Stevie Johnson vs. Chaz Schilens


Wide receivers were a popular commodity in the 2008 NFL draft, with 35 selected during the seven-round process.
Long after such notables as DeSean Jackson, Jordy Nelson and Eddie Royal were selected, the Buffalo Bills drafted Stevie Johnson in the seventh round with the 224th pick and the Raiders took Chaz Schilens two picks later.
As further evidence of what a crap-shoot the draft is, the Raiders selected Arman Shields in the fourth round in the same draft.
Johnson was the 31st receiver snatched up, Schilens the 32nd. Schilens caught 15 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns his rookie season, and he appeared headed for a productive NFL career.
Johnson snared 10 passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns for the Bills in 2008. He added only two for 10 yards the following season.
Then came 2010, when Johnson had the breakout season Raiders fans hoped to see from Schilens at some point.
Johnson caught 82 passes for 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. Schilens caught five passes for 40 yards and one touchdown.
Bills coach Chan Gailey said Johnson has developed into a much better player than he thought he would when he scouted him at Kentucky.
“I had evaluated him when he came out, when I was in Kansas City,” Gailey said. “I thought he was a good player but I didn’t know he was this good, to be honest with you. A lot of people didn’t, or he wouldn’t have gotten drafted in the seventh round.
“He’s been a great surprise and I’m happy for him. He’s a good young man. He’s come a long way and we have a great deal of confidence in him right now.”
Naturally, injuries have been the biggest obstacle for Schilens since he joined the Raiders. He is healthy once again and hopeful of the kind of season Johnson had last year.
In Oakland’s first game, Schilens didn’t have any passes thrown his way. Johnson caught four for 66 yards and a touchdown in Buffalo’s 41-7 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.
Overall, Johnson’s career stats dwarf those of Schilens. He has twice as many receptions (98-49), almost twice the yardage
(1,251-631) and more than twice the touchdowns (13-5).
“It was just opportunity, that’s it,” Johnson said. “Nothing clicked, it was just Gailey giving me an opportunity, and my receivers coaches putting me in the right spot and making sure I’m on game for each week,” Johnson said.

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Steve Corkran

  • Orthodoxdj Says:
    September 17th, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    What’s a Drexl? Apparently a Drexl is a person who doesn’t know talent.

    MR how many freaking handles can you think up? this last one is ridiculous. lol
    Rub yourself thinking of your boy Hagan as you shower tonight.

  • 292.lefty12 Says:
    September 17th, 2011 at 9:40 pm
    284-As papa Mora said-you think you know but you really don’t.As Jack Nickolson said-the truth,you want the truth-you can’t handle the truth.Hagan isn’t even close to being the best WR on the team.But keep living in your fantasy world and believing whatever you want.

    ————–your saying hagan aint the best wr on the team. Moore? Ford?

  • no dumbass, Hue says Hagan aint the best WR on the team.

  • Master Beeecham

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  • Orthodoxdj

    You wish I were MR. Can we talk football please? Holy cow! Idiots.

    I will bet dollars to donuts that Hagan will go on to put up better numbers than DHB over the next few years if given significant paying time, whether with Oakland or another team.

  • al d. davis

    ma name is stanky AL, I’ll crap in ya face, I’m playing DHB, and I squirt ya with mace…..

    don’t talk about hagan, he just a big jackass, he caught so many balls, we should just call him “pass”

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  • al d. davis

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  • CoopeRaider

    Quote of the day:

    “It caught everybody’s attention around the league, any time you can go on the road and have a victory like that,” Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly said. “What they did was a nice, impressive victory, but they’ve got to deal with us now. And we ain’t the Chiefs.”

  • CoopeRaider

    What did I walk in on…the West Coast 8 mile! Lol

  • CoopeRaider

    Geeeez…all this Hagan talk still. I’m sure you so called visionaries can go online and bet football futures on his stats and try putting your money where your mouth is. I guarantee his best season in Oakland won’t eclipse his best year in NY. I like the guy….really like him, but wouldn’t put him in front of any of the receivers Hue kept active on gameday.

  • CoopeRaider

    Is anyone talking football still on?

