Important numbers to keep in mind with Palmer trade


As the Raiders near completion of a trade for quarterback Carson Palmer, here’s some important numbers to keep in mind:

62.9 — That is Palmer’s career completion percentage. He is a very accurate passer, especially on intermediate and deep throws. That has to be enticing to Raiders coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Al Saunders.

5/6 — Those are the rounds the Raiders hold draft picks in for the 2012 NFL draft. The first-rounder would go to the Bengals, the third-rounder was used to get quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft in August, the second-rounder was used to get third- and fourth-round picks from the Patriots in this year’s draft, and the fourth-rounder went to the Washington Redskins for quarterback Jason Campbell.
The seventh-rounder went bye-bye in a trade for outside linebacker Aaron Curry last week.
On the bright side, the Raiders likely will receive one or more compensatory selection for losing free agents Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery.

97 — Palmer has started 97 games during his eight-year NFL career — he sat out his rookie season, by the way. That is 27 starts more than Campbell.

32 — Palmer turns 32 in December, and he has absorbed a ton of hits during his career.

289 — That’s how many days it has been since Palmer played in a game of any kind. Therefore, it’s likely that Palmer will need some time before he is up to speed.

28 — The Raiders haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 1983 season. Hence, Jackson is making good on his oft-repeated mantra about “the time is now.”
If the Raiders win a Super Bowl with Palmer at quarterback, no one will remember how much Palmer cost to bring aboard.

86.9 — Palmer’s passer rating isn’t in the range of, say Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but he has a track record of stringing together impressive games.
Campbell’s passer rating is 82.8 during his NFL career. He posted an 84.5 for the Raiders last season and is at 84.2 this season.

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Steve Corkran

  • silverback

    There is no downside for Hue in this trade. If Palmer takes the Raiders back to glory
    he’s golden. If he flops Hue is still an attractive hire based on what he has already
    done here.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Carson Palmer’s contract, per Roto

    2011: $11.5 million ($7.44 mil by Oakland)
    2012: $11.5 million
    2013: $13 million
    2014: $14 million

  • ghostraiders

    I hear Boller is pissed off… he says he’s going to retire.. unless he gets traded!!…. Maybe cincy will give us a #1 pick for him!! Lmao!!..

  • During Monday’s Raiders-Bengals edition of PFT Live, FOX’s Jay Glazer said that the Bengals get a second first-round pick if the Raiders win a playoff game in 2011. Otherwise, the Bengals get a first-round pick in 2012 and a second-round pick in 2013. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen also has reported these basic terms.

  • Seymour Bush

    RedneckRaider Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Next year’s QB Depth Chart?

    1. Palmer
    2. Campbell
    3. Pryor

    I’ll take it.

    Unfortunately, I think Campbell is the odd guy out here.

  • RaiderRockstar

    back 2 work – later gents!

  • 1. With the new CBA implementing a real rookie wage scale, first-round picks are worth more than they were before 2011, especially in the upper reaches of the round. Teams can now acquire blue-chip talent at far lower pay, squatting on them for at least five years. At a time when not many players have been yielding first-round picks via trade, the possibility that the Raiders will give up two of them for Palmer is stunning.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    3 mins to the deadline still no palmer

  • If he’s BrownStains then does that make MR ….or ahh….Sullivan WhiteStains?

  • 2. Even if Palmer stinks and the Raiders otherwise make it to the postseason and win one game, the compensation becomes two first-rounders. It’s unknown whether the Raiders pressed for a trigger based on Palmer’s performance, but given the way he played last year, it would have made sense to get such protection.

  • ghostraiders

    Jr… if that’s true.. raiders have 1 minute to that…. oh nexver mind….. its 1:00 pm… bush not traded!!, LOL..

  • Seymour Bush

    KoolKell Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    MistaBrown Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    You Dem tax takers occupiers can watch while the rest of us tax payers work to support you.

    I wish I could watch TV right now!

