Boss looks forward to first game


Tight end Kevin Boss made it through his third straight practice and will make his first start as a Raider Sunday against the Jets.

Other than a pair of preseason games where the combined attendance will be less than it will be on Sunday, Boss has yet to see a Raiders game in all its glory.

“I’m looking forward to experiencing it first-hand, for sure,” Boss said. “It’s going to be a great atmosphere. It’s a big game for us so we’re going to try and put on a good show for the home crowd.

Boss signed with the Raiders on Aug. 5 to replace Zach Miller and was injured Aug. 20 after catching a 14-yard pass against San Francisco.

— Hue Jackson just can’t bring himself to give up the element of surprise and say that Taiwan Jones will return kickoffs and Denarius Moore will return punts against the Jets. Guessing at this point the Jets will be surprised (and pleasantly so) if Nick Miller retains both jobs based on the hints Hue was dropping Friday.

“Any time you start a season you want to make sure you get everybody comfortable and ready to play, and we’ve been on the road for two weeks,” Jackson said. “We’ve been in Denver and Buffalo and now we’re home, a little home cooking. Not that I’m tipping my hand by no stretch of the imagination have I made that decision exactly what we’re doing.

“But if we do decide to play those guys, what better than to do it at home in front of our fans and in comfortable surroundings, our stadium, our locker room, everything else. It will be a great start if that’s what I decide to do.”

— It went almost unnoticed last week that rookie third-round pick Joe Barksdale got in some snaps with power formations with Stephon Heyer out with an injury. Sounds like Barksdale did well enough to get more snaps.

“I keep telling you guys, our young players, draftees, are doing a really good job,” Jackson said. “They’re contributing to this football team. I think last week was a good opportunity for him. He came out and did some really nice things and we’ll continue to keep him in there and let him do some things.”

Offensive coordinator Al Saunders on cornerback Darrelle Revis and the Jets’ defense: “Revis is a special guy, and (Antonio) Cromartie is a big, tall player that covers really well. They’re outstanding, and their defense, what they do creatively on defense and what Rex has done over the years is built around guys, much like the Raider tradition, to be able t play press man coverage on the outside and be very creative inside with your line and your linebackers and your safeties.”

— Interesting coaching side note to Raiders-Jets.

In 2004, when it was determined Chuck Bresnahan would not return as defensive coordinator under Norv Turner, the first person the Raiders requested permission to speak with Rex Ryan, under contract with the Ravens. The Ravens said no.

So the Raiders instead contacted Rob Ryan, Rex’s twin brother, and hired him.

In 2011, when it was determined John Marshall would not return as defensive coordinator under Jackson, the first person the Raiders requested permission to speak with was defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman, under contract with the Jets. The Jets _ and Rex Ryan _ said no.

Bresnahan ended up getting the job.

Rex Ryan said he simply was uninterested in letting one of his good coaches go, the same way Brian Billick wouldn’t allow him to explore vacancies with the Raiders and other teams earlier in his career.

Jackson, talking with the New York media by conference call, said, “If the organization has the opportunity to not let a coach move forward in his career they can do so. I understand the rules but I do understand that everyone has aspirations and goals they want to attain and I know that’s something Dennis wants to do.”

Thurman and Jackson worked together at USC.

— Wide receiver Denarius Moore was named the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week as voted upon by fans on NFL.com

— Raiderville, a pre-game tailgate party that includes a youth and family area, will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the south side of the stadium in parking lot B. More information is available at this link to Raiders.com.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Me lady beckons. I’m out. . .peace y’all in Raider Nation!

  • fingers

    Raiders 27…… MiJets 17….

  • 31 hrs to kick ass time

  • Gerard

    177.Big Mamma Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 11:27 pm
    I’m tellin ya people, something happened in that locker room at half time. Maybe the pizza that was brought in was ’spiked’, or maybe they were given ‘dirty water’ and the D unit had the runs so bad they were besides themselves.

    Maybe Chucky Bs’ half time talk to the defense focussed on the Jets game since he felt his ‘D unit’ had this one in the bag.

    Hey, I’m just throwin stuff out there cause I need some answers, and I need them now!

    I’m assuming you are at least half kidding, as much as I too am a believer in the “league conspiracy” against the Raiders thing.

