Raiders strong play validates coach Jackson’s big talk


Raiders coach Hue Jackson is big on catchphrases, slogans and brash talk. He also spreads his message through signs posted around the facility, including in the locker room.
Yet, he realizes that none of it resonates with the players unless they see their hard word and dedication manifest itself in victories on the field.
To that end, Sunday’s convincing 34-24 victory over the New York Jets counts as more than one tick in the win column. It’s one of those victories that transcends the standings.
“That’s what validates it all,” Jackson said. “That’s where your credibility comes from, when the things you talk about and the things that you stress start to show up in games and start to show up on video. Once upon a time, I am sure players liked to do it their way, what they thought was the best way.
“And now we’re doing it the way that coach Jackson sees it, and it’s getting to be fun. Because I truly believe it gives them a chance to have success. And they have to see that. They have to see the realism in that, and they are.”
The Raiders beat a team that played in the AFC Championship Game each of the past two seasons. Now it’s on to a Patriots team that went 14-2 last season and is in the midst of a sustained run of excellence over the past decade or so.
Some teams might complain about playing the Jets and Patriots in back-to-back games. Not Jackson. He embraces the challenge and is eager to see how his players respond.
“This team has the best quarterback in football, they have the best coach, they’ve been the Super Bowl champion,” Jackson said of the Patriots. “It’s going to be tremendous challenge for this football team. But that’s what this is all about, every week to go out and compete against the best. This is the best of the best week in and week out. There are no easy opportunities in this deal. And, again, if we’re going to become the team that we can become, these are the challenges you want.”

Blocking for running back Darren McFadden is something that rookie left guard Stefen Wisniewski finds much to his liking.
“Yeah, it’s fun,” Wisniewski said. “Shoot, you block a guy for 2 seconds and you look, and he’s 50 yards downfield. It makes our job easy. Sometimes we make him look good, we open a big hole, and other times we miss a couple of people but he makes us look good anyway. So it works out well for everybody.”
The wide receivers play a huge part in McFadden’s success, too. Against the Jets, receivers Derek Hagan and Chaz Schilens delivered key blocks downfield on McFadden’s 70-yard touchdown run.
Blocking is something that is emphasized among Raiders receivers, Hagan said, and it’s something that the receivers take pride in doing.
“Darren’s a dynamic playmaker and, whenever the ball is in his hand, our job is pretty much just to block for him,” Hagan said. “If the receivers are out there blocking and the O-line is out there blocking, it’s just going to spring longer runs for us. That’s what happened yesterday.”
Hagan said he and his receiver mates are conscious of making sure that McFadden is free to do his thing once he reaches the secondary.
“We figure that our man, a (defensive back) should not be tackling a running back,” Hagan said. “A running back should not have to worry about the DBs tackling them because, most of the time, when a safety or a corner wants to tackle a running back, they’re trying to hit him below his kneecaps. That’s something we definitely don’t want to happen. So, we just try and stay on our man and make sure Darren doesn’t have to worry about that.”
Tight end Kevin Boss sealed off the Jets defender on the left edge on the 70-yard run. That enabled McFadden to turn the corner and find daylight.
Boss said he gets more satisfaction out of blocking than he does receiving, especially since he wasn’t regarded as a good blocker coming out of college.
“He’s one of the best backs that I’ve seen play,” Boss said. “He’s fast, he runs hard, he runs extremely hard. He punishes the tacklers. They’re coming in and they’re going to get punished just the way he runs. He’s exciting. He’s fun to block for. You know he’s going to hit the hole and he’s going to be out the other side before you know it.”

Speaking of McFadden, Jackson said he isn’t concerned about the tight groin that bothered McFadden late in the game and prevented him from finishing.
McFadden wasn’t available in the locker room Monday. He dismissed the injury after the game, though, and said he’ll be fine.
Jackson seemed to be of the same belief.
“You had to mention that name,” Jackson said, knowing it was coming at some point. “No, I think he’ll be fine. I really do. It tightened up on him moreso than anything. I’m going to be very cautious with him to make sure he’s OK, but he’ll be fine.”

