John Madden finally speaks about passing of Al Davis


Former Raiders head coach John Madden wasn’t heard from in the immediate wake of the passing of Raiders managing general partner Al Davis on Saturday.
Word was that Madden just wasn’t ready to speak about the passing of the man who hired him to be his head coach in 1969 and remained a close friend all these years. Madden regularly attended games and sat with Davis in the owner’s suite.
On Monday morning, Madden spoke briefly on 740-AM KCBS radio about his recollections of Davis as a person and owner.
Here is the entirety of what Madden said, courtesy of KCBS:

Madden: “There’s part of you that says, you know that he’s going to die, but there’s another part that says, Al Davis will never die. It’s Al Davis. Then, you think that he’s sick, he’s not doing well, but he’s a fighter, he’ll fight this, and he’s going to win. Then, you hear the call and you say, well, you shouldn’t be shocked. But it was very, very shocking. I still am. If you really knew him and you were a part of him, he was the most loyal friend or person that you could have. And then there was a lot of people that he didn’t know. Well, of course, he couldn’t be loyal to them. Like I said, Al Davis isn’t for everyone. Everyone’s not going to say that Al Davis is this or that, that he’s perfect, and he’s all these things. But if he’s your friend, if you played for him, if you coached for him, if you were part of the NFL, he was that guy. And there was no one that could be better at being that guy than Al Davis. He stood up for what he believed and he stood up for what he thought was right, not only for him but for other people.”

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Steve Corkran

  • DeuceDeuce

    MistaBrown Says:
    October 10th, 2011 at 12:23 pm
    Our O-line had a rough day yesterday I look for them to settle back into that groove against Clev and give JC a nice pocket to work with.

    Hue, no more deep balls near the sidelines I cant stomach JaSoup throwing it out of bounds. Start using the hash marks for deep stuff, ok ?


    Or how bout when he throws deep make it a lofty underthrown ball, that way Moore can make a play on it.

    Everyones so worried about getting beat deep by our speedsters, they should take advantage of it

  • I think we have the guys to get the job done they are just nowhere to be found. Its like theres 11 guys out there not knowing where they are supposed to be or where the other guys are.

    # SilverAndBlackBleeder Says:
    October 10th, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Mista – in talking about that, we definitely miss Thomas Howard to some degreee. He might not have always made the tackle on backs like LT, but at least he was there to try! Lol

  • LA to TheBay

    I’d like to see have an increased role, but when it comes down to it, why would anyone want Hue off the sidelines? Unless you’re talking about HC/GM, which is pretty unrealistic.

    Even if Hue has an increased roll, that basically gives him the power that 31 other Head Coaches already have.

    I think that Davis expressed to his inner circle how much he thought of Hue and that will be factored in when these decisions are made.

    Remember the “secret GM” of 2 years ago? Didn’t they name that guy recently? Gotta figure he’s a candidate.

    Doubt it would be someone outside the Davis tree.

  • Dakota

    Matt Millen was kizzing major Al azz on Saturday….hope he isn’t angling for the job. May be the only G.M. in NFL history that had a worse run than Al had recently….other than maybe Mike Brown.

  • SilverAndBlackBleeder

    Would’ve been a huge risk, but it would’ve been nice to let Seabass kick that 62 yarder instead of giving it back to ’em. Could’ve ended the game a whole lot sooner and would’ve helped everyone’s blood pressure a little saving us from the drama at the end. He was on a roll yesterday!

  • No Mas Diamante

    The new GM has to be a Raider guy- not an outsider. Someone close to Al.

    Oakland is where the Raiders belong. A new stadium closer to downtown would be cool. walking distance in an area with bars, restaurants, etc. Pac bell is a good example.

    I grew up in LA. The only team that shoud be considered there would be the Rams.

  • DMAC

    Darrius Heyward-Bey caught seven passes for 99 yards and a touchdown in the Raiders’ Week 5 win over the Texans.
    The Texans effectively shut down Denarius Moore (0 catches) with Johnathan Joseph, while selling out to stop Darren McFadden (season-low 68 total yards). Preying on Jason Allen’s single coverage, Heyward-Bey showed tackle-breaking ability on his 34-yard touchdown in the second quarter and now has 214 yards in his last two games. We’d say it’s time to start taking Heyward-Bey seriously, but he’s fooled us all too often in the past. He’s got the Browns and Joe Haden next on the docket.
    Could this be why Rex, put Revis on DHB?
    Break out season?

