Pre-practice notes, quotes and anecdotes


The Raiders are wrapping up meetings right now in Alameda, about one hour before they hit the field for the first of three straight night practices.
Coach Hue Jackson is bringing in portable lights so that the Raiders can practice at night in an attempt to simulate the feel and conditions of what lies ahead Monday night against the Denver Broncos in the regular-season opener.
In the interim, let’s hit on a few topics before the news of the night unfolds.

*Earlier today, I fielded a question from a reader on the live chat who claimed the Raiders had traded for Chicago Bears outside linebacker Lance Briggs, and that the NFL Network was airing the details.
Naturally, once the live chat ended, I checked into the Briggs situation. As it turned out, that was just some prankster yaning everyone’s chain.
Briggs still wants out of Chicago. Reports from the Windy City say that the Bears aren’t about to trade Briggs or give him the restructured contract he wants. We’ll monitor the situation on a daily basis, even mindful that Raiders managing general partner Al Davis traded for defensive tackle Richard Seymour eight days before the 2009 opener.

*Jackson said he doesn’t put too much stock in the Raiders’ sweep of the Broncos last season, including a 59-14 shellacking in Denver.
Broncos first-year coach said he has studied the tape from both games.
“Definitely look at them,” Fox said in a conference call Wednesday. “I don’t think we ever got over 240 yards of offense and I don’t think we held them to less than 500 in either one of the two games, but you definitely look at those just to see the match-ups and that’s part of the preparation.”
Fox added that the way the Raiders manhandled the Broncos at home last season is something his players and fans can use as added motivation Monday night.
“Obviously, not being here myself, and a large part of the staff not being here, the people that were out there for that, it would fair that that would be a rallying point,” Fox said.
Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton is another one who sees some value in watching the tape of last year’s games against the Raiders, regardless of how painful it might be.
“We certainly watch it,” Orton said in a conference call. “We know what happened. We’re not sitting here crying over spilled milk. What happened, happened. You can always learn something and certainly we’re excited to get them back here at Mile High and see what they’ve got.”

*Fox coached for the Raiders in the mid-90s before he bolted for the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers. He said he still has a ton of respect for Raiders managing general partner Al Davis and that eight straight seasons of not making the playoffs hasn’t tarnished Davis’ legacy.
“That’s a tough question,” Fox said. “I don’t believe so. When you’re in the Hall of Fame, the organization over time has been a winning organization. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe so. They had a better record than we did last year.”

*Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly is the longest-tenured position player on the Raiders now that linebacker Sam Williams is gone.
Kelly arrived in 2004, four seasons after the Raiders selected kicker Sebastian Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler in the 2000 NFL draft.
“You go about 1, 2, 3 good years playing with a person, you think you’re going to play with them forever,” Kelly said, “and the next minute, they’re gone. So, you just got to roll with the punches. Me, man, I just appreciate it because I came in to this thing undrafted. To be still playing and starting and contributing, that’s what makes me feel good.”

*The fact running back Darren McFadden missed all four of Oakland’s exhibition games isn’t that big of a deal to McFadden, he said.
In fact, he views the Broncos game as if it’s the season-opener of the college season.
“It will just feel like college days,” McFadden said. “You didn’t get any preseason games in college days. I just feel like when you go out there, either you’re going to be able to do it or you’re not going to be able to do it.”
McFadden said he is confident that he will hit the ground running, so to speak, and pick up where he left off last season, when he rushed for a career-high 1,157 yards.
“I just want to carry over what I did last year, go out there and run the ball and put my team in the best position I can to win the game,” McFadden said.

*At this time last year, wide receiver Jacoby Ford was fresh from his first NFL training camp and eagerly awaiting his first regular-season game.
This year, he took great delight in watching rookie receiver Denarius Moore, who was selected in the fifth round and quickly developed into one of the Raiders top playmakers.
“It was great,” Ford said. “That was a dude out there just making plays day after day. Every time you saw him, he was out there making another tremendous catch. He was just doing everything right. It’s encouraging to see because he’s doing it so quick. I was definitely proud of him and still am.”

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Steve Corkran

  • PatchedUp

    Raider Up!

  • Silverandblack666


  • Kirk

    I can’t wait to get this season underway.

  • Wow, they cut Sam Williams, eh?

  • crister

    Too bad Denver had to go and do something smart and fire Josh McHoodster. Talk about another Lance. It would have been fun going up against him this year and in the future.

  • Does anyone else here think that Al Davis may be a Vampire?