    BrownStains, what kind of work do you do?

    And remember stumbling around shi**ing and pissing in someone’s doorway is not work.

  • HayesDaze37

    So…MB can’t watch TV in the daytime, but he can put in countless hours online, hammering away on other people, while his boss thinks he’s actually working?

    Sounds like a…


  • HayesDaze37

    KK — At least cite the source when copying someone else’s work.

    Thank you

  • TheToozFan55

    MistaBrown! Yes, I just retired in April after 31 years for the Feds………………………

    i suspect you work for the Feds as well since you get to sit at your desk all day blogging here…………..

    Don’t be a hater!

  • Kirk

    Quotes from an interesting article…..

    Only one problem: He hasn’t played in over nine months. He’s not in football shape, and, frankly, I don’t know what kind of shape he’s in, period. Plus, he’s stepping into an unfamiliar scene. It’s not as if he’s returning to the Cincinnati Bengals after missing half a season. He’s going somewhere he hasn’t been.

    “I understand,” said a league source, “but he’s 1,000 times better than the quarterback they have, and every time he goes out to practice they’re going to know it.

    “Plus, he’s a helluva guy, and he’s going to be so energized to be there it will carry over to the rest of the club. They’re going to know that they have themselves more than just a quarterback; they have themselves a leader.

    “And he’s going to look like a Raider. He’s bigger than everyone, he’s stronger than everyone and he throws the ball farther than everyone. That’s a Raider.”

    The conditioning will be a factor. It always is. I remember talking to Detroit’s Jim Schwartz this summer when he said the biggest hurdle that players who went through the lockout had to overcome was learning the difference between being “in shape” and being “in football shape.” They don’t understand, he said, until they engage in contact and go through drills.

    In Palmer’s case, it may be when he takes a snap in a game.

    “But this guy is a workout freak,” said our AFC coach. “I understand he will have to get himself into ‘football shape,’ but he’s not going to have to lose 15 pounds. He’s going to come to the Raiders ready to play.”

    His point about relying on his running backs is a good one. Oakland is the league’s second-ranked rushing offense, and they’re physical up front — grinding down opponents while Darren McFadden and Michael Bush run over, around and through them. In its second defeat of San Diego last year, the Raiders ran 52 times for a season-high 251 yards, with quarterback Jason Campbell asked to throw only 16 times.

    Carson Palmer can do that.

    “Carson Palmer is the real deal,” said an AFC offensive coordinator. “I know the Raiders paid a high price for him, but people don’t know how good he is … or can be … because there was so much going on in Cincinnati.

    “Believe it or not, I think there will be an order and discipline here that will benefit him. Yeah, I know his numbers lately weren’t that good in Cincinnati, but there was a lot going on there that isn’t in Oakland.”

    Now there’s plenty going on in Oakland, and Carson Palmer is in the middle of it. There’s no question his addition makes the Raiders better. What we don’t know is how much.

  • J Hill

    So the alternative to making this trade would have been to go with Boller for the rest of the year, and maybe Pryor if Boller couldn’t win.

    What would the ceiling of expectations be if we did that?

    I would say POSSIBLY getting a wild card, but most likely seeing what we had in Pryor before the next draft.

    1st rd pick next year would have been no higher than 15 or so, imo. Don’t think we get a decent QB prospect that would be better than Boller or Campbell at 15 in next year’s draft.

    We are a better team with Carson Palmer than we were with Jason Campbell. That’s the bottom line here to me. I don’t care about the extra 1st rd pick that we gave up in 2013. 2011 and 2012 are going to be VERY good years for us.

  • priesttj

    That’s what I keep telling people who are so upset about the draft picks. We just stole AC and Pryor this was a move that had to be made. I know it’s a steep price I remember when we got Plunkett he was a shell of himself and we let him heal and put him in a greta situation and he won 2 Super Bowls as you saw with Curry a fesh start can sometimes renew a players spirits.