Raiders backup linebacker Ricky Brown spent a few weeks with the Patriots during training camp before he was released.
He came away from the brief experience quite impressed by what he saw from coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and the rest of the well-run operation.
“They’re an extremely hard-working team,” Brown said. “I’ve seen them practice. They’re out there conditioning. They’re out there practicing at a high tempo. And that’s all stuff, that’s a recipe for success in the NFL and, obviously, they’ve had success in the past.
“Tom Brady is a phenomenal player. He’s one of those special guys in the league and, for as hard as he plays on Sunday, he also plays that hard throughout the week.”

Wide receiver Jacoby Ford has not played since he injured his hamstring against the Denver Broncos in the regular-season opener.
If all goes according to plan, he will be back on the field against the Patriots.
“Right now, it’s day to day,” Ford said. “This week definitely is day to day. I ran today, and that was the best I’ve felt. So far, it’s looking good for playing this week.”
Ford said he has not been cleared by trainers to turn it loose yet. The goal is to build up throughout the week and be ready to cut loose Sunday.
He added that it has been difficult watching from the sidelines the past two games. Just the same, he is finding ways to stay involved.
“Oh, yeah, most definitely, but I’m becoming the biggest fan on the sideline,” Ford said. “I always want them to do well.”

Rookie cornerback Chimdi Chekwa held up well against the Jets when called upon in a pinch. For that, he credits the talented receivers the Raiders have on their roster.
“I don’t think it helped me answer anything,” Chekwa said of his breakout game. “I do think it helped me gain some experience and feel comfortable out on the field. Practice is tough here. Going against DHB, Denarius (Moore) and Chaz (Schilens), all of them. That makes the game a little bit easier.”
Chekwa said he gained more confidence by holding up well against Jets receiver Plaxico Burress. Now, he’s ready to build upon the solid performance.
“The biggest adjustment is just getting comfortable,” Chekwa said. “In college, you’re better than a lot of the players. Now in the NFL, everybody is good. So, you have to compete on every snap. That’s the biggest adjustment. That’s what I am getting used to.”

Rookie running back Taiwan Jones returned three kicks for 52 yards against the Jets. Twice, the Jets prevented Jones from reaching his own 20-yard line.
That won’t happen again, Jones said. Ever.
Jones said he promised his teammates that he will reach at least the 20-yard line on every return from here on out.
“Yeah, because after some of the returns, I saw how it’s difficult on our offense to start with such bad field position,” Jones said. “So, that’s just a commitment I’m making to the team to put them in better field position.”
Jones still found other ways to contribute. His biggest contribution came when he recovered a fumbled kick return by Antonio Cromartie just after the Raiders took a 24-17 lead. The Raiders scored a touchdown two plays later for an insurmountable lead.
“You definitely never know and you just always got to be ready for anything,” Jones said. “I wasn’t expecting to be on kickoff. It was my first time on it. The coaches put me in the right spot. It was just my job to make a play on the ball.”
And, just what was Jones thinking when he saw the ball come loose?
“I was thinking ‘that’s mine. This is my time to contribute to the team,’ ” Jones said. “I was just excited to get the opportunity.”

Wisniewski said it’s not difficult for he and his teammates to find motivation in wanting to finish plays. No one wants to be hit with the dreaded red dot.
The man wielding the red dot belongs to coach Jackson in team meetings.
“We watch the film every day together and anytime there’s somebody not finishing, he’s putting the red dot up there on you, and he’s calling you out on it. Guys aren’t wanting to take a play off. They’re not wanting to take one off because they know their teammates will see it, and it’s part of being accountable to each other.”
Jackson said he has noticed a reduction in the amount of plays that failed to meet his requirements.
“Yes, it is,” Jackson said. “It has to. Again, if we’re going to get to where we want to go, that’s one of the main goals. And I laugh at that because I’m probably the one’s that screaming all the time. I believe in that.
“I just think, we didn’t have an offseason like you would have had. So, the process is speeded up. Everything is speeded up. Players are probably hearing my voice a little bit more than they like to hear, but that’s OK. The result is what we’re after. The result is winning and losing.”

