Rookie WR Denarius Moore talks about early-season success

Rookie wide receiver Denarius Moore has burst on the scene in a way few rookies do in the NFL, especially fifth-round draft picks. He is making eye-opening, jaw-dropping plays on a regular basis at training camp. Through it all, the Tennessee product takes it all in stride. On Sunday, he fielded several questions about how he views his role with the Raiders, what it’s like to garner so much attention and how he approaches his job.


Q: What kind of expectations did you have when you arrived at camp?

A: “Just coming in and proving to the team what I’m capable of doing, trying to make the team and showing the coaches what I’m capable of doing, also.”


Q: Are you playing above your head or is this the every-day Denarius?

A: “I hear it here and there, coaches say I’m doing a good job, players say I’m doing a good job, they actually talk to me more. So, I guess I’m fitting in pretty well with the team right now.”


Q: What’s your reaction to Hue Jackson singing your praises all the time?

A: “It feels pretty good hearing it from the head coach. This is my first time actually hearing it. But hearing it from him, it means a whole lot to me right now.”


Q: Nice to be compared to Jacoby Ford by Jason Campbell?

A: “I know he’s fast like I’m fast, but Ford, running side by side, he has me on that one. Him comparing me to Jacoby Ford is a big deal for me right now.”


Q: Anything you need to work on?

A: “Still working on my blocking techniques, catching the consistent passes, and then working in and out of my breaks.”


Q: How did you survive getting your hair cut when the other rookies got buzzed?

A: “My position is not pretty much hyped up on that right now, but I do hear here and there that my eyebrows are going to be cut off. It’s coming soon.”


Q: Will it be while you’re sleeping?

A: “No, they’re going to wait until right before the game and then they’re going to cut them.”


Q: Your stock soaring because of all the injuries to the other receivers?

A: “It sort of threw me out there on the street real fast. I have to learn everything real fast, pick up on the offense real fast. So, by them going down, it’s just a chip on my shoulder right now that I got to prove that I can learn the playbook fast enough, faster than other rookies, and that they can depend on me if they want to.”


Q: Any veteran receivers taking you under their wing?

A: “All of them pretty much put me up under their wing. Darrius Heyward-Bey put me up under his wing. Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy, all of them, pretty much put me up under their wing. Even though it feels good, they still help me out on the side.”


Q: Do you have the mind-set that every pass your way is yours?

A: “Yeah, that’s how I feel. If the ball’s thrown my way, if it’s around my area, that I can catch it. It should be mine.”


Q: Nice to see fellow receivers such as DHB taking care of you during practice?

A: “Yeah, it’s like we’re joking back and forth. Even though he’s tired, I may be tired, we joke back and forth with each other just to keep the practice going by fast.”


Q: What’s it like having things go so fast. How is the chemistry in games?

A: “It should be the same as practice, a little bit more faster tempo here and there. That’s why we practice so hard, so it can just come easy during the game.”


Steve Corkran

  • RaiderVol

    I’m very proud to see a former Vol doing so well in the pros. I really believe that Moore can translate all the preseason success into the regular and post season! I’m looking forward to see #17 jerseys so I support a player from my university and the NATION!

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