? Let the big uglies slug it out, but protect the skill players. There are plenty of D level running backs the defense can practice their tackling on. Just my arrogant opinion.

  • Deja vu

    I doubt they just flat out cut DHB. Why couldn’t we go with 6 wr’s? If there’s an odd man out, it will probably be N. Miller. With T. Jones and Ford returning kicks, i could see N. Miller being the odd man out if we don’t go with 6 wr’s. With Chaz on the team we’ll need depth.

    Routt getting burned, makes me nervous. I hope he can produce like he did last year and wasn’t just because he’s playing for a contract year. He only had 7 penalties i think last year against him. Before that he was a PI machine! Hope he doesn’t regress and get back to his old ways.

  • Because he sucks, he doesn’t make plays, he’s a bust so far, we are playing 10 on 11 when he’s on the field.

    How dumb can you be not to realize this?

    Priesttj Says:
    August 7th, 2011 at 2:06 am

    Why does EVERYONE dwell on DHB? There are several
    injured and no one knows what’s wrong with them. But whenever it’s DHB it’s all of a sudden an issue. Come on…

  • TheLastWarrior

    TerrapinRaider Says:
    August 6th, 2011 at 9:07 pm
    What is this, crazy hour???

    Reading way too much in the Wiz deal. Since when is it Not customary for your starting from last year to come in camp and get 1st team snaps??? Like Hue said, its out of respect!

    And when, goddamnit when, has Wiz being getting abused on the field at Center????!!!!! Sheez where do you guys come up with this stuff.

    August 6th, 2011 at 8:41 pm
    Tittle was at practice Thursday and did an entire show on the Raiders on Friday…Said Wiz 2.0 is short and was getting beat like a drum the entire practice by the DL. Said the DL (Henderson, Seymour, Kelly) ran around him like he wasn’t there. He couldn’t touch them…

  • TheLastWarrior

    Jmackraider16 Says:
    August 7th, 2011 at 3:49 am
    149: i agree, i didnt hear where it came from..
    PRIEST!! Please share some insight on the mcclain/goethel situation…


    Jerry Mac mentioned it the other day…

  • TheLastWarrior

    Deja vu Says:
    August 7th, 2011 at 6:44 am
    I doubt they just flat out cut DHB. Why couldn’t we go with 6 wr’s? If there’s an odd man out, it will probably be N. Miller. With T. Jones and Ford returning kicks, i could see N. Miller being the odd man out if we don’t go with 6 wr’s. With Chaz on the team we’ll need depth.

    Routt getting burned, makes me nervous. I hope he can produce like he did last year and wasn’t just because he’s playing for a contract year. He only had 7 penalties i think last year against him. Before that he was a PI machine! Hope he doesn’t regress and get back to his old ways.

    Exactly…If Miller doesn’t win the PR job, he is odd man out…

  • Davis isn’t going to give up on DHB yet after what he said about him.

  • TheLastWarrior

    Receivers will be:

    6.Hagen /Miller

  • TerrapinRaider

    August 6th, 2011 at 8:41 pm
    Tittle was at practice Thursday and did an entire show on the Raiders on Friday…Said Wiz 2.0 is short and was getting beat like a drum the entire practice by the DL. Said the DL (Henderson, Seymour, Kelly) ran around him like he wasn’t there. He couldn’t touch them…


    Thats your evidence?? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Someone posted that yesterday or a few days ago. I have no clue who this Tittle is.

    And it is THE first time I have ever read someone mention Wiz getting beat like a drum at practice.

    To the contrary, Hue raves about Wiz as one of our better lineman! Based on Hue’s proclamations I expect Wiz will start somewhere on the line if not at center yet.

    You guys man …grabbing for straws. I have read darn near every tweet, blog entry and interview from the Raiders camp and that is the FIRST I have ever seen someone say Wiz is terrible.

  • priesttj

    IMO Goethel is just the kind of LB who has superior instincts and can help whereever we need him if we lose a guy especially McClain. When you watch Goethel he keys better than most LB’s you’ll watch even vet’s he just has a 6th sense at the position that can’t be taught. It’s sismilar to what you’re seeing with DMoore just as an analogy. His most natural position is where he will stay which one that is they are testing right now. He was very good at WLB would probably be a best WLB. I’m not sure he is a better MLB than McClain in fact I would doubt it. McClain is going to be very special at MLB he just has those same instincts but he’s so freaking big the bets place for him naturally is MLB. Those two are extraordinary players any coach would have them in the field at the same time if you want your defense to be dominant.

