Hue Jackson wants what Rex Ryan has


Raiders coach Hue Jackson makes it clear that he and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan are two different people who just happen to be friends who once worked together.
Ryan has made a name for himself as an NFL head coach. Jackson wants to do the same. At the same time, Jackson admits that he is envious of what Ryan has accomplished in two short seasons as the Jets coach.
“He went there with a mentality that they were going to be a really good football team,” Jackson said of Ryan. “They were going to be the bullies of the east, and they are.”
By now, everyone has heard Jackson talk about his goal of “building a bully” in Oakland. When he steps on the field Sunday for the Raiders regular-season opener against the Jets, he will see, in many ways, what he envisions the Raiders becoming at some point.
Ryan talks the talk and walks the walk, as the players say. He talks big and he gets his players to back it up through their play.
Ryan’s Jets run the ball well, they stop the run well, they impose their will upon the opponent and back down from nobody, inluding the mighty Patriots.
Who can’t forget the Jets getting pounded by the Patriots 45-3 last season, only to knock out the Patriots in the playoffs?
Jackson realizes there’s plenty at stake Sunday. A victory not only would send notice to the rest of the league that the Raiders are capable of beating an elite team, it would get his players to believe that they are farther along in the process of becoming bullies than they might believe.
“I’m not Rex, and Rex is not Hue, but I’m sure we have a lot of similarities,” Jackson said. “We believe in violent, physical, tough aggressive football teams. And I’m going to build it here. I didn’t tell you it was going to happen overnight, but I’m going to build it.
“That’s what I truly believe in, and that’s what I want our football team to be. I didn’t say the Jets. It’s what Hue Jackson wants his football team to be. And we got some work to do, I understand that, we all do, but I tell you what, we’re going to work at it. And eventually we’re going to get this thing done that way.”
Ryan succeeded right away, getting the Jets to the AFC Championship Game in his first season in 2009. They returned there again last season. He keeps up the pressure by promising a Super Bowl victory each season.
He knows he can’t get reach that goal unless he has the proper players in place. To that end, an inordinate amount of time is spent searching for the proper players that fit the blueprint for what makes a Jets-type player.
“There’s some players that can play in the league, but they might not be able to play for us,” Ryan said. “There’s a lot of good players, maybe playing for other teams, that may not, quite honestly, weren’t guys that fit our mentality, whether it was their study habits, whether it was their commitment to the team, whether it was building each other up.
“Maybe there was something there that we weren’t happy with and we let them move on. And there’s other cases where we lost players we wish we could have kept. … But we’re a team. When we come out there, we have 53 players we feel strong about that they understand what we want, the team commitment and the unselfishness. So, we feel good about our team.”
Jackson said he feels good about the players he has assembled in his first season as the Raiders head coach. Sunday’s game will provide a measuring stick as to where Jackson is at in the process of building that bully.
“What Rex does is, Rex collects his kind of guys, the guys that believe what he sells,” Jackson said. “That’s what it’s truly all about. He believes in winning. He’s there because he wants to win. The guys that are there, I guarantee you, they’re there because they want to win. He believes in the system. He has a way of putting guys in position to make plays. I truly respect that.
“That’s what we’re trying to create here for our team. We’re trying to put guys in the best position to be all they can be, offense, defense, special teams. Not that we’re modeling after the Jets or Baltimore or any of that. That’s just my philosophy. I truly believe it and I’ve been around some men who do it that way that have had success.”
Jackson is like Ryan in that he arrived with a vision, is sticking to it and is confident that it will reap dividends in a timely fashion.
For Ryan, he said the process wasn’t difficult. In fact, it came naturally.
“I was just myself when I came here, and we’re fortunate, I’m fortunate, to have a lot of excellent coaches with me,” Ryan said. “It’s just something that we believed. It’s a style. I have one shot to be a head coach in this league and I was going to build it a certain way.
“Whether it’s building a bully or playing like a Jet, whatever it is, this is who’s coming in. This is our football team and this is how we play, and I guess that’s kind of our trademark of how we play. We’re a passionate football team, play snap to whistle, play 60 minutes and that’s the type of team we have and the type of character we have in our room.”
So, it sounds as if we are certain to see at least one bully Sunday. If Jackson has his way, the bully that is the Jets is going to meet his match in the new bully on the block.

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Steve Corkran

  • hwnrdr

    21-10 NE…I guess they picked off Brady in the end zone!

  • EMRaiders

    NE 21 Buf 10, don’t call it a comeback… lol. Damn those Bills.

  • Enjoy the Giants/Eagles game.Bound to be a fight before this ones over.

  • hwnrdr

    Wonder why no one is writing about how long it is taking everyone to get in the parking lot today…i heard the attendants are really bad today!

