Raiders live in-game chat here during Saints game Sunday


Join Steve Corkran before, during and after the Raiders’ preseason game against the Saints Sunday night.
Steve will begin chatting with fans at 4 p.m., an hour before kickoff at the Coliseum.


Jon Becker

  • souldogdave

    I was really hoping to keep myself informed by reading this realtime. My bad. This “chat” had the score at 17-17 ,when it was 40-20!!At first there was some play-by-play…But then that was over, guess you went to the bar.At least your equipment didn’t fail, like the last 2 times. Still, the radio is better, nfl.com is better,YOU COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER.Please keep us informed,in realtime, or save it for an article.

  • RaiderSam

    yeah, 40-20, what i expected, but they did have a nice stop on the second drive to hold them to a 17-7 lead. Given the horrid state of the secondary, we can be thankful it wasnt 34-14…..

  • al d. davis

    okay here we go…….I am an old flippin idiot, my name is AL; a sledge hammer ‘cross the head an I’m out like a cow…..I look like freddie kruger complete with open sores…….I smell so bad….wife can’t stand me no more…..Well…..I watched ole Drew pick us apart, if the truth be known we just aren’t too smart, yet there’s big headed Hue and skank Bresnahan…….both young pups nothing to be done…..So we’ll be lucky to go 2 and 12……maybe I’ll call jadumbass toad, n’ after that we’ll have purple drank ala-mode….

    okay I out……..