    It gets debated in here quite a bit about the run defense being upgraded if that’s what you want this is how you get it by playing both Goethel and McClain at gthe same time. They can key better any two set of LB’s this young in this league. But the bets part is McClain and Goethel are form tacklers if you watch them it’s text book stuff it’s as if the were born to do. Many had some criticism of McClain last year but as I said many times about him last year he was learning the position of MLB he didn’t play that in college. A MLB has to see everything and set the entire backend of the defense and know is keys and execute spilsecond timing. He struggled in the execution part because he was still thinking then reacting. Fans see it and say he doesn’t know what he’s doing…..no he does he just reacts a split second to late and that can be very costly. Now this year he can study film and react to his keys he can play a lot faster you’ll see him make huge plays now almost in a blink of an eye due to reading and reacting.

    I predicted earlier that I think he will be one of the top 5 MLB’s in the game by midseason and that is why. He’s not thinking anymore he’s reacting. Fans have a hard time understand the need for players to develope especially if they are high draft picks but this game is so freaking fast at this level that it takes them a while before it slows down and they can see things differently. It’s no different than going to a foriegn country learning the langauge and the lay of the land and laws. It takes time before the natural instincts and talent can just shine.

    This is also the reason I say what I say about DHB I see a player he’s just not relaxed he’s pressing and trying to do things before he really understands what he’s doing. Once the game slows down and he relaxes he will show the world exactly how talented he is. For WR’s it just takes time before they cna read defenses and KNOW how to victimize them. He’s still learning when they throw things at him he thinks instead of attack. When he’s no longer thinking LOOK OUT.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Listen, I understand the frustration with DHB. We all want him to succeed so darn bad and when he’s not on the field its frustating as hell because thats not getting him anywhere.

    The guy is not 100%. How many times must Hue say this? A lot of players are not 100% but they don’t draw your wrath – maybe Campbell is getting close. I damn sure know DMC was getting it last year as he was out with a hammy or something for quite a while.

    Because he’s not 100% he’s not practicing at 100%. So you read all these stories about who is practicing and hear next to nothing about DHB except ‘why is he not practicing’. Its all negative focus. And you jump to these crazy conclusions.

    The guy is not 100% plain and simple. Same as DMC last year. It could be a hammy. It could be a grion pull. Who knows? Just stop killin the guy over this crap. Wait until he gets on the damn practice feild for real to show you what he has or has not learned.

  • priesttj

    T’pin don’t trip man Rick is a talk show host who in many cases overeeacts to negative. Wiz had issues but it like I said before we drafted him that he was not what everyone was saying about him. Wiz will be fine trust me he has to go through what every other rookie goes through. He has to change his body type some and become more solid. And the game needs to slow down for him a bit, and he’ll be fine. IN fact I think he’ll be very good but I would play him at OG before C he’s just not ready yet C is a thinking man’s job you must be very quick and yet stout and your technigue must be up to snuff. He’s a rookie no way he’s a better C than Satele right now but you can hide him at OG and he’ll play well. No one wants to accept the fact that Satele was one of the better players on that line last year but the truth is it’s a fact. Satele is a very good C he may not be BRobb but thiose are hard to come by. There’s a kid at Ohio St Brewer who’s going to be a stud at C he’s hands down better than Wiz right now. But everyone loved his name the weren’t watching him play C because he played OG his senior year. Now he will play C and do it well he’s just not dominant.

  • SnB Production

    The MLB is the QB of the defense. McClain is a natural at the position and is a cerebral player as well.

    Let’s develop him as the MLB and move forward…kind of like the path of least resistance. If Groves is struggling, then let Goethel compete 1-1 with him…Not a huge fan of moving young top tier players around early in their careers. Let’s have McClain master the MLB

    As for DHB? Raiders have a lot of good receivers developing here. All anyone is saying is that DHB has to keep up with these guys. If, and its a big if, Moore keeps making plays, Ford and Schilens are penciled in as significant contributors and Murphy..where does DHB fit in? These other rooks youngsters are, to be very, very, very generous, performing at DHBs level at the very least.

    I just want to see the best 11

  • TerrapinRaider

    “Moore keeps making plays, Ford and Schilens are penciled in as significant contributors and Murphy..where does DHB fit in? These other rooks youngsters are, to be very, very, very generous, performing at DHBs level at the very least.”