    If Carson Palmer can regain 80% of his ability, we had to make this move………….period

  • TheToozFan55

    Yesterday i was adamant that we should not give a 1st round pick for Palmer. Now I’m EXCITED!!!! NFL channel says they’d be surprised if he doesn’t start Sunday against the chiefs!

    Oakland – 27
    Chiefs – 10

  • 8RaiderReign8


  • fingers

    Like this trade …. Listened to TJ Houz talk about the zip in Palmers throws…

  • RaidersMom

    The guy on NFLN just said he firmly believes CP will start vs. KC. That’s the 2nd guy that I have heard say that. They are showing CP in a black shirt with a Raiders hat on! He looks awesome and very very happy! He was signing his contract.

  • priesttj

    This is immediately a much different team it may take him a month to start getting on the same page with our rec’s but then it should start to click. They’re saying he will start on Sunday vs the Chiefs. That is crazy stupid I just don’t understand how Hue is going to pull this off but from what everyone is saying Carson will be the starting QB immediately.

  • RaidersMom

    Lombardi just said he “took a significant pay cut” to come play for Oakland (in the $3m range)

  • TheToozFan55

    Well, priest, i think he’ll be as good as Boller? Besides, he does have 4 full days to practice……he doesn’t necessarily have to throw long bombs down the field. Just dink and dunk and hand off the ball.

  • TheToozFan55

    Among those traded for 2 first round picks. Keyshawn Johnson and Joey Galloway. LOLOL, this has to be better than those 2 trades.

  • RaidersMom

    In Cincy’s presser they were quoted as saying they got a 1st and a 2nd rounder (Per NFLN Lombardi) Raiders yet to have presser. CP signed the contract in the HOF room which Lombardi said was where Al had pictures of all his players that made it there.

  • gtown1_sj

    I am “NOT” concerned about this move. Hue has done due diligence and has shown that he can make good personnel decisions. If he could’ve picked his own DC I would be 100% certain RAIDERS would be a SB contender. AC was a brilliant move. Use him in obvious running situations and out on passing downs until he gets better. JC is good, but he is not very accurate on long throws. CP will defnitely do better and he can pull off the primary receiver whereas JKC throws it to the Primary receiver whether he’s covered or not.

  • RaydaSwagger


    96.RaydaSwagger Says:
    October 18th, 2011 at 9:08 am
    Hue Jackson is not mortgaging the future. The future is here and now for the next 5 years. If Carson Palmer gives us 2 good years he is well worth the first round pick. By the time Palmer’s contract expires Tyrelle Pryor will have had enough understudy time and will be ready to take over with the Raiders never missing a beat.

    The Oakland Raiders have enough young talent to last the next 3 drafts. What they need at this point is a good balance of veteran leadership.

    In addition, if Pryor is not ready as an NFL Quarterback that gives the Raiders enough time to access that situation and begin to develop another Quarterback all the while contending for a super bowl.

  • fingers

    I think the Raiders could still beat the Chefs with Boller … Tough game?.. Yep, Afc west games are always tuff….

    Im still expecting Boller to start Sunday…. But wouldn’t be suprised if Hue did start Palmer
    …Hue doesn’t seem to let the grass grow under his feet…the coach makes moves …

  • RaydaSwagger


    His family has already been here. There will be no moving involved. They only moving that will be involved will be him moving his gear into his locker.

  • RaidersMom

    Raiders presser scheduled for 4PM PT. ~Per NFLN

  • HayesDaze37

    New post, people!

  • sirblitzalot

    Numbers lie all the time. Look at the N.E. game, for example (Payback is a gonna be-och). When analyzing Palmer’s numbers you have to consider the circumstances under which he had to operate. He is going to have some time to operate in this pocket. And every target he tosses to will be able to catch the ball. Handing it to Bush or DMAC are his other options. How can you loose? Even it is true that Palmer is about the same caliber as JC (poor JC, instant QB controversy again!!): that is better than putting all are eggs in Boller’s basket!