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Jon Becker

  • Try Some Reality

    Raiderout, good call on the game with that post to the Jets blog. Hilarious reading that guy’s response to you. Hope you revisit the blog and shove it down his throat. lol

  • Try Some Reality

    Beat the Patriots and I’m going on a Raider shopping spree. 😀

  • Try Some Reality

    Freeshot350 Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    So I’m a little p!ssed after watching the highlights on Nfl.com. They show the long catch and run by tomlinson with no mention of Chris Johnson being held by the DB. They chalk it up to “he’s still got it” or “he always does that to the Raiders” Then they show the long McFadden run and start it off with Steve Mariucci saying Kevin Boss got away with a hold there. Oh well guess I’ll just chalk it up to “the media hates the Raiders”


    Just imagine how insufferable they would have been with a Jet victory. They love to hate on the Raiders. If the Raiders get hot, just watch them flop and act like they knew all along that the team would be good. This is why I don’t give any of those talking heads any of my time.

  • Profootballtalk.com has the Raiders #10, Patsies # 6. BSPN has ’em up to 13th as well. . .

  • Post #13; wasn’t the Coward calling for a Raider loss Sunday? LOTSA bandwagon jumping on the talking heads circut. . .

  • Dhidee99

    Look Dummies DHB was covered by Revis on every play Hello!!!!!

    Revis is a shut down coner did you expect DHB to have Hall of fame numbers last week lol

    If your Jason Cambell do you Challange Revis?

    If your DHB Dont you just suck it up and play your role knowing the QB wont look your way this game?

    But anyway we are on too the next game where DHB will shine again becuase the pats dont have anything close to a Revis!!!