    Listen to yourself man. Thats the freakin problem. You are judging the guy and he has not even fully practiced yet. So how in the hell do you know where he is as a playa!

    Again, I have read darn near everything that has come out of camp. From what little has been written about the work he has been putting in, he has looked pretty good. He’s just not in full scrimmages or 7on7s where all the great action occurrs.

    You can tell even the writers are frustrated. Thats all they focus on sometimes: Why DHB isn’t practicing??? Over and Over.

  • priesttj

    Let me add this to the mix as well the DT’s on this team get kicked around in here but that tandem is no joke. You got some guys in here that blame the sun moon and stars on them. But that is a very gifted tandem and the backups aren’t slouch’s. Any rookie is going to have his hands full and then some with those too. Most probowlers struuggle vs that tandem so you know a rookie will. IMO our two DT’s are in the top 5-6 in the league. TK and Seymour are beast I watch them eat many interior lines completely. Don’t worry about Wiz too much he’s facing some of the best the league has to offer.

  • priesttj

    T’pin you’re wasting your breath or fingers they hate the kid…………period

  • TerrapinRaider

    Who has practiced and we a read about?

    Moore – having an awesome camp
    Schilens – having a very solid camp
    Ford – was having an awesome camp until he got injured, now crickets
    Murphy – again, performing very well (although i have read he had some drops) then got injured, now crickets

    That’s bascially it.

    DHB – ??? hasn’t been in full scrimmages but looked solid in some drills, nothing more to write about

  • AL gave up on JaMeatball so what makes anybody think he wont send DHB packing is beyond me.

    As long as a guy like Moore makes AL look good DHB is expendable.

    Just Cut Baby!

  • TerrapinRaider

    Yeah. I’m about to move on from this, just ignore these jacks completely. Its like pushing on a string.

    Killin the guy and he hasn’t even been practicing, like many other players; hence, you read little about him and draw these grand conclusions. …wanting to cut players and all.

    HA! What a joke!

  • SnB Production

    I am cool with the DT situation. Henderson being healthy and they “finally” brought in a young kid to develop behind Henderson as the run stuffer.

    Got a good rotation. I also belive in Hue Jackson’s “Build a Bully” strategy.

    The Raiders have been a soft team of late…pushed around by physical teams. Hue is fixing that…Oklahoma drills over walkthroughs and an unapologetic focus on competition and focus.

    Defense will be fine this year

  • TerrapinRaider

    I have read this guy make a pretty solid argument why Satele should start and Wiz switch ot OG for now. Simply because Wiz may not be as good of a Center right now (vs Satele), but he is a solid Guard – better than Satele and maybe Cooper who’s getting long in the tooth.

    This makes sense. But then I think, what about Bruce Campbell? We have not seen this guy in action yet. Where is he in his development? He is much, much bigger than Wiz. I would be tempted to see him at RG vs Wiz.

  • SnB Production


    Jason Campbell needs help on the field man.

    Just give me the best players…..

    As for DHB, missing practice is not good. Its just not. As a previous poster mentioned, DMAC was initially the backup going into last year until an injury sidelined Bush.

    For DHB, I am tellin ya he cannot afford to be missing camp right now. Ford has established himself after a fantastic 2nd half of 2010…Schilens when healthy is the best pure receiver on the team and Moore is doing a good job of establishing himself through the competition that Hue Jax is pushing.

    It all sorts itself out during the month.

  • TerrapinRaider

    If you haven’t, listen to Hue’s presser for yesterday. At the very end, with about 10 seconds left Hue gives his vision of the team. Boy, the way he said it grabbed my attention. I wanted to hear more! It was too short! And you can tell he meant what he was saying.

  • raiderfankirk

    Chaz, Moore, starting Ford is the slot. For once in a long time it looks as if we have the problem of getting all the talent on the field. If Miller gets cut I can see the Pats making him a star. I haven’t seen any of this other Moore, just what I’ve read in here. Sounds like he has a great chance of making the team. Anyone think he might crack the lineup?

  • SnB Production


    Any area on this team that you are concerned about going into the year?

    Its easy to just sit on a blog and post all positive vibes all day and criticize anyone posting anything controversial (and football related). I think the blog is about posting OPINION…..

    Of course, we are ALL AWARE that NOTHING we say here matters at all and that everything is proven on the field.

  • inonewordathome


    good read on strenghts and weaknesses of the BOSS from a Giants fan. Of note, bad pass catcher, slow, and one hit away from retiring, yikes!