  • irishraiderfan

    Just ordered white custom authentic jersey. Name on back: AL DAVIS, Number: 1. What you guys think?

  • Kirk

    Al is not a vampire.

    He’s a zombie.

  • silver-on-black

    Let’s get ready for them Denver donkeys!

  • Kirk Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:30 pm
    Al is not a vampire.

    He’s a zombie.
    No, you are wrong. I have an inside source who says that Davis feeds off of Herrera’s blood to keep him alive.

  • silver-on-black

    Briggs wants a big contract and we already gave one to wimbley so that ain’t gonna happen.

  • huronraider

    I say we repeat last years performance against the donkeys. McFadden and Jones each with a long TD run. Jacoby Ford and Moore both score as well and Raiders win by

  • silver-on-black

    Our man-man coverage defence works only good when you have a high scoring offence, and that’s what we gonna get this season. Al Davis building another team for the decades.

  • huronraider


  • I don’t know, looks like Al Davis is feeding a lot of Bloodsuckers to me:


  • Just Fire Baby

    Twocents Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:10 pm
    I think we can all agree that Denver is the weakest team we will face all season.


    I don’t agree with that at all.

    I believe KC will prove to be a much easier foe.

    Minnesota and Miami will have a worse record than Denver too, IMO.

  • KK the clown, did you just wake up from a 3 day nap ?
    Not exactly Mr Current events are you?

    KoolKell Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Wow, they cut Sam Williams, eh?

  • lol @ the Jags starting Luke McClown, and you whiny lil sh!ts complaining about JC.


  • Silverandblack666

    The Jags are also 35 Million under the cap

  • They will need that 35mil to sign the #1 pick next years draft.

  • severeraiderz Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:19 pm


    I dont even have to rebut you because you lost all credibility when you said Robert Gallery, a player that has never sniffed a pro bowl and is oft injured, is a top 5 run blocker. Also teams that complete passes score faster, its fact. The average pass, I believe I read, was completed for 8 or 9 yards while the average run goes for less than 4. That’s more double the production. If a team is completing passes they are likely to move down the field faster because even a 60% passer is going to average more yards per play than a runner rattling off 4 ypc. Furthermore Khalif Barnes was a pretty good player in Jax, and a really good run blocker. John Clayton even wrote an article about how much of a coup it was when we got him.


    Barnes WAS NOT A COUP, if you think so you shouldnt talk about credibility.. He WAS NOT GOOD in JAX, no fans, no players regretted losing him..

    If you dont think Gallery is a top run blocker, not much I can do about, fact is he is. He struggles in pass-protection, but that wasnt the debate..

    I didnt say passes wasnt faster than runs, I said you were wrong to think the D went off the field because the opposition would just strike deep.. I said the would play 8yds passes and let the time pass..

    I said the D would often be on field for 12 snaps, thats 8 minutes that being scoreless, 3 or 7 points, towards our O for many 3’n’out series thats 2 minutes.. that will not make a top5 offense.. if you then add our D will tire, then the clock will be much more of an enemy..

    lastly I will say, Barnes should have been the first player cut, he should have been cut after the first season in oakland. Barnes kill drives, he is ridden with false starts..

  • raiderfankirk Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    LMN lost credibility when he posted a fantasy roster with four top 15 players. Especially an auto draft. Three people in the league or what?

    well I cant prove it to ya, its an 10 man league!

  • MistaBrown Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    lol @ the Jags starting Luke McClown

    If it worth anything, Gruden LOVES Luke McCown!

  • RaiderWader

    Can we please get someone better than Jeanette Thompson as the official website corespondent? She is quite possibly the worst interviewer in the history of sports.

  • willflo818

    DHB shouldn’t even be in the top 4 rotation of our recievers…ugh, but we have to bear watching this bum because of his contract and the fact that Al Davis gets head from him(Dr.Dre line “Gap teeth in your mouth so my D***’s Gotta fit). The Nation wants Moore and Hagan! Shoot, even a hobbled Schilens over DHB!

  • RaiderRetribution

    Cowboys OT T. Smith -injured
    Dolphins C/G Pouncey- starter
    Patriots OT Solder- back up LT/RT
    Colts OT Costanzo- starter LT

    Eagles OG Watkins – Benched 2nd string
    Seahawks RT Carpenter- starter
    Bears RT Carimi- starter
    Packers OL- Sherrod – backup

    2nd round
    Broncos Franklin OT- starter

    5 starters 4 at tackle 1 at center
    1 injured out a month
    3 back ups

    all of these were taken before the Raiders drafted Mr. Wisniewski with the 48th pick who is a starter.

