CB Moore not coming back to Raiders anytime soon


For those who aren’t following me on Twitter, just wanted to mention that cornerback Sterling Moore was signed by the New England Patriots and placed on their practice squad.
Moore was signed by the Raiders before training camp as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Methodist, and he remained on the team until the final roster cut. He was re-signed one day after he was cut and placed on the Raiders practice squad.
He was on Oakland’s practice squad until 10 days ago, when the Raiders released him and signed defensive back Ron Parker.
Moore, a local product out of Deer Valley High School, played well throughout camp and in Oakland’s four exhibition games. However, the Raiders opted to keep drafted rookies Chimdi Chekwa and DeMarcus Van Dyke, as well as Joe Porter instead.
I am headed out to practice in a few minutes. Stay tuned for several updates throughout the day, with the first one coming in about an hour.

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Steve Corkran

  • priesttj

    Listen guys I don’t have time for debate but let me sya this quick and go. DHB is by no means even close to what he will eventually be and yet he is still drawing teams best DB and drawing PI’s as well. If you go back and watch how Revis covered DHB and all the tricks he used to do so. DHB is still in his infant stages as a NFL rec’r no doubt that much is obvious but if he contin ues to improve over the course of this year and into next year he is going to be a hand full in fact he already is and he still doesn’t knwo what he’s doing. DHB plays the game FAIR and as a rec’r in this league you cannot do that. he doesn’t know enough to use the tricks that Fitz and polished rec’s use to get open. None of our rec’s know how to do it their learning and it shows on JC’s face when he wants them to do something quick so he can let go of the ball. DHB was mugged in the endzone as was Ford and no call. They don’t know the tricks of the trade yet. DHB has never played basketball much because he doesn’t use his body like he should he’s 6’2″ 220 when he’s cutting in and out of breaks he does push off all great rec’s push off to get separation. All great DB’s hold to close that gap he needs to use his hands more to ward off the DB and gain balance coming out of cuts. He plays too clean and he needs to cheat more. All our guys need to do it. As I’ve said about our rec’s they are ALL just learning the game and in the NFL it’s very physical and hard for them to adjust to taht’s why it takes so long for WR’s in this league. The defenses are very complicated and the players are ALL great even the average players are great.

    When they start to put together all the things that make great players great you’ll see a huge jump in consistency and production. But it just takes time. Our young talented Moore was being manhandled thus he could get open for JC I saw one play when JC took a 5 step drop and wanted to release to Hagan because he was teh primary and his back was still turned to JC so he had to throw it out of bounds. If you watch Welker he’s in and out of cuts so fast Brady can cut loose immediately the same is true with Gronkowski they get immediate separation. When you see JC pumping it’s because his rec’s take too long to get open and that has to change for us to be great……….period

    Ford has to read immediately and come open within 1.5 seconds so he can release the ball when he does that this offense will take off. Given he is in the slot as he has been so far.