    Even the hardest core non believers (that the league is out to get the Raiders) have a hard time defending the “tuck rule” thing.

    Somebody had said that the “tuck rule” had not ever been called before that game and not once since, then someone else said “yes, maybe once or twice” since then, but either way…

    As far as the Bills game goes, i don’t think there was any conspiracy. I just think it was a total nightmare meltdown the likes of which i have never before seen a Raider team have.

    There has been some bad ones in the past. Shoot, last year weren’t we up in the 4th a few times and failed to hold it?

    ANY Raider fan that saw that 21-3 lead thought the game was over and there was no way we lose. And any Raider fan that saw it at 21-10 and the way the D was playing, KNEW then we were in trouble.

    IMO that was the worst Raider meltdown in our history and if it happens again then Mr. Davis needs to fire Bresnahan IMMEDIATELY. I’m serious. He’s fired people for much less.

  • Gerard

    Someone said that CJ37 tweeted the following:

    “This one’s on me. That was the worst game of my life. I promise you, i’m gonna fix this sh**. I apologize to the nation”.

    Is that a bogus report? It sounds kinda like it.

  • HueKnows

    ChrisJohnson_37 Worst game to day in my life ill take this one on my shoulder I will get that sh** fix trust me sorry nation
    About 6 days ago by Chris Johnson Oakland Raiders – Cornerback
    true dat

  • Plunketthead

    I love college gameday

  • John David Booty

    ghostraiders Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Man.. That game tomorrow is going to be a good one!!! USC vs Arizona state. … Vontaze Burfect talking smack to USC players… Matt Barkley calling him a dirty.. player… olineman from USC talking smack that he’s going to pancake him if he gets a shot at him!!!… That game ain’t going to be no joke…
    Vontaze originally committed to SC, too. I hated that he got away. Be a totally different team with him in the middle. HE is a natural 4-3 Beast MIKE. A “Ray Lewis” type LB people like to talk about. Completely different than McClain, who Im not sh#ttin on, just sayin, hes not a 4-3 MIKE. I thought he could be. Wanted him to be. And he can still be serviceable in the middle, but yeah, he’s not lookin like a MIKE Beast. He’s a 3-4 ILB, 4-3 WLB. What WOULD be nice, is if the Raiders ended up with Burfict, put him in the middle, and moved McClain to WLB.

    But F#ck all that, Go TROJANS! FIGHT ON! GO RAIDERS!

  • Plunketthead

    They work real well together and entertaining

  • Even the hardest core non believers (that the league is out to get the Raiders) have a hard time defending the “tuck rule” thing.

    Even brady admitted he was sure it was a fumble after it happened.

  • Plunketthead

    I meant the college gameday show on ESPN with Erin Andrews and some other guys. Anyway its a great show

  • T minus 29 hours and counting to Kick Off.

  • Carl Weathers

    203.r8dercain Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 6:00 am
    31 hrs to kick ass time



  • http://www.csncalifornia.com/blog/raiders-talk/post/Jackson-thinks-Janikowski-will-be-ready-?blockID=566508&feedID=5885
    Jano probably hurt his foot doin more table dancin.

  • morilla

    Seems there might be some dissention in the ranks in Seattle. And what names are mentioned for part of the cause? Hmmmmm, take a guess.


  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Kevin Boss is going to help this offense.

    Gotta give credit to the players that are putting it on tape

    The Offensive Line
    Darren McFadden
    Denarious Moore
    Jason Campbell
    Marcel Reece
    Stanford Routt
    The two kickers

    Players that are taking on water and have to turn it around

    On the watch list
    Kameron Wimbley – are you going to get pressure on the QB or what?

    The Defensive Line – overpromising and underdelivering

    Chris Johnson – you can’t bump past 5-yards

    Rolondo McClain – I like you — but you gotta start becoming a difference maker and not just another guy

  • TerrapinRaider

    Boss could have a pretty solid opening debut. With Revis on Cromartie on the outside (I don’t think the Raiders necessarily shy away from them either) Boss could get a lot of looks underneath.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Its crazy to think of considering where the Raiders have come from; but I don’t see how anyone can stop the Raiders offense. There are just so many damn weapons and great offensive minds running it.

    Raiders can spread you out, run up the gut; and if you stop the run they can go double TE sets and still manage to get their way with you. This team has so many weapons its mindboggling how do you stop it?

