Stevie Johnson vs. Chaz Schilens


Wide receivers were a popular commodity in the 2008 NFL draft, with 35 selected during the seven-round process.
Long after such notables as DeSean Jackson, Jordy Nelson and Eddie Royal were selected, the Buffalo Bills drafted Stevie Johnson in the seventh round with the 224th pick and the Raiders took Chaz Schilens two picks later.
As further evidence of what a crap-shoot the draft is, the Raiders selected Arman Shields in the fourth round in the same draft.
Johnson was the 31st receiver snatched up, Schilens the 32nd. Schilens caught 15 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns his rookie season, and he appeared headed for a productive NFL career.
Johnson snared 10 passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns for the Bills in 2008. He added only two for 10 yards the following season.
Then came 2010, when Johnson had the breakout season Raiders fans hoped to see from Schilens at some point.
Johnson caught 82 passes for 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. Schilens caught five passes for 40 yards and one touchdown.
Bills coach Chan Gailey said Johnson has developed into a much better player than he thought he would when he scouted him at Kentucky.
“I had evaluated him when he came out, when I was in Kansas City,” Gailey said. “I thought he was a good player but I didn’t know he was this good, to be honest with you. A lot of people didn’t, or he wouldn’t have gotten drafted in the seventh round.
“He’s been a great surprise and I’m happy for him. He’s a good young man. He’s come a long way and we have a great deal of confidence in him right now.”
Naturally, injuries have been the biggest obstacle for Schilens since he joined the Raiders. He is healthy once again and hopeful of the kind of season Johnson had last year.
In Oakland’s first game, Schilens didn’t have any passes thrown his way. Johnson caught four for 66 yards and a touchdown in Buffalo’s 41-7 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.
Overall, Johnson’s career stats dwarf those of Schilens. He has twice as many receptions (98-49), almost twice the yardage
(1,251-631) and more than twice the touchdowns (13-5).
“It was just opportunity, that’s it,” Johnson said. “Nothing clicked, it was just Gailey giving me an opportunity, and my receivers coaches putting me in the right spot and making sure I’m on game for each week,” Johnson said.

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Steve Corkran

  • Raiderbuck

    BSPN have Boss and DHB out today

  • Just Fire Baby

    So no Ford, DHB or Lou Murphy??

    That seems like an issue to me.

    Nick Miller, Chaz Schillens, Derek Hagan and Dennarius Moore as your WR’s??

    That is EASILY the most unproven set of WR’s to play today.

  • DHB inactive?

    J-Camp gonna’ have a big day?

  • Plunketthead

    DHB and Seymour, The heart of our team. We better run and run some more. Then when everyone gets tired plug in the typhoon from Tiawan

  • Good thing Reece is healthy, he has the best hands on the team.

  • Just Fire Baby


    I’m not going to tell you anything about your view on your “people”, but I am a somewhat conservative white guy, who loves Floyd outside of the ring.

    He represents Vegas to a T.

  • armond

    387.Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    September 18th, 2011 at 8:12 am
    I love Floyd as a fighter, I think he is hands down the best of this generation. He is an embarrassment for black people outside of the ring. He will have major problems when his time is up, there will be nothing left to feed his ego. Life would be better if we never had to see any behind the scene footage or had to hear him speak. He is exactly what mainstream media & the powers that be want all black men to be like, a compoets ignorant fool, that will do anything for money & nothing to uplift his people. He is the modern Negro in the same class as basketball wives, & cat Williams.

    Bless up the youth, # wegotproblems.com

    ——————————————————-sorry vegas but mistic is right. he is an embarrassment to black folks and he rides with that damn fool fiddy cent. donating money is donating money. dont hate on him for it but thats all it is. the media loves that ghetto azz style of his just like some of these punk sellout hollywood negroes step n fetchin for a chicken george type of role. however he did knock dude the fugg out fair and square. ortiz clearly launched himself when he head butted him. that was dirty as hell. i knew floyd wouldnt take that lightly and im gald he didnt. one cheap shot deserves another. unless its the raiders givng them first. and what the hell was up with larry merchant saying he wish he was fifty years younger so he could kick his azz? yeah right dude!

  • YoungAmerican

    Looking forward to seeing what Hagan and Moore can do. Hopefully Chaz and Miller step up, too. They can all earn more playing time with solid performances today.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Larry Merchant is drunk on the regular.

    Him and Floyd get into it after nearly every fight.

  • Plunketthead

    Good point about turnovers. We were so crappy it did not matter. However as we become a playoff team we have to win the turnover battle.

  • Silverandblack666

    Just Fire Baby

    Mystic1 is stuck in the 1950’s his opinions are tainted and he makes every subject about race.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I wonder if Justin Rodgers will return kicks for Buffalo.

    I had Rogers in my mock draft this offseason, and I think he has some big play abilities in the return game.

  • Just Fire Baby

    LOL……well I guess that would be a no on Rogers.


  • Silverandblack666

    Week two early inactives

    Raiders – WR Louis Murphy, WR Jacoby Ford,

  • JB

    Just read that Boss & DHB inactive. That’s bad news! Boss is really needed. Meyers # TE is marginal at best. Better have an outstanding successful running game today. Need BIG D effort today too!

    GO RAIDERS !!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Wonder is Ausberry will be active and get some run.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Moore gets the start..

  • JB

    Is it a CODE Black or a Code White day today? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • My picks, Week 2


    Upset of the Week: Sweet Caroline @ Home over the Pack

  • JB

    I wonder what Boss’s problem was? All reports said he was good to go. Hope he did regress and re-injure that knee. He’s simply too important not to be playing. They better get Ausberry up to snuff so that he can backfill Boss. Meyers just isn’t getting it done.

  • rising raiders

    the bills have a history of accelerating in the
    second half. this and our short week could make you

    but i think we don’t underestimate the bills, but they may focus too much on the strenghts we showed in wk 1 (dline, running game – esp. with their history of bad run d). that opens a window for our under the radar receiver corps.

    raiders 34 bills 24

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Silver & crack stop sucking me. I think its is interesting that when ever I post you & jfb feel you have to comment. By the way cave man the fact that a comment about my people to my people bothers you, shows that it is you consumed by race.


  • Defense gave up arse