Former Raiders CB Asomugha talks about Al Davis


Raiders managing general partner Al Davis received criticism for some of his recent selections in the NFL draft. One of those was for Davis taking cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha at the tail end of the first round of the 2003 draft.
Asomugha was converted from safety to cornerback, and he struggled for most of his first three NFL seasons. In his fourth season, Asomugha blossomed into an elite cornerback and, today, he is regarded as one of the elite players in the league.
Asomugha played for the Raiders his first eight NFL seasons before he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason. Here is what Asomugha had to say about Davis earlier today:

“It was a shock to hear this morning, Obviously, I was saddened by it. … I tried to reach out to some guys and see how it was going. It was tough.”

“His name will be the first that you year. He has done so much for the game and given so many people opportunities who, before him, those opportunities weren’t there. I’m one of those people he took a chance on me when not too many other people were doing that. He was throughout my career, a great advisor, a great coach for me and a great owner.”

“I never saw him in a negative light. … I’ve had nothing but the utmost respect for him.”

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Steve Corkran

  • HueKnows

    Nice story Exla..

  • personal foul

    I see the stat where the Raiders are 3rd in total wins since 1963. Taking into account how dismal the last decade has been, that’s even more impressive.

    Time to start building that cushion again.

  • Pretty Rick

    Al screwed up many times throughout his time as the man of the Raiders, but so did every other team. The difference is that Al Davis’ decisions were magnified simply because Al Davis was clearly on a bigger Stage than every other owner. I hated some of the things he did as well as loved some things he did. He cause the team to hit rock bottom for quite a few years but recently he laid the foundation the Raiders needed to make the turnaround that we’re witnessing right now. The current crop of draft choices (with a few hic ups) have been pretty big in the change that’s taking place. He brought in a real head coach (HueJax),,something we haven’t had in years. So I think Al knew he wouldn’t be around to see the ultimate results but I think he was content knowing he righted the ship before leaving. Love him or hate him,,the Raiders becoming winners again has Al Davis fingerprints all over it and nobody can deny the truth of it. I do look foward to seeing what’s next for the Raiders, but it’ll never be the same without Uncle Al.

    Raiders-27 Texans-10

  • 2romes

    Shame on all football fans but especially Raiders football fans that called on Al Davis death in the past. Your Dreams have come true and from your point of view happiness and good fortune is on your way. Those fans mentioned above are distance from the heart of football in my opinion.

    Al Davis, I love you and will miss you. your legend as one of football greats will live on through the Raider Nation. I will always view The Raider organization with A Al Davis stamp attached to it. I would not have traded you for any owner in football!!!!!! Keep calling the best plays from the skies for the Raider Nation. God Bless you Al Davis.

  • Plunketthead

    Snoop dog on Al Davis on BSPN in a few minutes