    Only the Raiders can beat the Raiders.

  • Plunketthead

    We get pressure on Sancho and stop the run. I will start Shonn Greene at FF just to make sure.
    Easy game, Our Offense is for real, having Boss back gives nightmares to Rex. Jones returning kicks? Look the f%$k out!!

    Im predicting a beatdown 42 – 17

  • TerrapinRaider

    This offense scored 35pts WITHOUT three of their top weapons (DHB,Ford,Boss). Its crazy to think about. It almost looks unstoppable.

    DHB & Ford go down, Moore & Hagan step up (or Murphy). DMC goes down, Bush & TJ step up. Boss goes down, Meyers & Gordon/Ausberry step up. Reece goes down Gordon steps up. Its just crazy talent on this team.

  • TerrapinRaider

    The penalty issue is a real freakin’ issue. The Raiders allowed the Bills back in largely due to defensive penalties.

    1H, one maybe two penalaties and we were blowing Buffalo out of the game in their home opener. 2H, defensive penalties came rolling in and kept Buffalo drives alive.

    Stop the penalties and it’ll be hard pressed for any team to defeat the Raiders.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Denver should have been another blowout win if not for all the damn penalties. These guys have to realize this and stop the nonsense. They are way better than these teams but allow them to stay in the games and possibly win due to penalties.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    The Raiders have to be stop being so innovators.

    This team seems to “invent” ways to keep the opponent in the game and lose games.

    They have to close games out. Was a problem last year too.

    The Raiders have a “defensive” problem. Which is disappointing given the investment and names on that side of the ball.

    They have to step up play 4 full quarters of DISCIPLINED, smart football. No more dumb penalties and lapses in assignments.

  • Plunketthead

    Folk averages 5 yards less per KO then Jano

  • Plunketthead

    Shane averages 56 yards a punt
    Conley = 39

  • JR77

    Can someone explain to me how many passes were caught TOTAL against CJ37?
    I can only recall one catch against him on the last drive. The rest were penalties which came in crucial situations granted but he still had tight coverage throughout the game and also the interception drop in the endzone was not a drop, the receiver made a play on the ball. NOT trying to make excuses for the guy but just sayin, he could still be serviceable he just needs coaching by rod on how to cut down on the PI’s

  • JR77

    Although it seemed like Fitzgerald threw for 500 yards and 5 TD’s he only threw for 264, overall the pass defense was fine, it was the run D that killed us. Those long runs have been reruns for 8 years now and need to stop. Another point is every team is getting killed against the pass this year…maybe the defenses need more time to get up to speed this year, especially when there is a new dc who has coached in the UFL the last 2 years

  • Carl Weathers

    JR77, you are dead wrong. But that’s old news now. Tomorrow is a new day, redemption day.

    BTW, CJ37 actually did apologize to the Nation on twitter for his worst day ever, as he put it.

  • Carl Weathers

    When is deadline for promoting players from the practice squad?

    I have a feeling Sterling Moore gets the gig in place of Heyer or Miller.

  • JR77

    I could be wrong but I need an answer….how many catches?

  • Carl Weathers

    Who gives a fvck move on mang, focus on tomorrow, the bullying begins! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIDDDERS!!!!

  • JR77

    Just sayin…..he wasn’t getting toasted like McFadden against MIA…..which btw the bills employed the dolphins game plan from last year against our D, 21 made no difference that day, not sure if anyone noticed this but I did. CJ 37 will not have bad games like this all the time, chuck b needs to have them bumpin the receivers at the line and blitz the hell out of sanchito should they try the same approach. That is Al’s philosophy anyway….funny how the one time Al needs to stick to his defensive philosophy, minus the blitz, he strays from it

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Its not about scheme…its about players having discipline, knowing their responsibilities and keeping a razor sharp focus for 4 quarters on every play.

    Backup players have to be ready to step in and play at a high level.

    When the Raiders do this…they play very well…when they don’t…you see 2nd half meltdowns.

    They really should beat the Jets…and I think they will….my biggest concern is that once a quarter 30+ to 40+ yard run…

    Stay focused.

    Kameron Wimbley needs to step up and start getting to the QB….that’s what he’s being paid to do…be a terror out there.