  • alex7

    We KNOW taiwan had hammy injury.
    We KNOW mcfadden’s injury.
    We KNOW ford’s injury.

    Ther reason we dont know dhb’s injury it’s there isn’t one. Raiders are trying to restructure DHB’s contract, but bay isn’t cooperating, so the Raiders are hesitant of having him injure himself and make the contract guaranteed for the year. This is a multi million dollar decision.

  • The way I see it, we got a lot better on Offense last year without DHB contributing much, so if he starts to play better great….but if he doesn’t, it’s simply not a big deal anymore.

    Chaz, Ford and Murphy have shown they can play, the key for increased productivity in the passing game for next season depends on Chaz’s health, Ford’s development and Murphy’s consistency.

    Of course, Denarius Moore is the wild card here, both Murphy and Ford had productive rookie seasons, Moore could be the next kid to come up with some big-plays for us.

    So, anything we get from DHB would be a bonus at this point and since the bulk of his contract was already paid, I would not be surprised if we’re saving him for a trade, obviously we won’t get much in return, probably a late round pick, if anything.

    On the other hand, the kid just turned 24, I would not cut him just yet, but he’s certainly running out of chances and this sould his final season as a Raider.

  • Here’s the whole post from a Giants fan to us:

    “Greetings Raider Nation,

    As a Giants fan, just wanted to say congratulations on your two newest acquisitions, Kevin Boss and Derek Hagan. Just wanted to give you a Giants fan’s perspective on the Bossman.

    Kevin Boss

    Strengths: Probably Boss’ greatest strength goes quite unheralded. He is an awesome, and by awesome, I mean one of the top in the league, as a lead blocker. He will zoom downfield and just is ferocious on bubble screens and stretch plays. Look for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush to have some big runs going Kevin’s way.

    The Giants never really featured their TEs in any routes, and, as a matter of fact, Boss in 2010 blocked 54% of the time, which is one of the highest rates in the NFL. You can rest assured that he can block with the best of ’em and should already be well acquainted with any and all blocking schemes.

    Another strength of Boss’ is his route running. He’s extremely crisp for a TE and won’t get lazy. That’s helped Eli out a ton in a pinch. He’s definitely going to be where Campbell will expect him to be.

    Bravery. This dude ain’t afraid of anything. He’ll go across the middle like…dare I say it…a Boss. He’ll throw his body on the line to help the team win, and that’s something I hugely respect about him.

    Finally, his size. The guy is 6’7 and has strong body control. He’ll out physical most cornerbacks and outrun most linebackers. He has trouble going up against safeties though.

    Weaknesses: You guys are getting a pretty big downgrade in the pass catching department, from Miller to Boss. He’s fearless, and a good route runner, yeah, but holy hell is he inconsistent. He’ll make the most ridiculous catch one minute, then drop several easy passes after that.

    ProFootballFocus rated him as having the worst hands of any TE out there, and I’d agree with them. He’s had a case of the dropsies last year. I DO think it was an anomaly, however. So while he’ll never be Miller, still figure he’ll be a large part of the Oakland offense.

    Also, how much does he have left? What concerns me the most about Boss is the level of punishment he takes. Trust me when I tell you that I’m surprised he hasn’t had more concussions than what he’s had because it seemed like every week he took one monstrous hit after another. To be really honest, it always felt like he’d be one big hit away from retirement. Campbell should do everything in his power not to lead Boss into traffic, otherwise it might be curtains…

    Finally, the dude is slow. Not turtle slow, but he’s about average. Not really a weakness as it is a pet peeve, but he was really really underused in the redzone. I mean, when he was targeted, he got the TD….but he just didn’t seem to get great separation, and that’s definitely something he needs to work on.

    Final Word:

    Damn, I’m going to miss Boss.

    I’ll be really honest with you guys, and say he was overpaid though. I’d probably valuate him as a 4 year, $11.5 million guy, and I think that’s about as high as the Giants were willing to go.

    Regardless, he’s a tough SOB and will go all out to make plays for you guys. You got one HELL of a player. If he can fix his drops, he’ll be slated for big things in the future.

    P.S. Please do your goddamn best to beat the Chargers. Eli Manning and the Giants hate A.J. Smith”.

  • SnB Production

    Good post on Boss.

    The Raiders need a run blocking TE to really spring the running game.

    AS for pass catching, he just has to be good enough there…not elite.