  • RaiderWader Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Can we please get someone better than Jeanette Thompson as the official website corespondent? She is quite possibly the worst interviewer in the history of sports.
    That’s the way the Raiders like it. Did you check into the Tommy Kelly chat last week? Hello?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders should sign the Saints (Practice Squad) DT S. Miller. He was a beast against for a couple of plays.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Here are some details on some recent contracts, according to sources with knowledge of the situations:

    Andre Gurode, OL, Ravens: One-year, $1.5 million deal.
    Brian Waters, OL, Patriots: Two-year deal with $1.5 million per year in base salary and up to a maximum of $5.5 million in total compensation over two years if all incentives are hit.

    above from NFL.com

    Raiders could have had these two all-pro/pro-bowl proven OLinemen for a frog in a bucket.


  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    504 Raider Raiders 31Donkeys 10
    707raiders Raiiideerrrss 21 Broncos. 13
    909RaiderLifer RAIDERS 17——-DONKEYS 13……….
    Al Davis Apolegetic Oakland 45 Denver 17
    big oak boy raiders win monday 28-7
    BigTed Raiders 30-24
    Carl Weathers Raiders 34 – douche bags 17
    CarolinaRaider -> RAIDERS 42-24
    Chris in NY->Raiders 35, Donkeys 10
    Dakota Raiders 42 Broncos 30
    daraider09 Raiders 38 Denver 23
    DeuceDeuce Raiders – 34 Broncos – 31
    Don Manouk-> Raiders 42-10
    elraidmanhattan Raiders 35-20
    EMRaiders OAK 23 DEN 21
    exlaraiderseasonticketholder Raiders 31-27
    fingers Raiders 38…. Donks 17….
    ghostraiders Raiders 23 Donks 20 FINAL O.T
    HairyBush Raiders 27-24
    J Hill Raiders 24-13
    JLofty -> Raiders 35 Donkeys 31
    Just Fire Baby Says: Raiders 30 Denver 26
    hendu RAIDERS27-jACKARSES 13
    Lowdown_in_Beijing Raiders 26- Denver 13
    LTR Raiders 23 – Broncos 17
    M Lonetree Says: Raiders 26-14
    Method To My Madness Raiders16-13
    mikedlopes Raiders: 38 Broncos: 21
    oldschoolraider Raiders-24 Broncos-10
    PatchedUp Raiders 42 Donks 10
    PlunkforHOF My beloved Raiders:31Horse-facedCrybabys 20
    R8derdiehard Oakland 20-10
    R8dercain -> Raiders 35 broncos 14
    r8eray Raiders 24 Donks 17
    Raider J RAIDERS 23 – 13 den
    Raiderinparadise 27 to 24 OAKLAND (thank you seabass)
    Raiderjambo RAIDERS 31 broncs 14
    raiderjhawk 33-16 Raiders
    RaiderLen Raiders: 32 Donks: 17
    RaiderRetributionRaiders 35 – Denver 10
    RaiderRockstar Raiders 38 Donks 24
    RedneckRaider Raiders 29 Donks 17
    Rekleiner RAIDERS: 30 BRONC-A-HOES: 24
    Ryan Raiders 38 Donkeys 10
    SharkCatcher raiders 17-13
    Silverandblack666 Raiders 31 Bronco’s 17
    SilverAndBlackBleeder Oak37 Den21/McFadden/Bush 280 APY
    SR Raider Raiders 27-21 den
    The Big Banana –> Raiders 24-13
    Try Some Reality Raiders 27-24
    wasbanned Raiders roll 31-10
    JT-> Denver 24 Raiders 20
    Sullivan44 Denver 24 Oakland 17

  • Raider68

    This talk about signing defensive players is stupid. We had a decent defense last year. The best we’ve had in years. Chuck Bresnahan is terrible. Get ready for vanilla no pressure defense. Gotta love Al and his love of anarchy.

  • Pork

    Can we please get someone better than Jeanette Thompson as the official website corespondent? She is quite possibly the worst interviewer in the history of sports.

    Jeanette Thompson is a babe, and if you got a problem with her, don’t listen to her.

    No ones twisting your arm.

    Her babeness is all I care about.

  • Pork

    This talk about signing defensive players is stupid. We had a decent defense last year. The best we’ve had in years. Chuck Bresnahan is terrible. Get ready for vanilla no pressure defense. Gotta love Al and his love of anarchy.