Jackson was rather measured in his praise of rookie receiver Denarius Moore last week, saying he wasn’t surprised and that Moore simply is doing what good football players do.
Well, after another eye-opening performance from Moore on Sunday, even Jackson is finding it difficult to avoid throwing around adjectives.
“Unbelievable,” Jackson said. “He’s a guy that has grown on me like you haven’t seen. A year ago, with Jacoby, I kind of probably slowed Jacoby down a little bit a year ago by not putting him in there because I wasn’t very familiar with everyone here, and he was a rookie.
“(Moore) is a rookie and from day one through yesterday, the guy just continues to make plays. The first catch that he had on the screen and there he goes. He’s a game-changing football player who likes to play. When you have guys like that you just let them play and watch them play and watch them grow and that’s what he’s doing right before all of our eyes. I’m not going to stop him, that’s for sure. I’m just going to keep letting him do what he does.”

Jackson didn’t have much in terms of updates for the injuries suffered by Johnson (hamstring), free safety Michael Huff (concussion) and fullback Marcel Reece (ankle).
He said it will take a couple of days to see how the players respond to treatment. In other words, don’t count on much word from Jackson before Friday, at the earliest.

The Raiders released rookie cornerback Sterling Moore from their practice squad and signed defensive back Ron Parker to their practice squad.
The move comes as a bit of surprise, given how well Moore played in training camp and Oakland’s four exhibition games. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Moore signed back at some point if he isn’t signed by another team first.
Parker spent time with the Seattle Seahawks earlier this season. He played safety at Newberry College and was clocked as fast as 4.28 seconds in the 40-yard dash in a pre-draft workout.

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Steve Corkran

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    # Just Fire Baby Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    And Mike Vick’s epic flop is wipping the floor with your drool over him.

    no q could survive behind that o-line. they were bad last year and vick made it a non issue with his freakish talent. this year they are even worse and not even the great eagle 7 can save them.

  • Just Fire Baby

    DHB has regressed from last year.

    After 3 games this year he has 5 catches for 49 yards.

    Last year after 3 games, he had 10 catches for 140 yards.

    Hue has moved on……

  • alex7

    exactly RDRS,

    which is why I give Nnamdi a break for his bad performances so far. He’s being asked to do some things he’s never done before. Might take him a year before he’s playing the way Charles Woodson did in GB also.

  • morilla

    McClain needs a new facemask.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    # ghostraiders Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    I bet Stanford routt considers covering dhb in practice like a day off just going for a nice jog….LOL.. there’s atleast 25 wide receivers in the NFL I would pick over that fraud! !! The Guy stinks. ….. stop trying to build him up!! Its embarrassing to even read without chuckling…. leave all the b.s. up to his greedy agent! !

    almost as embarrassing as your take on JC. i havent forgotten


  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    # alex7 Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 5:53 pm


    do you think there’s truth to what Al said a few off-seasons ago about him bringing in someone to help out a bit in the GM department?

    Davis in the past was very reluctant to draft O-linemen. And taking a LB in the top 10 was unheard of.

    Sure he’s still taking fast guys, but these fast guys (Moore, Ford, Taiwan) all produced big-time in college, and aren’t projects the way DHB, John Bowie, Arman Shields, Fabian Washington, Teyo Johnson, and Carlos Francis were.


    some guys make it some dont, whats your point?

    yep he has help his name is HU Jack



    Call DirecTV ask to speak to a manager or someone on that level and absolutely talk them into submission because that is asinine! IF you do this RIGHT they will give you the streaming package for FREE so can stream on your computer and then hook it up to your tv, DO NOT ACCEPT NO FOR AN ANSWER! GOOD LUCK!

  • alex7


    it’s odd the NFL doesn’t allow one to purchase entire games the way MLB does. You’ll have to look through the many TV streaming websites out there, or just google those words.

  • Just Fire Baby

    The great Eagle 7….


    He is the Vince Carter of NFL QB’s.

    Makes the most amazing plays, is always hurt, has great regular season numbers and always disappears at the end of the year, never wins anything or even comes close to winning anything, and the same pinheads who thought Air Canada was a top 5 NBA player are probably the same clowns who hype up “the Great Eagle 7”.

  • ghostraiders

    Mistic… Campbell has played well…. I think he’s an avg qb.. at best. .. good managing qb… but I never put him in the same category with dhb… I’m glad Campbell is playing well… but dhb.. that dude is not good!! I still stand behind what i said… if campbell does not take this team to tge playoffs this season… he will not be resigned!!! It will be pryor time… who i think will be better than jc!! Its the truth….