    The RBs, Ford, Murphy, Chaz, Moore will catch the ball

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    It’s just curious that they refuse to talk about what’s wrong with DHB. Every other player that is NICKED up they have said what is wrong. Maybe it’s something to do with his contract. Incentives that aren’t reached he doesn’t get a bonus or something.

  • I think it’s a real fair evaluation of Kevin Boss.

    But I’ll say this, the guy says we overpaid because Boss is a 4 year, 11.5 million player…well, his contract is for 4 years and 8 million guaranteed, he’ll have to earn the other 8 million, so I disagree there.

    As far as the drops, like I said yesterday, it’s not a trend with Boss, he had 4 drops combined between 2008-2009, his total jumped to 11 last season, so like the Giants fan says: it was unusual, hopefully just an odd stat from an otherwise historically sure-handed player.

    Finally, the concussions, he’s even with Zach Miller there, both have taken plenty of hits and their careers could be over in an unfortunate way, but that’s exactly why paying Boss 8 million makes more sense than paying Miller 16.

  • priesttj

    SnB you read me wrong brotha, fair criticism is good. I do it all the time I just don’t join the hordes so it seems I’m always positive in comparison. I have strong concerns about the Oline. I want it settled by week 3 of preseason only that may not be possible due to injury.

    The guy I’m worried about way more than DHB is Bruce Campbell he’s the new Claude Rains. You never hear about him and I think he cna play. I can’t wait to see this team so that I can draw my own conclusions instead of reading someone else’s.

  • Raider J

    Raiders need more production from WRs regardless of who’s on the field. Based on 2010 production/playmaking, Ford-V12 is the only WR who EARNED a starting spot coming into 2011. Everybody else is playing for it. Thats why camp is so important. According to reports, it seems like “D-WOW” Moore and Chaz are earning playing time.

    You dont have to hate DHB to acknowledge that.
    I’m looking to Hue Jack & Saunders to put him in position to be successful. He just needs to relax and make plays when given the opportunity.

  • priesttj

    I criticise many things only you guys like them so it seems like I’m attacking you. No I’m giving my opinion of the situation which opposed to yours and you don’t like it.

    I hated the Veldheer at C thing and said so many times but you all liked it. I hated Kwame Harris at LT he should’ve been a RG and I hated the drafting of DHB and said so when it happened. I disagreed with the Wiz pick to some extent.

    You guys don’t notice my disagreements because I don’t sit on here and whine and cry. I give my concerns and move on.

  • SnB Production


    The reason I may sound like a record with a skip on it is because I actually think the team has been very close….the glaring weaknesses being the run defense.

    I am actually happy the run defense has been fixed…won’t hear much around that topic from me.

    For me its the wide receivers that have to get with it. JC is a good QB, although I have been frustrated with him at times…very much so…but the receivers gotta help him.

    This team needs real production out of that group in order to prevent that 8 or 9th guy creeping into the box to stop the running game (which is the true strength).

    This camp has to sort out that receiving situation

  • Lowdown_in_Beijing

    Moore & Moore the Raiders look improved…

  • priesttj

    Raider J DHB makes plays when he gets the opportunity the problem is the opportunities are too far and few. When they throw to him accurately he makes plays I doubt he was targeted more than 60-70 times last year. How cna he makes plays when they use him to take the top off the defense and throw underneath him. There has to be more of a chemistry betwen he and the QB. My only problem with DHB is this he doesn’t demand the ball from his QB he’s too good of a soldier. He needs to be more selfish and JC needs to give him some opportunities to make plays. He also needs to finsih his routes on comebacks but that is true with ALL OF THEM.

  • priesttj

    WE suffered through maturation and development stage with these rec’s but it’s over now. This kids are ready to get it done. I see it and I know it.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Seems to me that DHB is getting the same treatment Thomas Howard had last year, along with JLH, and Javon Walker in his second season.

    I will keep them on the roster, rarely let them even get much reps in practice, will only play limited action unless others get hurt, and really have no chance to crack the starting lineup.

    And than, he will be gone next year.

  • TheLastWarrior

    For me its the wide receivers that have to get with it. JC is a good QB, although I have been frustrated with him at times…very much so…but the receivers gotta help him.

    The only concern about the receivers to me is injuries (Ford, Chaz). If they’re healthy I’m not concerned…the biggest problem on this team is the OL. They set the tone, so if they can’t pass block Campbell can’t do his thing, imo…