QB Campbell back at practice Monday, TE Boss week to week


Raiders coach Hue Jackson said in a conference call Sunday night that quarterback Jason Campbell likely will be cleared to practice Monday in Napa. Tight end Kevin Boss won’t be so fortunate.

Boss took a helmet to the knee at the end of a reception against the 49ers on Saturday night, and he wound up with an injury that is going to keep him out for an undetermined length of time. Jackson said Boss is “week to week.”

Jackson said the same thing about wide receiver Chaz Schilens when Schilens suffered a leg injury against the Arizona Cardinals. Schilens hasn’t practiced with the team ever since. Jackson said Boss’ timetable is comparable to that of Schilens.

Campbell still has to pass a series of tests before he is cleared to play. He spent part of Sunday undergoing tests to determine whether he suffered a concussion when 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks kneed him in the head.

I am filling in for beat writer Jerry McDonald today. So, I need to write a story for the newspaper before I return to wrap up this blog entry.

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Steve Corkran

  • williamsburnygraider

    ABPaine — good idea with your question…

    In my case, I’m a weirdo, i grew up in eastern PA and now live in NYC. I’ve never been to Oaklad and only first visited LA in 2006. Anyway. At the age of 4 in 1980 I saw an nfl films highlight real (w/ John Facenda narrating)and was hooked, as four year old sometimes are, by the uniform. I started religiously following the team during the 1986 season, exactly when they were 8-4 and poised to continue the glory, and we know what happened exactly then. Since, I’ve bled silver&black and have had a few bright spots in the early 1990s and 200s but it’s been more bleeding than cheering it seems. The last 7 years prior to last season seem like some sort of surreal dream. Art Shell didn’t really come back for one year to coach the worst Raiders team in 40+ years did he?

    I had and still have hopes for this year but man, those cbs look bad. If they get it together we could surprise a lot of people, if they don’t, and if the OL doesn’t, we could be in for another nightmare.


  • UCLA, Ro is best we got, I do like him, your thinking?

  • UCLA Raiders

    860Todd Christensen Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 7:05 pm
    UCLA, Ro is best we got, I do like him, your thinking?
    Ya we got nobody better. To me he’s a slightly improved version of captain Kirk but no Willis. I always wondered why AD didn’t seriously go after Ray Lewis when his contract w Ravens expired 2-3 years ago. I have a bad feeling that Ray in his advanced age has more left in tank even now than Ro will ever show us. I hope I’m wrong ’cause I’m so sick of seeing mediocre RBs run right up the middle on us.

  • RaiderRich510

    Walter Mcfadden = Phillip Buchanon

  • Mum-O-killowe

    504 Raider Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Schilens been week to week since he signed his contract.

    He’s just like the rates at Sleezy Motels.

    The Ones off Grand Ave are by the hour.

  • Mum-O-killowe

    RaiderRich510 Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 7:22 pm
    Walter Mcfadden = Phillip Buchanon

    Walter McFadden = John Bowi

  • stablersbeard

    RaiderRich510 Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 7:22 pm
    Walter Mcfadden = Phillip Buchanon

    He needs more practice to even be that adequate. He’s terrible.

  • al d. davis

    Well now, building a bully. I knew big Hue was full of crap; afterall, the team from whence he came (Ravens) was never known for offense. Of course, they bring back Bresnahan (out of the league for 7 yrs), they bring back a whole buncha scrum, riff-raff: even I laid a fat egg. But, hopefully I’ll die soon, Genius Jackson will be out on his ass, “next man up !!!).

    K so, I have a little song for ya’all:

    Alrighty…..here we go w/Alzheimer’s AL and his stanky stuff……entitled, “Revolving Coaches” (Please sing to the melody of “Green Acres” TV show.

    AL’s folly is for all to see,

    Oakland Raiders is the team for me,

    Coaches spreading out so far and wide,

    Keep hiring and firing, just give me those days gone by.

    Coach upon coach is what I’d rather do,

    Dementia and inconsistency is the cardinal rule,

    AL just adores paying coaches half the price,

    Dah-Ling I love you, but AL’s fantasy is not-so-nice.

    Vertical attack, 1969

    Man to man, mighty fine,

    Revolving Coaches, aint so cool…..

    AL knows best, nobody’s fool….

    You are AL’s life,

    Cable’s gone, now Jackson’s his wife,

    Oakland Raiders We Are There!

  • al d. davis

    Regarding the after-game parking lot shooting: too bad the gun was pointed at AL and Hue: put those dumb mo-fo’s outta their misery – yahhhh purple drank – ja-dumb-arse…get cha stank butt down here, show em how low you can go…….Kahlif Barnes….anyone see Valdeer get burned on 4th and goal – talk about an egg-less wonder…….5 and 11….that’s what we’ll go this year.

    I out…….

  • al d. davis

    Rolando McStank…..lol……reason is doesn’t talk to reporters is because he is too dumb. Too bad the ultimate knock out blow wasnt delievered to the slug Campbell so Monkey AL would have to place the reincarnation of Jim Plunkett on the IR….hmmm…..lost for the season….how sad, lol, put a slug out of its misery.

  • dvrick

    # Plunketthead Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Miss beech

    You should jump MR’s bones and raider rays. Havent you always to take a mans cherry?
    You can take both of his GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!