End 1st quarter: Bills 0, Raiders 0

The Raiders are beginning to get their running game untracked at the end of the first quarter with Darren McFadden and are at the 37-yard-yard line facing a third-and-4.

Taiwan Jones got his first NFL carry, gaining 4 yards on a reverse. Bills plan looks to be to spread out Raiders with as many as five receivers, but Oakland holding up well in coverage so far.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • davidon

    BS call..head was up on the tackle

  • Cassel is stinking up the joint.

  • JB


  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    15 yrds for a great play. BS

  • Thec07

    Ref trying to keep it close….

  • Soft defense… will give up points

  • JB

    D has to hold them w/o a score. The front 4 needs to be issuing some pain.

  • Branch made a great play, that Personal Foul was weakness!

  • 504 Raider

    gotta make that tackle

  • Just Fire Baby

    Damn Rolando, he reads those screens great.

    Got to wrap up next time though.

  • Hold em to 3!

  • JB


  • lefty12

    No sacks 1st half.

  • no pressure on the QB and soft coverage.

    add missed tackles and you get a Bills FG

  • This is a good MUP week!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Chiefs might have a point differential of -350 this season.

  • Thec07

    Refs gave um 3…

  • 504 Raider





  • JB


  • Just Fire Baby

    Branch with the block!!!

  • nice

  • Where is that silly B och Sullipuzy 44 mr?

    Suc it haters!

  • I’d like to see some sacks in the second half.

  • JB

    Time for HuJack to make adjustments on both O & D and to come back and blow the Bills out.

  • ghostraiders

    If raiders score 10 points in second half… I thin we win this… Buffalo defense getting tired

  • beach

    Defense looked bad there. We can’t sit on the lead.

  • beach

    This team doesn’t do well with a lead. I’m getting nervous now. 🙁

  • CVRaider

    Boyd is terrible in coverage and Miller is scared of contact. This team is clueless when it comes to finishing off teams.

  • olinesux

    man these guys suck