    Nnamdi’s growth and now slow start can most definitely be attributed to this very fact. Look how GREAT he became playing man to man, the guy worked nonstop in the SCHEME. He is an example of what a smart, focused, athletic kid can grow to become. All in all this D is not bad, just raw and hungry enough to do some damage.


    Alex, I don’t especially like ranking our WRs as I believe they each bring different things to the table, serve different purposes – and it’s up to the staff to use their abilities properly.

    That said, I’d rank DMoore and JFord as our best WRs.

    Even though Moore is a rookie, he’s already convinced me he’s one of those rare guys that can do it all.

    Honestly, Ford’s overall ability as a WR hasn’t been proven yet. He’s definitely a deep threat, but his intermediate route running ability is still an unknown. My personal opinion is that he will eventually be very good there too.

    Chaz has the size, hands, route running and ability to find open space that makes him a potentially excellent possession receiver. Afraid the injuries have slowed him somewhat so he’s no longer a deep threat, but he’s still got utility and is dangerous in the red zone.

    Hagan has impressed with his very sure hands and seems to have a knack for being able to make catches for first downs. Not a burner, but can make sizable gains exploiting seams. Runs well after the catch.

    DHB, what can be said that hasn’t already been said a million times ? Fantastic size speed. Questionable hands, tracking ability. If this guy ever shows the ability to catch the ball with his back to the LOS he’d be a great deep threat. As it is, he’s a work in progress. Has started to show he has ability underneath with excellent strength and can break a tackle. Doubtful he’ll ever be worthy of his high selection but not a guy you just want to discard or completely discount.

    Murphy has played pretty darned well from the get-go. Has made some nice grabs and long scores. Hard to fully evaluate what his ceiling is given that he’s had the misfortune of JaMoron at QB and some injuries. He might indeed be low man on the totem pole but I think he’s good enough to make the majority of most rosters in the NFL.

  • ghostraiders

    Hey Mistic.. I also remember you saying that Boss would be splitting time with ausberry at te. …lmao… hows that working for you???

  • Twocents

    At some point this season Ausberry is going to make Myers obsolete.

  • Post # 150; firstrowsportstv.com. Stream slowed down near the end of the third quarter. HD hookup buffers too much. You’ll have to install plugins but it worked out.

  • Seymour Bush

    The Big Banana Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    35.Seymour Bush Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    OK Hue, I got one for ya then: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime


    Yes, I like this!

    Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime? You guys are talking like bullies!

  • MiamiRaider78

    Thanks gentleman, I’ll look into the ideas.

  • Seymour Bush

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    DHB has regressed from last year.

    After 3 games this year he has 5 catches for 49 yards.

    Last year after 3 games, he had 10 catches for 140 yards.

    Hue has moved on……

    Can’t say I agree. Always remember football is the ultimate team game, and sometimes you just have to give credit to the other guys. DHB has gone up against Champ Bailey (Probable lst Ballot HOF) and Darrelle Revis (Certain lst Ballot HOF) in 2 of those 3 games. Think about it from the other sideline: Who would you put Bailey or Revis on? If Murphy was playing, probably Murphy. With no Murphy or Ford, are you going to put Revis on someone who has never played an NFL game in his life? Probably not. Your scouting report is going to try to shut down DHB. Let the no names beat you.

    As for Hue moving on, if you remember that when Game One was on the line in Denver, instead of calling the obvious run up the gut very late in the game, Hue called for a quick slant to DHB to ice the game! What you guys saw as DHB catching the ball with his body, I saw as DHB making sure he was going to make the catch and NOT GOING TO GET STRIPPED! That was a very gutsy call, and a very solid play from that young player. If he comes thru in those kind of situations, I think Hue is very much going to keep going to him and NOT move on.

  • FarEastRaider

    To be The Best you have to beat The Best…Go RAIDERS!!!!

  • This is old Raiders Football 1.0. It worked in the past, re-invented to 2.0. We smacked the @@@@ outa the Jets, the league is going to take notice. Big time. But at least we didn’t leave a bloody nose. Good call Hue! Broken nose, no blood, tactical blocking! I’m in, Hue, build the Bully, New England, beware! 38/31 Raiders!

