Coach Hue Jackson conference call transcript from Sunday


Here is the transcript from Raiders coach Hue Jackson’s conference call Sunday night, less than 24 hours after the 49ers beat the Raiders 17-3 at Candlestick Park:
Question: Doing better than last night?

Jackson: Yeah, I feel better. It’s a new day.


Q: How is Jason Campbell doing?

A: Jason, obviously, has to follow some protocol, but Jason will be practicing tomorrow.


Q: How much of a relief is that to learn Jason Campbell’s injury isn’t more serious?

A: Oh, it’ss a huge relief. Anytime a guy goes out and needs to be checked, you want to make sure that the next day that everything is going to be OK. He’s going to be well.


Q: How is Kevin Boss?

A: Yeah, Kevin has a knee sprain. He’ll probably wind up being week-to-week as we go forward.


Q: Similar to Chaz Schilens’ situation?

A: Yeah, probably something similar to that.


Q: Anything look better after watching the video of the game?

A: Yeah, there were a couple of guys. Darrius Heyward-Bey made some huge catches, made some plays. Denarius Moore made some plays. Our pass protection units were doing a good job. We still need to improve some things communication-wise in that area but, as a unit, those guys are doing a good job as far as protecting the quarterback.


Q: Any closer to settling upon a starting offensive line?

A: Oh, yeah, we’re getting very close to that. Obviously, we got four preseason games but, as we continue to get people back — hopefully we’ll get a couple more guys back this week — we’ll be closer to making sure that we put those five guys out there.


Q: Will you be more apt to go live in practice to deal with run defense?

A: That’s something that I always keep in my back pocket. As I put the schedule together for tomorrow’s practice and meet with the coaches, we’ll make a decision of what we need to do.


Q: Were run defense problems, technique, positioning or desire?

A: It’s more technique and fundamentals. We need to just continue to practice and hone in on the things that we know that it takes to play very solid, sound run defense. There were definitely some stops at some times but then all of a sudden here’s one skirting out of there, maybe someone jumped out of a gap or something like that. But I think when the players see the tape they’ll understand exactly what it is that we need to do. I know it sounds like a broken record but trust me, we’re going to get this fixed.


Q: With all the talk of building a bully, are you surprised at how far away that aspect is right now?

A: You don’t build a bully overnight. You don’t build a bully in two days or two preseason games. Don’t get me wrong, these preseason games are very important and they all matter. I don’t want to put that out there that they don’t. But I know come September 12th, they truly matter and our team understands that we need to make some strides and we need to get better and we need to keep working. We’re a work in progress. We know what the goal is. We know exactly what it is that we need to get better.


Q: Was the plan for only one series for Trent Edwards if Jason had not gotten hurt?

A: He probably would have went on and started the second half. We just didn’t get the ball on offense much in the first quarter, as you know. We didn’t have many shots. If I’m not mistaken I think our first team played 17 plays. We just didn’t have that many cracks at the ball. If he hadn’t gotten in there when Jason went down I probably would have started him in the third quarter.


Q: Thoughts on backup cornerbacks?

A: Obviously, DeMarcus Van Dyke went in there last night for (Chris Johnson). Again young player, has some talent and getting better. Again, working at it. Obviously Walter McFadden last night played again. Jeremy Ware played again. And (Chimdi) Chekwa played, that was his first action. Again, first time for the young man being in the game in a performance-type situation. He he did some things that he can build on, talking about Chimdi, that he can build on and continue to get better. We just need to continue to have those young guys play so they get the experience of playing in games and understanding what the NFL game is.


Q: Your defenders had trouble matching up with their tight ends. Is that a matter of guys getting beat one-on-one, schemes or simply matchups?

A: Definitely is something we can fix. We play some of the best tight ends in this league, you know. Obviously the young man down in San Diego and we know how to do it. Obviously, there was a couple of instances last night where we (weren’t) where we needed to be. But those things are all very fixable.


Q: Reaction to the shootings after the game last night?

A: I’m going to let (Raiders CEO) Amy Trask speak to that. My reaction is, I hope everybody is fine and safe. That it’s definitely an environment to where we wish that people come out and enjoy a game and hopefully that those things don’t happen.


Q: Anyone else come out of the game ‘nicked’ up?

A: (Jerome) Boyd, was the only other young man, and he had a contusion, and he’ll be day-to-day. But he has an opportunity to practice tomorrow.


Jackson: Let’s talk about something that’s really positive. We had 15 players today, including our top draft picks, Stefen Wisniewski, DeMarcus Van Dyke, and Chimdi Chekwa, they took time out during their day to visit veterans at the veterans home of California in Yountsville, located 10 minutes north of our hotel. That was a heck of a deal by our players on their day off to go do that today.


Steve Corkran

  • We just drafted our franchise QB, and you jokers are talking about the fullback position.

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    Wow we have the best wild cat personnel for sure now, hue will definately mix it in now.

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    August 22nd, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Now that he is our jug eared knucklehead, I predict horrible things for TP. He just has a lot of things to iron out and he will be a fumbling QB especially handing off to DMAC & Bush half the time and unloading Als long bomb special the rest of the time.


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    Wow we have the worst wild cat personnel for sure now, hue will definately mix it in like a fool!

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    Brien, fans like you make the rest of us bad Raider fans look even worse.

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    The end of the world because we lost to the Niners!!!

    Oh woe is me!!! Oh woe is me!! I could just kill myself…..wah wah wah mama……..:(They are now the real BULLY BALL TEAM!

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    I care a lot about a Niner preseason game.Now in a reg season game I can see we will get our Butts kicked by the NINERS this hurts because the Niners were so DOMINANT!!!! They won BIGGGGG. Let ‘em have it maybe I will root for them!.

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