Terrelle Pryor says he is at quarterback to stay


The newest Raider, quarterback Terrelle Pryor, won’t join his teammates in Napa until he signs a contract. That formality is expected to be done in short order. For now, Pryor is making the rounds on the national sports talk-show circuit. On Tuesday, he told ProFootballTalk.com that he is a quarterback, period. 

“I’ve got to make sure I make myself, I see myself as a quarterback, and show them exactly what I can do,” Pryor said, “and I feel highly that I can get the ball out on time and get together and be a great leader. I don’t even think the receiver thing will even be in the question.”

There has been speculation that the Raiders selected Pryor in the third round of the NFL supplemental draft with an eye toward converting him to wide reciever or tight end.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson said Monday that Pryor is a quarterback prospect at this time. Pryor said he has no doubt that he will make it as a quarterback in the NFL.

“I don’t think there’s a questions of, if I’ll stay,” Pryor said. “I will stay. The big advantage I have is I can keep plays going. I can make plays, excitement, I believe I can move the ball down the field with my arm and especially with my legs if I have to.”

Jason Campbell, Trent Edwards and Kyle Boller aren’t under contract beyond this season. Therefore, it’s possible that Pryor will enter next season as the odds-on candidate to be the Raiders starting quarterback in 2012.

Footwork is the biggest area of improvement needed by Pryor for him to succeed at quarterback, he said.

“I need to make sure that my feet are right for every throw, so I can get the right power on it, because I feel like I’ve got a hell of an arm,” Pryor said. “But I’ve just got to make sure I get my legs into it, and that ball will just go where I want it. And if I just get it there and have accuracy, I’ll put it where the defender can’t get it. I feel that will be a big advantage to me.”

Pryor is slated to serve a five-game suspension as a result of his role in a slew of infractions committed by Ohio State players. He has said that he intends to honor the suspension.

However, his attorney, David Cornwell, said that Pryor will appeal the suspension. On Tuesday, Pryor said he will appeal if asked to do so by the Raiders.

“If I’m asked by the organization, if they want me to do it, I’ll do it,” Pryor said. “But the only reason I’m not doing it is there’s other great players on the field, and I don’t want to be selfish and have attention on me when it doesn’t need to be.”

Pryor said he is eager to join his new teammates.

“As soon as my agent, Drew Rosenhaus, him and the Oakland Raiders organization get that contract done, then they want to fly me out,” Pryor said. “I don’t know why we’re waiting, but that’s what was said yesterday. I’m just waiting to hear the news and as soon as I hear it, I’m going out.”


Steve Corkran

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    Your act is just about as old as Dvricks, I don’t think anyone here actually thinks it’s “cool” or “funny” and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
    ***************************************************************NEITHER WILL THE RAIDERS LOSING WAYS!!!!!!

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    alright MR.

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    Dvrick is straight wack!

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    Hagar the Horrible Says:
    August 23rd, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    You better Tell Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann as they claim there is no climate change due to man’s polution. Perry is George Bush in disguise, and Bachmann says she’ll get gas prices reduced to $2.00 a gallon if she elected president. Ya, and Donald Trump will hand everyone a one-hundred dollar bill.


    What’s terrifying is that America is more than dumb enough to elect either one of these two.

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    PGutierrezCSNPaul Gutierrez

    Was on crutches yesterday w/left leg heavily wrapped “@fjlopes24: @CorkOnTheNFL @PGutierrezCSN @VittorioTafur Any word on Mitchell?”

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    @CorkOnTheNFL They should trade 4 A. Curry in Seattle. He’s on the outs up here. They renegotiated to make him FA at years end.

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    Hagar, I’m not affiliated with any political parties even though I live in a red state. Plus this type of heat isn’t exactly out of the norm, it’s all cycles man. Give us a couple of months and we’ll be covered in ice.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Man, the Raiders need a new trainer or something.

    The whole team is on the sidelines with a baseball cap on

  • JB

    Telephone attendant: Mr. Davis, there someone named Morison on the phone. Do you want the call?

    AD: Yeah, put it through. Hello, who’s this?

    KM: It’s me coach, Captain Kirk. I wanna come home coach. Can I, can I, can I?

    AD: Who’s this again? Did you say Tatupo? No? Who?

    KM: Coach, It’s me. The leading tackler for the S&B for a number of years.

    AD: Oh, it’s you Mort. How you doing? What’s up? How they hanging?

    KM: I heard the news & thought you’d want to talk.

    AD: What news? You know something I don’t?

    KM: Yeah coach, Goethel is out for the season, tore his ACL.

    AD: Schit! I didn’t know that. You better come in and tell Herrera to get you a tryout. Maybe we can work something out. You are still unemployed, right?

    KM: Uh yeah, I’m still surprisingly available. I’ll get there right away.

    AD: You seen that Tatupo guy around?

    KM: I’ve talked to him.

    AD: Grab him and both of you come by. I still got a little cap space left but you’ll have to work with me on the bucks. there’s not a lot left. See you tomorrow.

  • LA to TheBay

    Raiders BEEN need a new trainer. Too many camp hammys last few years. This thing with Goethel sounds like it’s impossible to avoid though. Not a conditioning thing, just game/practice circumstances.

