Do the Raiders go after veteran QB Garrard?

Raiders coach Hue Jackson said upon waiving veteran Trent Edwards on Saturday that he is content with Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller as the only quarterbacks on his 53-man roster.
That was before the Jacksonville Jaguars released veteran quarterback David Garrard on Tuesday, less than a week before the regular-season opener.
Jackson says he checks into every free agent, especially those that might be able to help the Raiders. Few would argue against Garrard being able to help the Raiders.
Garrard, 33, could give the Raiders the third quarterback they are without, push Boller for the backup spot and help mentor rookie quarterback Terrelle Pryor along the way.
Some might make the case of starting Garrard ahead of Campbell, who turns 30 in December. We’re not going that route, for the Raiders are too close to the season to make a change, and Campbell is far more versed in this offense, naturally,
In fact, Garrard had a better season than Campbell last season and has better career stats than Campbell, as well. That’s irrelevant in this discussion, though.
What matters is, Jackson said he is interested in making any move that makes the Raiders better and gives them a chance to win more games. Signing Garrard meets those criteria.
The Raiders already have made two roster moves since they first cut down to 53 players on Saturday. Garrard should be their next move.
Best case, Campbell plays well the entire season, and Garrard sits on the bench collecting a check for $1 million or so. Insurance policies aren’t cheap, you know.
Under that scenario, Jackson has the peace of mind knowing he has another experienced quarterback to call upon if necessary. Remember, Jackson bailed on Campbell midway through Oakland’s second game last season.
At that time, he had Bruce Gradkowski to turn to. Right now, he has only Boller. Come Week 6, he also would have Pryor. It says here, Jackson would feel a lot better seeing Garrard on the sideline in a Raiders uniform, as well.


Steve Corkran