  • Orthodoxdj

    Masturbator Beecham,

    GET A LIFE AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE A FAN OF MY TEAM. You don’t talk football. You talk about a fantasy life that no one believes is real. Maybe it started out as a joke, but now it’s old. That’s also an apt description of your life.

    Go on, post more homo-erotic fantasies about living in the Bay and making out with Rich Gannon and getting to be Al’s lap dog. Be offended when someone makes an argument yoy have no answer for.

    Have fun sleeping in your beautiul, luxurious home tonight (aka your mom’s basement).

    Every non-football related post you make shows more and more how much you don’t like the team. It’s just a sad cry for help.

  • CoopeRaider

    Raiders football I mean. Like, actually support a coach going 1 and 0 and the decisions that brought home a conference win away from home.

  • Orthodoxdj

    I think Oakland loses tmrw. It’s hard enough to travel to the east coast and play a morning game and find a way to win. Now factor in the fact Campbell isn’t very good and that Al starts DHB. If we win, it won’t be by a lot, and we’ll have the running game to thank.

  • al d. davis

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  • CoopeRaider

    Anyone want to talk about how unbelievable our defense looked and how cool our scheme of rotating in players and blitzing all day is just what the Dr. ordered. Maybe I should go to bed. It’s 1:42 in Mizzouri.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Week #1 ghostraiders 1 everyone else 0
    504 Raider Raiders 37 Buffalo 13
    707raiders Raiiideerrrss 31. Bills 24
    8RaiderReign8 Raiders – 33 Bills- 24
    860Todd Christensen Raiders win 31/13
    901Raiders Raiders 24 Bills 6
    909RaiderLifer RAIDERS-27 BUFFALO CHIPS-20
    antispy3 Raiders 27, Bills 19.
    beach Oakland 20, Buffalo 17.
    BigTed707 Raiders 27 – 13
    Bo Schembechler Jackson Raiders 51 Bills 3
    CanuckRaider Raiders 24 – Bills 13
    Carl Weathers Raiders 51-3 Bills
    CarolinaRaider – Raiders 37 Bills 34
    CDERaider Raiders 27 Bills 20
    Chris in NY Raiders 30, Bills 17.
    CJ Legend 34 Raiders – 30 Bills- 17
    Dakota Raiders 35 Buffalo 24
    Daven Raiders – 24 Bills – 17
    DeuceDeuce Raiders – 27 Bills – 24
    dmac2008. Oakland 35 Bills 14
    Don Manoukian Raiders 28-14
    downsouthraider Raiders 24 Bills 14
    EM OAK 24 BUF 17
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    guest123 Raiders 24, Bills 13
    Hagar the Horrible Raiders 27 – buffalo 17
    HairyBush Raiders 16 Bills 10 MARK IT DOWN!
    hendu Raiders 17-Buff 13
    HueJackinBullies Oak30-Buf20
    HueKnows 31-17 RAIDERS!!!
    itzSteve Raiders 19 Bill 16
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    JB Raiders 35 Bills 10
    John Tweedy Raiders 20. Bills 10
    Just Fire Baby Raiders 23 Buffalo 20
    kidseven Raider 17, Bills 14
    LTR Raiders 34 – Bills 23
    M Lonetree Oaktown 27 – Niagara suburb 21
    Macho Man Randy Savage Raiders 17 Bills 13….
    Method To My Madness Raiders 38 Bills 28
    MiamiRaider78 Oakland 28-17.
    Mikedlopes 38 – 10 Raiders
    MistaBrown Raiders 31 Bills 13
    morilla Raiders 28 – Bills 20
    Mum-O-killowe Oakland 24 Buffalo 20
    No Mas Diamante Raiders 38 Bills 13
    O Oakland 27 Bills 10
    oldschoolraider Raiders 28 Bills 14
    PlunkforHOF Raiders-31 Buffalo Gals- 17
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    redshirt Raiders 16 – Bills 14.
    Rekleiner RAIDERS:30 BILLS:23
    Ryan Raiders 31Bills 17
    Sack o Large and Plenty Oakland 34 Buffalo 13
    saladfingerz Raids – 27 Billzzz – 13
    Silverandblack666 Raiders 33 The Bills 13
    SilverNBlackPA Oakland 44 – Buffalo 13
    SR Raider Raiders 30, Bills 27
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    texguy Raiders 34 Bills 27
    The Big Banana Raiders 27 Bills 23
    Thec07 Raiders 34-13
    The Realist Dirty Raccoon Raiders 31, Billy Goats 9
    Yamacan Man Oakland 28 Bills 27
    Sullivan44 Bills 28, Raiders 17