  • raiderjhawk

    Why do we have so many injury prone players on our squad? Or is it that our trainers are just flat out horrible.

  • LA to TheBay

    Orbital bone, fractured wrist, ACl, etc. = impossible to avoid.

    Slew of hammy issues and sprains = staff problem

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    We need to get these fools in some yoga or something.

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    @CorkOnTheNFL I’d rather the Raiders sign Dhanhi Jones than pickup that worthless Morrison. Most overrated OAK LB ever by fans. hes pathetic

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    Then there are guys like Chaz who just can never seem to stay healthy.

  • raiderjhawk

    LA, it’s not just that. Dmac’s been hurt every season, Goethel was hurt last year. Chaz has been hurt since he’s been here. I could go on…

  • LA to TheBay

    Dhani Jones? LOL.

    Morrison on the outside would have less responsibility that at Mike. Think he’s a better fit there anyway.

    He’s local, knows the system. Fine by me. Better than Groves and the rest of the scrubs.

    We really don’t have ONE proven LB, guys.

    F@ck O Line — we have depth there and young talent — I’m worried bout LB.

  • raiderjhawk

    I’m with you LA, I’m really worried about LB. as well.

  • LA to TheBay

    DMac seems to be a bit injury prone, Chaz for sure. We don’t know the circumstances of how Goethel got injured, so I can’t really lump him in that category yet.

    All these dudes get dinged up, some more than others regardless of the staff in place. But there sure seems to be correctable stuff. Camp injuries that are a result of poor conditioning happen far too much in Napa.

  • LA to TheBay

    We’ll get some bargain LBs I think. None could be worse than Groves. He is a major liability vs. the run. Not bad in coverage though, really. But when your MLB is still slow to develop and your SLB isn’t really a SLB, well… you got issues.

  • God help the NFL if Pryor is the next great QB!
    You think we are RUTHLESS now…. Look out when we start winning Rings again!

  • LA to TheBay

    RE: Pryor

    Worst case scenario: effective utility player

    Best case scenario: Randal Cunningham or better

    Saw a lot of Pryor at the OSU. Has some work to do, but other than Ryan, Bradford, maybe Luck next year, who doesn’t?

    Upside (a sexy and sometimes stupid term, I know) is ridiculous on this kid.

  • rob_raider

    our lb’s are bad. groves is a backup at best. wimbley isn’t really a lb. mcclain…sorry guys but he’s not that good at this point. this is a major concern. our best lb was goethel. now what? i’m usually an optimist but this unit is poor.

  • CoopeRaider

    Here’s the dealio…Pryor is a great ATHLETE at this time. Such a good athlete that he has dominated the college game with his athleticism. He didn’t need to be a top notch passer in college obviously so his training and talents were utilized as such. Now fast-forward to the NFL, as a prototypical quarterback needs much more than athleticism to be successful. It’s almost like in the NFL athleticism is the least important characteristic needed to be a successful quarterback (ie. Peyton Manning), but you coach an athletic quarterback to think like a passing quarterback and if he can make that transition they are bound for greatness. Now don’t get me wrong, I DO think that Jason Campbell is the answer for the Raiders at QB…I think his successful reign will last about as long as it takes Pryor to step up to the next level. Mark my words, there will not be a QB controversy on the Raiders this year. I think our offense will have great success and our defense will be the weak link taking any attention away from any kind of QB controversy. I’m very high on Pryor and his high ceiling, but he needs time to get his game to the next level, and Campbell’s success will put him in a position to do that. I’m not sure why a lot of you are so skeptical of JC. I think there are still some Gradkowski lovers out there, for decent reasons, but the guy doesn’t touch Campbell. Campbell is smart, athletic, throws a good ball, but is still pretty skiddish from the sociology that comes along with the number of new offensive coordinators he’s seen and his inability to be able to feel comfortable in his own skin. It’s hard to gain confidence when you have been through all the obstacles he has. Especially when you are aware of your own talents, and smart enough to realize you aren’t and haven’t been Playing up to your potential. The guy takes ownership of this, doesn’t blame it on the lack of consistency around him…I hope he realizes though, while it’s good to remain humble, he doesn’t need to look over his shoulder, he can be confident in his abilities and things will fall in place. The Raiders have done a good job of keeping things around him consistent, and giving him the support needed to be a good NFL QB….now it’s just time to step it up and let things fall into place. As long as he can stay out of his head he’ll be just fine and I think Hue has shown that he knows how to create the right team psychology to keep his players buying in and to bring out their best.

  • alzadoX

    happy we picked him for 2012 #3. Upside worth any risk. If he doesn’t work out its only 3rd round money they’re giving him.
    What he did in college wasn’t right but he didn’t kill anybody. It’s not like he made the coach lose his job just because some people blame it on him. The coach is a lot older than Terrelle

  • dvrick

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    August 23rd, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    I’m with you LA, I’m really worried about LB. as well.
    ******************************************************************Yes be afraid,be very afraid!!

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    August 23rd, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Dvrick is straight wack!
    *******************************************************************NO you and everybody else in here that thinks we got a great deal in Pryor is wacked!!If he’s such a great thing why were the Desperate RAIDERS the only team to bite?