  • zopi

    Raiders still need to step up their game to beat NE, specially avoiding penalties on the receivers. This is going to be the key because of the offense that Bilichukup runs. LBs will be chasing the patsies’ tight ends, will need to be more physical on them, but avoid the penalties, don’t play into the refs games.

    I’m sure HueJac will keep working on that issue this week.

    The Raiders can only get better, this is still a young team, mainly built through the draft.

    If Chekwa turns out to be a decent coverage db, score another one for a great draft.

    So far what a difference between this year’s OL and last’s? Is Wiz II making such a marked difference? And Jared has really stepped it out this year. How about Barksdale? and What if Bruce Campbell can play? Are the Raiders looking at a bright future in the O line?

  • ohioraider

    DHB ford and moore will form an almost impossible to defend threesome from hell!!

    Book it!
    You’re dreaming mystery man.

  • silver-on-black

    This next game is for seymore to stick it to the patriots, with some big sacks

  • silver-on-black

    I like routt swagger for the game, hope he gets to the pro-bowl

  • beach

    100.The Big Banana Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 5:03 pm
    Color commentators were talking about how loud it gets in the coliseum and wondered if it was the acoustics. No, sir. That there is the Raidah Nation! Get us a place with some real good acoustics and the opposing team won’t even be able to hear a Rex Ryan fart.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!


    I don’t understand the love affair with Louis Murphy, either. He does drop the ball at times. His stats are only better than Darrius Heyward-Bey’s because they throw the ball to him so much more . . . and accurately. If Campbell can ever put the ball where it needs to be when he throws it to Heyward-Bey . . . .


    Ole Louis ….

    Dropped more balls than DHB, but for some reason he is the man to some. I was on to this guy his rookie year after than disaster of a preseason game against the Saints.

    Will Hue really bench the productive “leader” of that WR unit?

    Will DHB play his way out of the lineup?

    Don’t see how Murphy gets significant snaps when he does return.


    Then why don’t you drop the Raiders a line — like I actually did — and asked them to PLEASE throw the ball to Darrius Heyward-Bey more. Wide receivers aren’t point guards; they don’t make their own offense. They need to be included in the gameplan and then put in a position to make a difference. Who here can righteously say that he’s given opportunities? And why are those opportunities never quite the variety of the other WRs; short slants, crossing patterns? And never mind that nonsense about ‘not being open’! He’s open enough to target. Enough with the foolishness! Get off his ass! He does all that he is being asked to do.


    Man some of you guys can’t let up on the DHB or Soup. I am all for calling it like it is. Soup was shakey in Donkeyville but solid in Buffaloo and pretty dang good yesterday. He is slowly winning me over. DHB, the guy is doing everything they are asking of him. Everything. He showed Soup and Huge in the Donkey game that they could count on him in the clutch. He is playing well.
    Hagan DID start btw. Moore, Hagan and Bey were in 3WR set on first play. So even the “have to play Hagan” guys have nothing to complain about. They are all playing.


    DHB is suppose to be a top flight WR….plain and simple…he isnt doing everything asked of him…he isnt a game changer or difference maker…he made good money here and will always get alot of snaps undeservedly….we need back to back 100 yard games and also games where he absolutley kills the defense for us to be satisfied

  • EricTurner_R.I.P.

    Hey , Miami and for everyone else….I know where you can see live nfl games streaming from the net…That way you can never miss a raider game…I’m die hard raider fan…..And I live on the east coast so they don’t play much raider games on tv …So a friend of my told me about this site and now I can watch every raider game!!! Just let me know If you want the site addy …But I don’t know if i should post the site on here Cuz I’m afraid if I do Some one might look into the site and have it taken down….lol…GO RAIDERS BABY!!!!!!!

  • beedaweeda

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing on are offense but “mama there goes day man” I’m talking about run DMc but we need to get the ball to DhB c’mon MAN dude is hard to get down utilize this dudes skill I know Moore is boss and Jacoby is boss but dude number one pick I’m all about the team though whatever to get a win but I would like to see more of Dhb though skys the limit for this team!

  • beedaweeda

    DHB is hard to get down chromartie laid the hit and dude had to leave the game for bruised Lung that’s all I’m saying hoping for a break out year for dude