Raiders live chat today at noon


In the aftermath of arguably the most emotional weekend in Raiders history after the passing of Al Davis, please join us for an Inside the Raiders live chat today at noon as Jerry McDonald steps in for Steve Corkran today.


Jon Becker

  • beach

    Dvrick, Go blow Seau. He won a total of ZERO Super Bowls.

  • JT


    1. Bring in a formidable DC. Now that Al has passed, we might see more coaches willing to relocate to Alameda. Raiders need to have a top 5 defense to be Super Bowl relevant.

    2. Bring in a Old Raider to bridge transition for the next generation GM. I’m thinking Madden. Madden can instill the raider way to a new GM.

  • 2romes

    Bottom line someone has to hire the illegal aliens illegally for them to take American jobs.Who does the most hiring of illegal aliens??? ENGLANDRAIDER may have the money to hire them. I don’t and many Americans dont have the money to hire them.

  • qodrn

    Dedicated to the legacy of Al Davis
    Defended by the Rally Squirrel

    First: Ghostraider (exact score)
    Second: Sullivan44
    Third: Pretty Rick
    Fourth: Sullivan44
    Fifth: Fingers

    860Todd Christensen Raiders 31 Cleveland 13
    alex7 Raiders 27 Browns 20 Defensive/ST touchdown for Oakland
    fingers Raiders..30 Browns 20
    ghostraiders Raiders 31. Cleveland 13.
    Hagar the Horrible Raiders 34 – Browns 10
    qodrn Raiders 28 Browns 10
    r8eray 38-17 Raiders
    Raiders_83 Raiders 45 Browns 9
    rob_raider raiders 38 browns 6
    Silverandblack666 Raiders 35 Browns 13
    Sullivan44 Raiders 38, Brownies 21

  • qodrn

    I have to laugh whenever I hear Cleveland Browns. At least Boston has Red Sox. Unless I misunderstand and a brown is a bear or something. Who names a team after a color?