  • CoopeRaider

    I actually liked your flow once I read them Al. D, but I bring ya to yo knees, nigga please, been rollin on these gold d’s, since 83, fo sheez. Yo know you Al D. Davis, Hue betta save us from, not makin em, tha playoffs son, 8 and 8, ain’t, just win baby, cable hit a lady, she’s lined in chalk, now he’s slappin Seahawks.

  • CoopeRaider

    Geez I must be delirious. How do you get in on that pool don?

  • CoopeRaider

    Bills 9 Raiders 23

  • Sullivan44

    So, the die hard, most loyal of fans here basically spent the day bashing a Raiders’ player who’s done nothing wrong. Some fans.

    Buffalo 28, Oakland 17.

  • 9 hours 7 mins until kick off,


  • ghostraiders

    8hrs and 25 min.

    Lets go Raiders! !!!

  • raideredoutL.A.


  • 27-17 Raiders.

  • raideredoutL.A.


  • Happy with a beer.

  • …………or at this time in the morning – a cup of coffee.

  • rob_raider

    Master Beeecham Says:
    September 17th, 2011 at 10:22 pm
    Dang, just got wizzle on a 4 ft. blunt. One of the strippers rolled it while she was giving me a relaxing bj in the hot tub.

    Classic multi-task personality, huh goobers.

    Pumping up the Huey Lewis & The News for a night of helping the blog dweebs out of their misery.

    The bag of Cheetos is open


    this guy might be the biggest tool ever. she rolled a joint while giving a bj in the hottub? LOL! how the f*ck would that even happen? clearly this guy has never been w/ a woman. oh yeah, i posted this before and he embarrassed to come back for awhile so i’ll do it again.

    this is his actual website:

    is that a wild party? hahhahahaha.

    and these are the reviews on yelp:

    Dominique D.
    Woodland Hills, CA
    I am being completely honest and unbiased as I write this review while sitting on the Reggae boat cruise… My group paid $45/each and were told that BBQ was included. Well it is NOT. In addition the only food on the “Reggae cruise”are Domino pizza slices and BBQ wings: for $5 each. The boat is the cheapest piece of crap I have ever been on and had we not paid for our tickets in advance, I would have never boarded. 2nd, and most importantly the boat did not leave until around 6:30, even though we were scheduled to leave at 6pm, which means right now I am being held HOSTAGE until 9:30pm! To make a horrible experience even worse we are riding around in a 1/4 mile circle!! The boat is literally a rip-off! Party people BEWARE!

    Sree R.
    Long Beach, CA
    I went on the July 4th cruise, and unfortunately, I didn’t think it was worth the money ($55 per person). First, the boarding gates opened about 15 minutes late, then the ship left the dock almost an hour later than scheduled. The reggae band was average (they did some Celine Dion covers turned reggae–very strange). Because the ship is pretty small, it kept rocking in the waves, which meant people were literally falling on top of each other at points, and the trash can on the top deck overturned multiple times. Also, the cruise advertised itself as getting riders close to the Queen Mary fireworks, but we were actually pretty far away. Other than drinking, there wasn’t much to do on the boat. On a positive note, I will say the boat was well-staffed (there were several security guards) and the crowd was a good mix of people.

    hilarious! yeah beecham. ur a real swinging guy. and did u see that he actually listens to huey lewis and talks about it! he doesn’t even know how lame he is!

    dude, just quit w/ the stupid lies and just be urself. know ur a lame-o and go w/ it. no one, and i mean no one believes you.

  • rob_raider

    Sullivan44 Says:
    September 18th, 2011 at 12:36 am
    So, the die hard, most loyal of fans here basically spent the day bashing a Raiders’ player who’s done nothing wrong. Some fans.

    Buffalo 28, Oakland 17.

    let’s make a deal, stupid. if the raiders win sunday, u agree to never come back here under any alias. just realize your glory run of being able to diss the raiders is over. they’re good now, so u can go back to playing dungeons and dragons.

