Coach Hue Jackson: LB Curry will play one position, be ‘great’


The Raiders still are awaiting word from the league on the approval of their trade for Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Aaron Curry.
Coach Hue Jackson said he is excited about the prospect of welcoming aboard Curry, who fell from favor with the Seahawks a little more than two years after being selected with the No. 4 pick of the 2009 NFL draft.
“Very close, very close,” Jackson said of the status of the trade, “and when it’s completed, I’ll be very excited about it. Very excited about it.”
Curry struggled with the Seahawks, especially in pass coverage. The knock on him is that he lacks the necessary football instincts to succeed in the NFL.
Jackson said he watched plenty of videotape of Curry, and he is convinced that Curry can be a productive player for the Raiders.
The key, Jackson said, is finding what Curry does best, turning him loose and reaping the dividends.
“I don’t want to put him in a whole bunch of spots,” Jackson said. “I want to let him play one thing and let him become great because the guy has great talent.”
Jackson makes it sound as if Curry is without flaw. Curry’s play the past two-plus seasons with the Seahawks suggests otherwise.
Recently, the Seahawks benched Curry in favor of rookie K.J. Wright, a fourth-round draft pick. Even so, Jackson is undeterred.
“He’s athletic, he can run, he tackles, he takes on linemen, he takes on backs,” Jackson said. “He’s a really good football player. Obviously, I can’t speak to what went on up there, but I know what’s going to go on here. So I’m excited about getting him.”

If form holds, the Raiders will lose to the Browns on Sunday.
The rationale? The Raiders won the opener, lost the second game, won the third, lost the fourth and won last Sunday.
Jackson said it’s time to break the pattern.
“I don’t like that,” Jackson said. “That’s not the kind of football we want to play. The expectation here is raised. We’re not about that win-lose, win-lose stuff. Hopefully, that’s a thing of the past. We’ve been doing a little bit of it but I didn’t like it and I told our team I don’t like it.
“If we’re going to be the team I think we can become we have to get out of that mode. Every game we got to go into it with the expectation of winning and then we have to find a way to win it.”

Jackson on Wednesday was a tad ambiguous about his plans for rookie quarterback Terrelle Pryor, saying he wanted to get a look at him in practice so that he could decide how best to use his talents.
On Thursday, Jackson clarified his stance on Pryor’s future with the Raiders. For now, at least, there aren’t any plans to convert him to wide receiver, tight end or any other position.
“He’s still a quarterback,” Jackson said. “Terrelle Pryor’s going to play quarterback for the Raiders. He’s not playing anything else.”

When Raiders linebacker Kamerion Wimbley plays the Browns on Sunday, he will be assigned to get after quarterback Colt McCoy on a regular basis.
Seems only fitting, given the Browns selected McCoy with the 2010 third-round draft pick they received from the Raiders in a trade for Wimbley before the draft.
The Raiders received that third-rounder as part of the compensation they netted from the New England Patriots in a trade of defensive end Derrick Burgess.
Wimbley responded with a team-high nine sacks last season. He has only one sack this season but he has been productive nonetheless, Jackson and defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan said.
“I’ve been going back and reviewing film and I’ve been getting a lot of pressures,” Wimbley said. “It might not result in me getting a sack but if one of my other teammates gets one, it’s just as good. So, as long as we’re getting back there, affecting the quarterback and making plays on defense, I’m doing my job.”
Jackson said Wimbley’s sack total is a result of teams paying more attention to Wimbley. However, it’s just a matter of time before the sacks show up again.
“Teams find ways, different ways to block him, because he had such a good year a year ago,” Jackson said. “What he has to do is find a different way to get there. That’s what we’re trying to do. He’s going to be fine. It’s still early in the year. He’s going to start getting some of those sacks in bunches here pretty soon.”
Bresnahan said Wimbley is fresh from his best game of the season.
“We’ve got to put our playmakers on defense in position to make plays,” Bresnahan said. “I heard the question before about the one sack. He’s getting better every game, he really is. He’s accomplishing and filling his role on this defense right now.
Would we like to see a little more production and getting him involved a little bit more? Absolutely, but I can help that.”

Add free safety Michael Huff to the list of players who weren’t healthy enough to practice Thursday. Once again, his sore ankle has flared up.
Jackson said he is confident that Huff will be well enough to play Sunday, though. He also isn’t ruling out fullback Marcel Reece returning to action this Sunday. He has missed the past two games.

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Steve Corkran

  • RaydaSwagger

    -Raider Says:
    October 13th, 2011 at 1:40 pm
    yep and what has he given them in return??


    They can’t afford to pay 2 running backs top dollar which is what M. Bush will be getting beggining next season.

  • Blackmamba_20

    Later LA

  • Silverandblack666

    So true AIG

  • EYoung

    Now that AD is gone, who is going to run the organization? His son?

  • Blackmamba_20

    this talk of Jacoby is insane..
    I can live with Bush,
    DMAC would get more TD since Bush gets all those red zones on the back of DMACS heroics.. TD is a TD however.

    p.s who drew the penalty to negate DMACS 40 yarda vs Texans?

  • aig-raiders


    not in CA yet. Damn that cost of living there. Scared as heck thinking about moving back there next year with the cost of living. Wify better get a good job for all my sacrifices. Enjoying my time in AZ. Golf is so dang good and cheap here. Wished we could settle here but that wont happen. Mortgage has been picking up so life is good.

  • Tjbwall


  • Tjbwall

    lackmamba_20 Says:
    October 13th, 2011 at 2:56 pm
    this talk of Jacoby is insane..
    I can live with Bush,
    DMAC would get more TD since Bush gets all those red zones on the back of DMACS heroics.. TD is a TD however.

    p.s who drew the penalty to negate DMACS 40 yarda vs Texans?


  • GoodOle00

    43. Carlise has been remarkably good

    A real surprise.

    Same with Barnes.


  • joker94583

    Why? Why do the Raiders chase these dud players? The knock is he has no football instincts? Great just what the Defense needs.


    52.Just Fire Baby Says:
    October 13th, 2011 at 2:27 pm
    Crazy that Davis makes an impact play with the blocked punt and gets axed.

    Bones Fassel must have confidence that it is his schemes, not his players blocking all these punts.


    It is crazy and I guess he must.

    It always makes me uneasy when we get players from a team that has a coach who was fired by the Raiders.
    Cable did some good things for the Raiders but he’s with Seattle now and is going to do whatever he can to screw us.
    Yes, I know he’s just the OL coach.
    It just makes me uneasy.