Get ready for Boller

Hue Jackson would commit to nothing in his weekly press briefing until the trading deadline had passed and he examined every option available in the wake of Jason Campbell’s loss with a broken clavicle.

He wouldn’t even say flat-out that Boller would start Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hard to imagine any other scenario, however, considering what’s out there. Quarterbacks on the market are there for a reason. Other than the case of Carson Palmer, none are considered good enough for an NFL roster.

And Palmer’s not coming here, not with the bloated salary he has coming this season, and the fact that Cincinnati is only to happen to have him remain without a job as Andy Dalton thrives as a rookie quarterback.

As for Kyle Orton, another quarterback with a big salary, the Denver Broncos reportedly want draft picks. The Raiders have already parted with second, third, fourth and seventh-round draft picks in next year’s draft for deals that brought in Taiwan Jones, Joe Barksdeal, Campbell and Aaron Curry.

David Garrard? In need of back surgery, according to Fox Sports.

That leaves a relatively motley crew of quarterbacks such as Josh McCown, Troy Smith, Todd Bouman, Brodie Croyle, Trent Edwards (fill in your own available quarterback here) . . . you get the picture.

Boller has been here. He knows the offense, has played in a game and looked OK by his final possession after a week of no practice.

If the quarterback isn’t Boller and they found someone to come in and replace him in short order, that means they made a colossal mistake in constructing their roster. Boller should have never been the backup in the first place.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer