Jason Campbell looks ahead in first interview since injury


Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell talked with 95.7-FM “The Game” displaying the same composure he did with media since he arrived. He spoke on Friday on a show called, “The Drive w/Brandon Tierney & Eric Davis”

No bitterness about the trade for Carson Palmer. Nothing in the way of “woe is me.”‘

It’s easy to say he shouldn’t harbor ill will because he’s being paid $4.5 million this season, and there’s an element of truth to that. At the same time, it hasn’t stopped players making far more from saying the wrong things.

Here’s the transcript, courtesy of 95.7’s John Dickinson:

On the injury:
It’s frustrating. I’d like be out with my teammates on Sunday.

Did you have a “why me?” moment?
Coming over here was a fresh start… I felt great about coming here… This year started off really good. Overcoming so many obstacles… losing Mr. Davis. Still winning… It’s such a big year for me and our team… It’s not a time for me to get negative or down. I have to respond… get my health right. Once I get healthy, we’ll see what happens from that standpoint.

On the play versus Cleveland in which he was hurt:
I knew if I can’t get the read I wanted that I’d probably have to run for the first down… Then [Cleveland LB Scott] Fujita tackled me, he landed right on top of me… the only thing I felt was a bone just crack. And I knew at the time it was my collarbone… One part of the collarbone was up and the other was down… It had broken in tow… I knew I was hurt… but just wanted to know how long? Just kept asking how long?

How much did coach Hue Jackson talk to you about the Carson Palmer trade?
I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him before the trade happened. I had surgery Sunday night… so I still didn’t really know what happened. Started getting text messages… there’s been a trade… and that’s when I saw what happened. As a player in this league, you can’t worry about the things that go on from a business side of things… you know what you’re worth… you know what you’ve done for this franchise since you got here

My goal is to get back as healthy as possible when I can… don’t get caught up with all the things going on and what’s being said because we all don’t know. I don’t want to put myself in a position where I’m stressing about stuff I don’t need to be worrying about.

Do you feel disenfranchised based on the chance that you’ll be back this season?
… It upsets you to a point, but you’ve been in these shoes before…. You just don’t ever know what’s going to happen… don’t get caught up in it.

What was going through your mind when you saw the Hue Jackson /Carson Palmer news conference?
I was halfway still on pain medicine. It was kind of a moment of silence. My fiancé looked at me to see if I was gonna say something. There’s different things that go through your mind but you don’t want to fill your mind with those thoughts… My whole mindset right now is to keep things as positive as possible… I want to be as supportive as to them [my teammates] as they were to me…. Everything will work itself out.

Can Carson Palmer come in and play this Sunday?
…They’d have to cut down some of the playbook because we do a lot of different shifts and motions to try to keep defenses on their heels and from that standpoint, you have to try to do things that’s easy for him and at the same point, he can adjust to because he’s been out of football for awhile… They will definitely have to simplify a lot of the offense.

What has coach Hue Jackson said to you about your future with the team?
He said “Don’t worry about any of the things out there being said… just worry about getting healthy. I still believe in you. We brought you here. You’ve done everything we’ve asked of you. You helped turn the franchise around. You’re winning. You’re playing good. Don’t get frustrated… just focus on getting back healthy and move forward.”

How are you thinking about moving forward for the rest of the season?
My standpoint is that I’ve built such a relationship with these guys. I’m very close to a lot of the guys on the team… and it’s hard not to be there with them. My standpoint is I don’t know what the future holds… My goal is that when I’m healthy and get back on the field, and play, and play well, and then we’ll see what happens.

How would you sum up Raider Nation to Carson Palmer?
First, I appreciate everything that Raider Nation has done since I’ve been injured… as a player, you really take that to heart. My family, they really appreciate it. When you come here, to the Raiders, this is a real fan base… I’m so happy for them to see a football team… to give them something to cheer about.

Here’s a link to the audio, for those who want to listen to the entire interview. Again, this comes courtesy of 95.7. http://bit.ly/rh36iG

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Silverandblack666

    Albert Bigelow Paine

    I used to play Buddy Guys club on 7th and Wabash…..now here is my question to you….what is right next to Buddy Guys club?

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    wee said cervantes

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    Thanks No mas. . That’s good into! !

  • zopi

    Yep. Plenty of SoCal Raider fans around.

    Smack in the middle of Chargerland, there are plenty of Raider fans. I still remember Raider games at the Murph with half the stadium or more in Silver and Black, like a home game.

    The notorious fights are vintage, I can’t remember of any other stadium with such heavy rent-a-cop security (former football players) plus SDPD employed for a game. The Thursday night game should be a classic, specially if the Raiders are on a 4 game winning streak. Can’t wait.

  • No Mas Diamante

    Was Dakota drunk last night?

  • elraidmanhattan

    I have been a raider fan since 1970, got my first helmet then, was between the oilers and the raiders, I first cried watching the immaculate reception on a small black and white TV, yes I I bleed silver and black….forever.

  • ghostraiders

    I thought that 4.5 might have went down since it looks like no jano and boller starting. ..

  • ghostraiders

    Yea.. he was drinking whiskey. .. I told him I was just kidding….. but he put down as a hater anyway..lol

  • No Mas Diamante

    I’m still taking the raiders and the over. KC has nothing except for bowe and a rb who is playing well

  • realtruraider

    PFF_Rick Rick Drummond
    by VittorioTafur
    #raiders Seymour, Kelly, Henderson among top-rated interior run defenders @profootbalfocus, Seymour also No. 1 interior pass rusher
    9 hours ago

  • Silverandblack666 Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 10:13 am
    Albert Bigelow Paine

    I used to play Buddy Guys club on 7th and Wabash…..now here is my question to you….what is right next to Buddy Guys club?
    I don’t know what is right next door, but I do know that Columbia College is right over there. Also, my old landlord used to be a blues drummer and played with Buddy Guy. He took me to the club once. They called him “Homie”. His name is James Sims.

  • Pretty Rick

    ABP,,,if it’s just a city thing and you’re from San Francisco then shouldn’t you be a 49er fan? Of course not! The point I’m making is that wether in Oakland LA or where ever they land I root for the Raiders team not the city. And why you hate LA? What’s up with that my man?

  • Silverandblack666

    A tltty bar

  • ghostraiders

    Pretty rick… there’s a lot of Raiders fans in s.f…. a lot..

  • Fu$k Campbell. The only reason we are not undefeated is because of him. I blame our record on him. How could you not be undefeated with the running game that we have. He was the reason we lost those two games. Also he is the reason the other games we won we could have lost. He kept our opponents close. It’s time for a new era for the RAIDERS the CP3 ERA.

  • Dakota , who do you think you are? Andy kaufman?

    More like Tony clifton.

    and we’re the studio audience of SNL?

    Please. your hubris hurts.

    Who even cares? I blog for Raider news!

    Lacking attention @ home? Probably get crickets there as well. . .

    The silence is deafening (hopefully). . .

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    Thec07 Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 8:13 am
    MikieG, i am at the airport. Flying up to watch the Raiders kic the chefs in the ass
    Nice buddy Happy landings, time to represent!!

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    Dakota’s wife is 300 pounds.

    Go Raiders!

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    Dakota, I will tolerate you so long as you respect the others on this board and keep your posts about football instead of politics or moving the franchise around. The Raiders belong in Oakland, period.
    Prediction for this week’s game… Raiders 38, Chiefs 17.

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