  • MiamiRaider78

    Van Dyke is inactive. Damn, hope our secondary plays well and our d-line even better.

  • EMRaiders

    DVD is inactive? who is taking his place? You know who we should activate, Sterling Moore. That guy seemed to be able to make plays.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Lights out on offence today. Got to score alot of points.

  • GForce21

    priesttj Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 12:35 am

    BTW DHB’s career isn’t over and I think he’ll be fine. I was right about DVD and Chekwa and David Ausberry. In this draft I’m also looking good with my prediction about JC so far, how bout you?

    What were you right about referencing DVD, Chekwa and Ausberry? That they made the roster?

    None of those guys have done anything yet.

    You make some epically stupid comments.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Coaches should be able to take the field. Throw Woodson out there a play here and there.

  • MiamiRaider78

    Maybe Chimdi will move to safety and Huff at corner in certain packages?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Joe Porter replaced DVD in the 2nd half of the Denver game, and has been playing ahead of DVD since than.

    I have been saying it on here for weeks, yet no one wants to acknowledge it.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Yeah Priest was right about Ausberry.

    He said he would lead the team in TD receptions, lol

  • EMRaiders

    lol @ # 709

    I don’t know whether to agree or not with that one. Might not be a bad idea.

  • EMRaiders

    On to the next blog.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    I keep telling this board repeatedly that they expect way too much of those mid to late round picks.

  • Gerard

    701.hwnrdr Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 11:31 am
    21-10 NE…I guess they picked off Brady in the end zone!

    Wow! After going up 14-0 in the first 5 mins. i thought this was gonna be a big time NE blowout.

  • Pats 21, Bills 17. But things could change. . .Pats have big injury concerns on the Dline & secondary.

    Rasi-Dowling is one of ’em. That’s why you don’t draft the kid.

    Like Chung, though. Their safety responsibilities are different than ours but think Chung could play in any defensive backfield. . .

  • S.F. 3, Cin 3, bottom of the 6th. . .

  • Gerard

    21-17 NE now.

    Don’t look now but this one ain’t over.

  • Pats kick FG, up 7 on Bills.

  • R8derdiehard

    Links for the game?

  • Red Zone Rules! Even the girlfriend approves!

  • Thec07

    DMOORE will be doing. PR
    TJ has kickoffs

  • GForce21

    Red Zone is pretty phenomenal

  • Michael Vick; concussed for THE SECOND STRAIGHT GAME!

  • Qodrn Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 11:12 am
    Big Momma Raiders will beat the Jets 42-10
    DonM’sNeighbor Raiders 40 – Jets 34
    DownSouthRaider Raiders 24 Crop Dusters 14
    EM Raider NYJ 20 OAK 23
    Fingers Raiders 27….. MiJets 17…..
    GG Raiders 27 Jets 16
    NeilB 24-21 Raiders in a close one.
    Morilla Raiders 24 Jets 20
    PlunkforHoff Raiders 31 Jerks 20
    PlunketHead Im predicting a beatdown 42-17
    Pretty Rick RAIDERS-30 JETS-23
    Qodrn Jets 32 Raiders 35
    RaiderJambo RAIDERS 34 jets 10
    Raiderlen Raiders 31 Jets 17
    RaiderMarty RAIDERS 23 jets 13
    R8derNation Raiders 24 jets 21
    RaiderRetribution Raiders 24 – New York 10
    r8dercain Raiders 24 Jets 21

  • Kid has a fever. At kaiser. I’m gonna miss this one guy. Sick kids.

  • Raiders 20, Jets 17. . .

  • Texans playing scary good right now. New Orleans is depleated passing game.

    Vick back in the Eagles game. . .not concussed after all; yet. . .

  • By the looks of the Tennessee game wish they were on the schedule this year. Could use the Hasselbeck statue effect again. . .

  • . . .Denver stood up @ the goal line. . .

  • MiamiRaider78

    Wade Phillips is a great d cord.

  • Ochocinco is wearing red shoes. won’t that ATTRACT DB’s?

  • MiamiRaider78

    FML-CBS in Miami has a double header today, first game fins at browns, second is…bull riding. C’mon man!

  • Brady throws three picks, the most recent of the goal line version. Lotsa uneven (all year long) play throughout the league. . .

    atdhenet.tv has the game. . .

  • dcraiderfan

    Go to see the Raiders win a home! Congrats to all around! Is Janitor in the closet losing his touch or was it because of the dirt? Offense responded nicely but again defense keep letting the team down in final 4 minutes and the penalties is killing the momentum. Stop it now! Otherwise tight game, but the Raiders brought it on when they needed to!! If you look at it for now we’re in first place!!! Score more points in the game than SD. Keep HJ Happy boys!