The Chaz Schilens debate a hot topic


Few Raiders player engender as much passionate and spirited debate as fourth-year wide receiver Chaz Schilens.
For whatever reason, fans have a strong take, one way or the other, on whether the Raiders should remain patient with Schilens or cut ties in light of his latest injury.
There doesn’t seem to be any gray area. It wasn’t always that way.
The love for Schilens was universal in 2008, when he went from a seventh-round draft pick out of San Diego State to a member of the Raiders 53-man roster.
He caught 15 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns his rookie season. Most impressive, he appeared in all 16 games. Greatness seemed on the horizon.
Then came the injuries, something that dogged him during his collegiate career, as well.
During training camp in 2009, Schilens broke a bone in his foot during a joint scrimmage against the 49ers in Napa. The injury was severe enough to require surgery.
Schilens, 6-feet-4 and 225 pounds, missed the first eight games in 2009 while rehabilitating. He started the final eight games and recorded 29 receptions for 365 yards and two touchdowns.
Fans were encouraged by his performance, especially an eight-catch, 99-yard showing against the Baltimore Ravens in the season finale at the Coliseum.
Surely, Schilens’ career would take full flight in his third season. Again, injuries surfaced.
Schilens’ foot still bothered him, so he underwent a second surgery. In training camp, he favored the foot, which put undue stress on his knee. Suddenly, both posed issues for Schilens to overcome.
He didn’t make it on to the field for a regular-season game until the 12th game. He caught five passes for 40 yards and one touchdown in five games.
Schilens reported to Napa this year at full strength and made it through the first dozen or so practices without any lingering effects from the foot and knee issues. Once again, everything seemed right with Schilens.
Then came Oakland’s first exhibition game, against the Arizona Cardinals on Aug. 11. Schilens limped off the field after an end around and hasn’t practiced or played in a game ever since.
During that time, the Raiders discovered that they have two consistent playmakers in veteran Derek Hagan and rookie Denarius Moore. Soon, coach Hue Jackson will have to decide whether it’s worth riding it out with Schilens or if it’s time to part ways.
The consensus among fans seems to be that the Raiders can’t count upon Schilens, and it’s time to move on.
It says here that the Raiders are doing the right thing in being patient with Schilens and waiting for him to get to the point where he can be a regular contributor, if not a No. 1 receiver.
There are those with the Raiders who feel as if Schilens is the team’s most-gifted and versatile wide receiver. They point to his rare combination of size, speed, strength and, yes, toughness.
They also point out that the Raiders don’t have a bonafide No. 1 wide receiver, and Schilens is their best bet as of now.
Schilens worked out with a trainer and on his own at practice Wednesday. It’s unlikely he will play Friday night, but Schilens will be a hot topic when Jackson sits down to make the final roster cuts Saturday.
The smart money says, the Raiders keep Schilens, give him all the time he needs to get healthy and then reap the dividends down the road, even if it is later rather than sooner.


Steve Corkran

  • Hwnrdr

    – “…but I just hope that what we have seen so far was just pre-season!”.

    That’s the thing, I don’t think Bresnahan has showed much yet, I think he has kept this defense playing fairly basic so far….I’m sure we’ll see the real stuff on week 1, whether or not it’s a good thing remains to be seen.

  • Later.

  • G123…

    yeah thats right, we will miss him : /

  • Plunketthead


    I pick Chaz because he has geat hands and is our best WR when healthy.
    Ford is great but Chaz is large. He makes a big target and he has great hands.

  • Just Fire Baby


    Looks like UNLV back-doored the cover didn’t they?

  • guest123

    I miss Jim Marshall already…

    :/ sniff

  • Plunketthead

    Like I say, it is amazing how close they get those spreads and over/unders

  • saladfingerz

    Trade Chuck B for Lance Briggs Please!!!

  • saladfingerz

    All things in moderation.

  • saladfingerz

    Obammy is the Jamarcus of POTUS’.

  • Silverandblack666


    Its almost like they are mathematical genuineness.

  • Thec07

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 5:59 am

    I read your posts about the NO DB’s being waaaay off the LOS, and you are 100% correct.

    I will offset that, however, by rewatching the first half last night and noticing that they NEVER had a deep safety over the top. You saw the DHB pass, 1-1 on the outside, NO safety help whatsoever.

    And you were right, again, that Soup did a great job checking down to it. Again, that TD to Hagan, the NO defender was waaaay off, and once Hagan broke the tackle, there wasn’t anyone within 20 yards of him.

    Just my two cents. I think the way NO’s played with no deep help, was a huge slap in the face to our WR’s (no matter how the DB’s were playing us) and we were able to exploit it, with a lot of crisp short passes to WR’s not named DHB.


    I have not had time to re-watch the game I could not tell if they had top help, I had assumed they did. To say that they did not have help over the top was total disrespect to our O. It appears that they may have schmed based on last years WR’s, and QB… and production…I did get a sense that the CB’s were scared… we should have put 28 on that scheme in the first half….

  • Thec07

    JFB, based on your astute comments how do you defend or scheme against this RAIDER Offense?

    Do you stack 8 to stop the run?

    Mystery run, and pass blitzes well disquised to confuse?

    I was impressed with Jason and how he handled himself.
    He showed a lot of pride and poise, looked very comfortable and confident had some exceptional reads.

    I would suspect that in a real game we wont see that type of defensive scheme.

  • NO had some deep help from the safety on a few passes defended
    1 bening the deflection INT in the end zone
    there were a couple others too

    DHB will have to earn defenses respect by catching the ball consistently

  • Dakota

    Only Al Davis can manage to find a worse DC than John Marshall.

    How does that man do it?

  • alex7


    Hagan, Ford, Moore, Dmac, Chaz, Murphy, Taiwan all are eliminated from “most improved” discussion because of injury or being new to the team.

    DHB, improved and all, is still no better than the guys on that list.

  • Dakota Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 8:13 am
    Only Al Davis can manage to find a worse DC than John Marshall.

    How does that man do it?
    It’s the scheme NOT the DC

  • elboocho

    Isn’t this article about Chaz and not DHB? why all the hate for a 3rd. yr. WR?? I guess most of you in here do not understand it takes players coming out of college at least 3 yrs. to get the position. Now if he does not produce this year than maybe all the negative talk will have validity!!

  • raiderzmaverick

    Not all WRs take “at least 3 years” to get the position.

    Heck, I seem to remember all the other 1st round picks coming out in the same draft as DHB having more production in their first year than DHB has in 2 years combined. That’s why the hating. Because it’s felt that the other picks would’ve been much smarter.

    Now that we have him, here’s to his improvements in the future!

  • dvrick

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Hey guys,Kevin Flynn is another MR!!!!!

  • dvrick

    # ohioraider Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 11:26 am

    13.Yamacan Man Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 8:14 am
    If Hue wants to build a bully, it will begin with him getting fired! Al makes the decisions because he knows Hue can’t coach as to the starters, and taking any directives from the owners box,Al tells his boy what to do!CABLE stood up to Al that’s why we won!. He has to roll his sleeves up and pimp hand the D co-ordinator and let him know how Al wants his schemes to proceed. It is that simple.
    What I wouldn’t give to see Jackson get a call from Davis up in the box, and then see Hue shown out of the stadium FIRED!!. Camera zooms in on the old man:Laughing.

  • dvrick

    # guest123 Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 6:56 am

    Here’s why Chuck B is going to succeed:

    We are going to continue to have a couple of good plays and then 3rd and long, Bam! big gainer, 20+ yards. Just like that, other team’s in scoring position. Then stop, nother stop…then Bam! TD other team.

    this is a preview of Chuck B’s defense.