  • Hell to the “NO!” on Matt Millan!!!!!!!

  • No Mas Diamante

    Wonder what Marcus Allen’s thoughts are. Wonder if Al had any regrets over that one.

  • RaiderRockstar

    New GM????

    How would that play with Jackson?

    Wouldn’t the new GM want to bring in “his guy”?


    Jhill, yes.

    Agree 100%. Hue Jackson will finish out this season and probably next. Al Davis gave him a 2-year contract, right?

    the new GM will surely understand the unique situation he’s inherited and let Hue Jackson finish out his contract as the last Head Coach selected by Mr. Davis

    if Hue does well? i’m sure he’ll get an extension. If not, the new GM brings in “his guy”

    Hue Jackson went 2-2 as Head Coach while Davis was alive. That’s Tom Cable from last year – which wasn’t good enough. I doubt Davis would have HJ back if the Raiders finish 8-8 or worse this season, just saying.

    “Just Win, baby” doesn’t matter what you think of Hue Jackson. If he doesn’t create a winner, he’s toast

  • Method To My Madness

    117.MistaBrown Says:
    October 10th, 2011 at 12:09 pm
    If you are satisfied with this defense your only goal is to win the division not a SB. I never seen so many RB’s go uncovered out the backfield in all my life.


    we can win and we will win

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post, ladies

  • DMAC

    Please don’t mention Cable w/ Hue anymore.

  • Mickey Rat

    Hue Jackson should be considered as Head Coach-General Manager, with someone like either John Madden or Tom Flores being hired as a consultant to Mark Davis with some sort of title like Director of Football Operations. The first thing Amy Trask said publicly was that the Raiders would stay in Oakland. They belong in Oakland, not LA, but this just might speed up getting some other franchise to move to the LA area.

  • ArtilleryShell

    Hey Stu Schweigert, maybe you could tell us what is really wrong with the D. The ’83 Raiders won because of their D. Long, Pickel, Townsend, Millen, Hayes and Haynes.

    Maybe Hue would like the guy from Baltimore since he has some knowledge of him. Hue is the best coach we have had since John Madden, (despite the success, I was not a big Gruden fan, his running plays were too basic) but his energy and work ethic would be useful from a pro scouting perspective, and he did advocate Calvin Johnson over He Whose Name Merits No Mention.

  • ArtilleryShell

    I wonder if Al would object to Jimmie Johnson. He would probably like a front office position in a historic franchise like Oakland. He and Al were too much alike to ever work together

  • ‘d love to see TBrown and Marcus come back at the up front face and maybe admin.

  • supapimp

    @armchair GM thxs for posting youtube vid, it brought tears to my eyes. very emotional.

  • djohnnyg

    “You could make the argument that in the last fifty years there’s been no one more important to the sport of football than Al Davis”

    -Tony Kornheiser on the passing of Al Davis.

  • joker94583

    Went to my first Raiders game in 1970 at the age of five. I did several book reports and a good speech about Al Davis during my school days. I’ve met Madden and multiple players over the years. Hendricks, Blanda, Freddy B, Tooz, Stabler and others. Never had the honor of meeting Al but I always admired and respected Mr.Davis. I was saddened by his passing but I am also positive that the Raiders will continue in Al’s image. I’m blessed and lucky to have witnessed so many great Raiders teams of the 70’s and early 80’s. R.I.P. Mr Davis. Soldier on Raider Nation.

  • joker94583

    You realize that Al offered the GM job to Millen after he was fired in Detroit. Matt was just “too burned out” at the time. Just saying. Madden is pretty long in the tooth I doubt he would be a GM but maybe a consultant role. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce Allen come back.

  • GalacticGus

    hey guys, don’t worry. Al Davis’s Ghost will haunt MR and KK and all the imposter fans and his wrath will come crashing down on them. hahaha maybe not. Davis is a good enough guy to see how miserable they are already and let them wallow in their own misery until they choose a real transformation. if they choose to. and I am not talking about transforming by means of hiding with aliases. lol Just WIN Baby