    Right now…he’s just another guy….

  • priesttj

    Did anyone notice that Dom Capers yes THE Dom who just won a SB. He defense gave up 432 passing to a rookie shoule he get fired as well? Breshnahan has coached 2 games and you guys want him fired. If that is the case maybe every DC in the game better start looking for jobs because if that’s all it takes then no one is safe.

    Look this is the NFL yeah we gave up 5 TD’s 35 points in the second half and it was as ugly as it gets. No question!

    But this defense dominanted the Broncos and will play extremely well again IMO when it does should we vote Breshnahan into the HOF?

    It’s absolutely crazy how fickle fans can be.

    Give the team a chance to gel and get their feet under themselves. It’s week freakin’ THREE if we see a pattern then yeah cause for alarm. But we just played on MNF and had to travel across country to rested team and we ran out of gas. They were fresher than we were and anyone who can’t see that on film is blind. Our players were dragging ass in the 4th qrtr it had zero to do with what the coach was doing you had a team that was gassed and they still could’ve and should’ve made the plays to win.

    IT didn’t happen, stop cryin’ already!

  • JR77

    Kameron who? Funny how he got paid and all of a sudden he posts no shows…he better show up tomorrow he is paid to be an elite pass rusher…..needs to start playing like it….I want to see more Hendu and less Seymour if he plays like last week too

  • Method To My Madness


  • priesttj

    Obviously the Bills coaches knew if there was a chance at beating us it would probably be in the second half due to our schedule and they play fast break football hoping we would not be as sharp and they were right.

    Gio and Boyd were running in mud and our MLB was damn near jogging not to mention the front4 didn’t get any pressure forcing us to blitz safeties. If we catch the picks the game is OVER. We didn’t catch them that is NOT on the DC it’s on the players…………period

  • J Hill

    McClain and Branch have good games this weekend, we win going away.

  • Method To My Madness

    Hendu and Seymour need to be the starters…..Hendu NT and Richard UT…….wwe will bbe hell to deal with

  • priesttj

    B My main concern is the crowd in the blackhole when the Raiders take the field when we play D get as loud as possible. The game wont be played in the Parking lot, but in the stadium (The Blackhole) that’s where we need the best action.

  • J Hill

    Not buying the fatigue angle, Priest.

    Mental breakdowns were the reason we lost that game.

    DMac wasn’t tired, and his fumble was HUGE.

    CJ37 (or RoMac, if you want to take that angle) leaving his man UNCOVERED was a mental error.

    CJ37 and his illegal contact penalties were mental errors.

  • priesttj

    I said this before the Bills game the key is when the QB throws the ball to you CATCH IT I knew Fitzpatrick would throw us the ball but we had to catch it. If the catch the picks Sanchez throws we’ll win……………period

  • JR77

    Wimbley is not getting doubled..he needs to apply constant pressure off the edge and hit Sanchez in the ribs until he gets a punctured lung

  • Damn priest u are correct bruh. Intercept either of those passes an we win walkin away

  • But it wasn’t fatigue. It was mental breakdowns out there!

  • JR77

    The key will be not giving away 150 yds on defense from back breaking penalties on 3rd and long situations and not mcfumbling…..there will be plenty of fights…coaches better have stressed no retaliation penalties

  • JR77

    This game is IT….west is wide open now that Gates is injured

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    priesttj Says:
    September 24th, 2011 at 9:48 am
    Obviously the Bills coaches knew if there was a chance at beating us it would probably be in the second half due to our schedule and they play fast break football hoping we would not be as sharp and they were right.
    I think you are looking for boogeymen.

    The Raiders have to stay focused on their responsibilities. This is a team that is not good at that.

    They will dominate a team for 3 quarters and then have a couple WTF moments where someone makes a critical mental error….

    I think this can be a very good team. But you can’t give away one to the bad guys…too many of those and we are talking at the end of the year with “would of, could of, should of”

    How about they just “do it”

    Beat the Jets…the Raiders are the better team…and that shows the progress that’s been made by this organization over the last two years..

    “On paper”

    Now they have to prove it!

  • Method To My Madness

    BHP…..let me tell u something…..that parking lot is significant….when the energy is low like last year’s Miami game you see the results. We need to do our part and be the 12th man for our guys. It starts a,b,c and D lots for sure