Former Bengals safety says he has signed with Raiders

For what it’s worth, former Cincinnati Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe said via Twitter that he has signed with the Raiders.
“I’m excited to announce I JUST signed with the Oakland @Raiders ! Looking fwd to playing in #RaiderNation,” Ndukwe said on his Twitter account.
For the record, the Raiders have not announced the transaction, and it has not been confirmed anywhere else, so this is a wait-and-see proposition.
Ndukwe, 26, spent his first four NFL seasons with the Bengals, where he started 31 games. He is 6-feet-2 and 224 pounds.
None of the Raiders safeties is injured, which makes this a curious move on the surface.

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Steve Corkran

  • edward teach

    If we are going to get anyone that could start, I would guess McNabb. Don’t think it would be a good fit because he’s not even a shadow of what he used to be, but Minnesota is already talking about replacing him with Ponder. The Vikings are an NFC team so don’t care if we get better or not and aren’t making the playoffs anyway.

  • GG

    McNabb refused to be traded to us remember, took Redskins instead, what caused Campbell to come here. I’d turn my back on him purely for this reason, plus his ability is in decline.

  • rob_raider

    yeah mcnabb isn’t what he was. but his rating this year is 82.9 and his career is 85.6. i think the team just sucks and they’re deciding to go w/ the future. he would come cheap. and he might have the combination of experience/swagger/arm that would fit in real well.

  • rob_raider

    still like orton. i think he’s decent and it’s likely the broncos want him gone. a distraction to tebow.

  • GG

    One things for certain, we need a proven vet. Cant sneeze at Cutler, Palmer, Favre, McNabb. ANother reason why not McNabb, he’s a west coast pupil. We run Coryell. This wouldn’t suit McNabb or Favre, tho Favre is incredibly able to learn whole playbooks in a couple weeks. Cutler under Martz makes sense, tho highly unlikely such a mega trade between 3 teams would happen. Probably easier to just try McNabb, cost less and we dont have to lose Murphy, Mitchell, etc.

  • GG

    if we have to roll with Boller, here’s hoping a lot of reps this week means he can perform at least up to par with how Campbell has been playing (average).

  • rob_raider

    here’s hoping he doesn’t throw more than 2 picks and throws for at least 150 yards and 1 td. yes folks, that will be a good game for him. ugh. not looking forward to this sunday’s game.

  • rob_raider

    lots of screens and short little dumpoffs that he still misses by 5 yards. lots of bad body language by the wr’s, like “seriously?”. and lots of groaning in the stands and at home. they tried to tell the world in baltimore and in st. louis, but we didn’t listen. yes, hue i know u know him. and he has some talent. but really, this won’t end very well.

  • GG

    Might have to be a lot of short passing, he seemed capable (the swing pass to ford, the slants to dhb)

  • edward teach

    102.GG Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 3:39 am
    McNabb refused to be traded to us remember, took Redskins instead, what caused Campbell to come here. I’d turn my back on him purely for this reason, plus his ability is in decline.


    While I agree with you that McNabb isn’t the player he used to be, I wouldn’t turn my back on him because he didn’t want to be here two years ago.

    We’re a vastly different team than we were then, and have a legitimate shot at the playoffs. If you think someone may be able to help you do that, you don’t care about two years ago.

  • edward teach

    One added benefit to McNabb’s being here; he currently plays in the NFC North.

    We have Detroit, Minnesota and Green Bay on the schedule this year. He knows those teams better than anyone else on our roster right now.

  • edward teach

    We also play the Bears. Forgot about that one.

  • rob_raider

    GG Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 4:06 am
    Might have to be a lot of short passing, he seemed capable (the swing pass to ford, the slants to dhb)


    yeah the old “we have a bad qb so we’re gonna throw stuff he can hopefully complete” offense. seen it far too often in years past. at least campbell could make all the throws. boller is just so inaccurate, every 5 yards he throws downfield increases his pick % like 10%.

  • rob_raider

    please hue. surprise me today. please. please.

  • GG

    Edward Teach…

    you’re right. I guess it’s smart to not turn your back. Especially as we need help there. And you make some good new points about the NFC North schedule that he would help us game-plan against. In the end, I guess he’d probably be the ‘best’, as he doesnt have a big salary, he wont cost us dearly in terms of draft picks, wont have to lose good players like Mitchell/Bush/Murphy.

    yeah, it’s gonna be a hairy adventure for the team and us fans versus the Chiefs if Boller starts. The head obviously cringes knowing what Boller is like.

  • rob_raider

    well, the mystery will be over today. if the trade deadline passes, that means it’s only free agents, and w/o garrard, that leaves favre and a bunch guys who will carry a clipboard. it’s Christmas morning. did santa hue bring us a new toy? or will we end up w/ brown socks from grandma.

  • edward teach

    I’m thinking brown socks from grandma, Rob.

    We can hope though, right?

  • GG

    brown socks from grandma

  • GG

    Lol, just to keep stirring the Cutler thing.

    PFT, Matt Forte wants a trade, and two teams have discussed it. So…

    Broncos acquire: Forte, Murphy
    Bears acquire: Bush, Mitchell, Orton
    Raiders acquire: Cutler

    lol, sorry just had to keep speculating.

  • Just Fire Baby

    You guys are hilarious with the Cutler talk.

    The Bears gave up two 1’s, Kyle Orton and others for him.

    Two years later, he took them to the NFC championship game.

    The asking price for Cutler, would be higher than what the Bears paid for him, being how well he has played with that disaster of an O-line in front of him.

    Mike Bush and Louis Murphy, lol.

    That duo probably wouldn’t even get us Kyle Orton or Donovan McNabb. Teams would rather just get a 3rd round pick than those two.

    Players are valued MUCH, MUCH lower than draft picks these days.

    The NFL’s leading WR in yardage last year was just dumped for a 6th rounder. Lou Murphy couldn’t even get us a conditional 7th rounder right now. Bush would probably go for a 4th or 5th rounder at best.

  • dondiraider

    Maybe were shipping a safety to the bengals for Palmer since we dont have many draft picks?

  • HitManMorris

    If we are trading anything for Palmer, how about one of the under used but talented receivers on the roster? Let Schillens and maybe Murphy or Hagan go?