    I for one think Davis should have offered an explanation why he did that.

    Now if he did, I missed it. My bad.

    But can someone at least give me a hint why Marshall is gone.

    Tj, I’d like your take. I have banged my head against the wall trying to figure that one out.

  • JB

    CBresnahan is DC by default. I’m sure AD was trying for someone else and it didn’t come to pass. I wish he had named almost anyone on staff other than CB. CB is our defensive Achilles heel this year. Hopefully Semour & company will just ignore him or educate him – whichever works best. It will be interesting to see how HuJack will deal with BC if he stats screwing up badly.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Pork Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 7:45 pm
    Can we please get someone better than Jeanette Thompson as the official website corespondent? She is quite possibly the worst interviewer in the history of sports.
    Jeanette Thompson is a babe, and if you got a problem with her, don’t listen to her.

    No ones twisting your arm.

    Her babeness is all I care about.

    She is pretty hot! Just turn down the volume and rub one out.

  • RaiderFanFromJersey

    Raiders 23, Donkeys 16

  • Slime Head and the Nasty Funk

    Raiders is gonna be all right.

    Hue Jax and the pre season gang wuz nothin but a smoke screen to how they is now.

    Hue and Al are smarter than that. Only team in the NFL that don’t tip they hand.

    Oakland gonna lay a serious ass whoooopin on the broncos.

    DHB may start, but he won’t last. Hue gonna have the balls to sit him, yes he will. Hue knows.

    Big Daddy Al gonna turn all them haters out there into big fans, say it again, big fans.

    Al knows.

    You can put me down for:
    Oakland 45
    denver 0

    Hue is gonna unleash that bully, bank it. The bully will be on MNF baby, yes it will.

    Big Daddy Al done been around the block a few times, and he passin all that knowledge onto Hue.

    Raider D gonna be good in spite of Chucky B. They goona play like they got flames comin outta theys ass. Yes they is. You wait and see.

    I’m leavin in the mornin for that nasty mile high city, and it be silver and black all the way. I hear people put down Oakland, and all I think they never been to denver. Nasty smelly dirty place, thats why the Raiders go into their house and lay the wood on them. Cuz they are. denver is so rank they want to git whooped. they need it. they like it.

    Raiders gonna have the broncos bendin ova and they gonna stick it to them. denver wants to get stuck. they achin for it. broncos like takin it up the keester, they enjoy it.

    Its denver or bust baby, I’m on my way. I follow the Raiders a lot when I can and this season I can. I watched that game very close in that rabid seattle town. Hue was just keepin his hand close to his chest.

    Hue gonna unleash a fkng bully. if u a denver fan, it gonna be a ugly beatin. if u a Raider fan, it gonna be a beautiful thing. I am gonna be thrilled to see the Raiders beat the pants off denver in they own house. and those smelly bronco fans gonna hear it from me. Five years ago I had a sign but denver event staff took it from me. it said ‘denver go home, your trash is in the oven’

    I do not like the broncos, but think worse of the chargers. they down rite garbage. kc is rank but they gonna be weak.

    when I get back i’ll report on my trip. BTW, new poster here, love most u’all, some of u’all are not Raider fans.

  • RaiderWader

    Jeanette Thompson is a babe, and if you got a problem with her, don’t listen to her.

    No ones twisting your arm.

    Her babeness is all I care about.


    There are millions of woman to look at on the internet that make Jeanette Thompson look like a rabid dog. I’m watching because I want to hear good interviews with my favorite team. Her questions are terrible.

  • wolferaider

    I am a new poster too and I agree with slime head, some of you are not real Raider Fans. I have been reading your posts for a long time and it seems like a lot of you come on here jut to see if you can p!ss someone else off then you rip on Mr. Davis and complain how bad the Raiders are before we even play a game! Come on guys Have Faith! My devotion to the Raiders shall never waiver! I support Al’s decisions or at least hold on to the belief that he is doing the right thing. This year feels different than those 7 years that shall be wiped from my memory. 8-8 last season was the foundation to rebuild the Raider Dynasty, it is coming and the league shaking in terror. One Nation Raider Nation

  • wolferaider

    oh yeah
    raiders 34
    Mules 17

  • The Oracle


    Put me down for a Raiders 23- Mules 17 score…

  • The Oracle

    The bully will be built over two years, not in an offseason. Keep the expectations in check.

  • BadMoodGuy

    BAN THE TROLLS!!! or at least open up a can of whoopass on them.