  • rob_raider

    coaches tend to get irritated w/ media in general, b/c most of them have no clue about the game. any good reporter would know how little preseason means. they would know that a guy w/ no track record of success in 5 seasons, and a guy who was brought in late in preseason and was not even supposed to make the team, would not suddenly become a #1 wr based on a pretty good showing in preseason. hue and any good coach w/ a plan, would of course be irritated by some jackazz reporter suggesting it.

    steve basically showed himself to be a fairly average knowledge-less fan.

  • Plunketthead

    Raiders 72
    Tasty Chicken wings 10 to an order

  • Plunketthead

    I hereby proclaim you to be a Raiderhead!
    Great job and welcome to the club.

  • Plunketthead


    moron has made that bet many times. He always welches and comes back anyway.

  • Plunketthead

    Morning Neil
    Are you and your fellow countrymen ready to do battle against the new world order?

    Its getting close but “they” will starve most of us to death

  • Plunketthead

    The overrated buckeyes from Ohio passed for 35 yards yesterday without our newest QB at the helm

  • Plunketthead

    About 5 and one half hours before the chicken wings start showing up in ER.

    Warm up the ambulance’s. buys. You will need them, and dont forget to charge all the batteries in your golf carts. They will be busy!!

  • Plunketthead

    DMAC = 125 yards
    Bush = just under 100 yards
    Typhoon = just under 100 yards.

  • Plunketthead

    George Atkinsons’s spawn ran a kickoff back for 89 yards.

    Move him up to #2 on the draft board

  • rob_raider

    thanks, plunk. yeah, i know sullivan just can’t stay away. i think al davis must have turned a blowj*b down from him or something. he claims to hate al, but he he is always here. he needs to see a shrink.

  • MiamiRaider78

    Good morning my Raider Nation fam!
    Anxious to see what Hue’s approach is on offense in regards to passing. Terrence McGee is out, so I’m hoping the more receivers we put out on the field the deeper we get into the depth of the Bills secondary. 4 wide out’s on the first play on offense-Schilens, Moore, DHB, Hagan or Miller??? Let’s GO RAIDERS!

  • fingers

    Raiders 27.. Bills 17….

    Raider wings in hot BBQ sauce , Doobs… PBR beer… Bass Ale…

    I’ve got two huge Black German shepherds that are wearing Raider bandanas
    They head for the bedrooms if were not doing good …both are huge Raider fans….
    Damn right they’re loyal Raider Dawgs…always turnoff the phone because some idiot will always call during the Game …
    Just Win!

  • Plunketthead

    I have been calling MR moron Raider but that is an insult to morons and Raiders. Maybe a better name would be BR = bipolar reject as in 86ed from his favorite bronco site, mylittleorangepony.com

  • Plunketthead

    From PFT

    Chargers get a break on scheduling

    While the late start on Sunday gives Pats fans extra time to get “lubed up,” it gives the Chargers extra time to do something far more important.


    In 2011, the Chargers will play only one game that kicks off at 10:00 a.m. local time, as recently pointed out by the San Diego Union-Tribune. It’s the fewest early starts they’ve had in at least 15 years.

    “Good, that’s how it should be,” safety Eric Weddle told the Union-Tribune. “[Games at] 10 a.m. are the worst. I don’t care what anyone says. Just your body, mentality, physically, you’re just not up. It takes you a quarter, and that’s a huge advantage whether you can get down or if you can maintain just staying even with team. You know the records . . . not just us. Everyone.”

    In the past five years, teams based in the Pacific time zone have won 35 and lost 74 games that start at 1:00 p.m. ET.

    This year, the other four West Coast teams play at least five 10:00 a.m. local time games, each.

    That will definitely be an issue on Sunday for the Raiders, given that they had a short week after a road game in Denver, and that they’ll be playing at 1:00 p.m. ET in Buffalo.

    Also this week, the Seahawks play the Steelers at 1:00 p.m. ET, and the Cardinals play the Redskins at 1:00 p.m. ET. Though we’re not advocating for an increase in 4:05/4:15 p.m. ET starts, at a minimum the West Coast team that has to play an early game on the other side of the country should at least play a home game the prior week — and not be required to play an early game after playing on a Monday night, either home or away.