Looks like Rayner will be kicking


Both the NFL Network and ESPN are reporting the Raiders are planning to sign Dave Rayner to kick against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rayner by far was the most experienced place kicker of the three who tried out Friday (Rhys Lloyd and Ricky Schmitt were the others) with Sebastian Janikowski ailing with a hamstring injury.

When the Raiders sign Rayner, they’ll need to waive, release or place a player on injured reserve to make room on the roster.

Janikowski wasn’t moving well Friday, and it makes sense to give him the week off and rehab through the bye week so he could possibly be ready to kick Nov. 6 when the Raiders host the Broncos.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Kill your idols and quit living in the past. Al’s biggest fault was that he held on to past successes rather than looking for new ways of doing things.

  • ArtilleryShell

    Old School rules
    I remember watching game without the 24/7 info planted on the screen, when you had to kinda judge for yourself if they made a first down, and keep track fo down and distance for yourself. Wish I could turn it off sometimes, at least on our games.
    I am concerned about a letdown against KC. No Seabass and no confidence in Boller. Def will have to win it and hoepfully we can avoid any more injuries

  • Just Fire Baby

    Priest is an old-school die-hard Raider fan.

    Just don’t pay attention to his draft takes, because they are always way off.

    Just this year alone he told us David Ausberry would lead the team in TD receptions, Wiz 2.0 was a reach and he wouldn’t have taken him there, Taiwan Jones is the next Chris Johnson, DVD will be the next great Raider corner, and even though he never mentioned D Moore until after we drafted him, that he was the first person to tell us how good he will be.

    I like reading his posts, and is as die-hard as they come, but he cracks me up most of the time.

  • RaiderDee

    Don’t take this too personal, armchair, but you really do come across as an insecure groupy.
    Here you have this bitter codger, bhp, who you bow to, even though he is incapable of actually discussing anything with anyone who doesn’t agree with him, who makes totally false comments about the team, who makes the same comment that thousands make, that “I thought of the phrase black hole” which some haters actually call the organization, others the stadium, others the endzone, who insulted many here who dared to say JaMarcus stunk, while guaranteeing Russell will be great, and you still hang on his sac.

    JaMarcus Russell??

  • ArmChair GM

    # RaiderDee Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    You needto grow up, armchair, and get a clue.
    Everyone knows about Senors. Youell stadium. It’s called reading. You giggle after posting comments, as if you’ve stumbled across something.
    I notice you had nothing to say about bhp being a liar?
    Or about him playing posters, like you, that he’s involved with the raiders when he’s forgotten hes admitted hes not.
    You’re rather weak, over all, aren’t you?
    This guy insults and insults and insults, gets laughed at on here, and pretty much wherever he sprouts his nonsense, and you say show some respect?
    You earn respect. PERIOD!

    Another diarrhea mouthed clown.

    Reading about something and LIVING something is not even close to being the same you simpleton.

    You are a shining example of the type of worthless dribble that I’m talking about.

    Guy reads a book about PMS and thinks he’s a gynecologist.smh

  • ArtilleryShell

    Now that we have no draft picks, we better get a capologist who can rework contracts so we can at least retain and sign free agents

  • RaiderDee

    I will agree bhp is funny at times, but honestly, he comes across as a delusional fan.
    I remember reading a comment where he stated he’s never met Al, then recently read where he still cherishes his long talk he had with Al.
    Says he works for the organization.
    Says he never worked for the organization.
    Says he’s talked with Al.
    Says he never talked to Al.
    Guarantees Russell will be a superstar.
    blames the Raiders that Russell was lazy, and slurping.

    Basically just comes across as a bitter old man, who can’t remember what he spewed out yesterday.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    Dakota is a tampon.

    Go Raiders.

  • ArmChair GM

    ArmChair GM Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Even tho sometimes I may disagree with certain things that he says…when BHP talks about the team from a Historical perspective, I shut up and listen, because he is talking about things that happened before I was even born.

    Obviously the Reading Comprehension part of the Standardized Tests in School were always a serious challenge for you.

    If you can read and comprehend, then what I stated is obvious.

    It is possible to DISAGREE with someone while at the same time acknowledge and respect their history and knowledge about a particular point.

    And “groupy” is spelled “groupie”.

    You are clearly a mental midget.

  • DKnight007

    # ArmChair GM Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    # DKnight007 Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Last year the defense let Cassell make to many plays and gave him too much time to throw.

    They need to blitz him up the middle and around the back blind side and get to him and force him to fumble or throw INT’s!!

    Cassel will go down, and go down hard!

    The way the Raiders dismantled the Queefs on their turf last year, is the way we need to beat them again this time. This time with more blitzes though!

  • EMRaiders

    I know about the Senors and about all the back history of the Raiders. Not because I am as old as a dinosaur, but because I love the Raiders and I am interested in their past. It is not my fault that fate didn’t bring me to life sooner. Kinda out of my control don’t you think?

    I can appreciate all the old people that were around for the 60s and 70s and before, but that doesn’t make them any more of a fan then those who came along later.

    To me, a true fan is measured by how committed they are to their team. If they stick around through the good and the bad. If they do anything they can to make sure they watch all the games if they can’t actually go to the games. If they will let everyone know who they root for no matter what reaction they will get from others. If they take the time to actually research their passion and try to know as much as they can about it.

    Besides, respect is something that is earned.

  • RaiderDee

    You need to sign out, armchair.
    Come back later.
    You aren’t doing to well.
    Again, I detailed incidents that shoots holes in your comments, and you just come back with weak insults?

    Who does that sound like?

  • RaiderDee

    EMRaiders Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Besides, respect is something that is earned.

  • 147.ArtilleryShell Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 1:22 pm
    Gotta agree that we need to respect our elders, even when we disagree. I have been a Raidr fan since the 70’s, but didn’t have Directv in those days, and I was way too young for a sports bar, and living on the East coast, I remember waiting for halftime updates, hoping the Jets/Giants would get slaughtered so they would cut to another game, and tuning to Channel 3 with a hanger to watch snowy Raiders games from time to time.


    lol Hey Artillery Good one and in my opinon that’s called the “good ole days”.

  • ArmChair GM

    Raider Dee-

    It’s called Rosetta Stone. English edition.

    Your posts make no sense, and your grasp of basic reading comprehension is even worse.

    And EMRaiders,

    I don’t care how much someone reads….

    Marginalizing Al Davis as just another blip in the history of the Raiders, and ADVOCATING and CAMPAIGNING for the Raiders to move out of Oakland, are clear signs of fake fans to me.

    Nuff said.

    If they Keep up the fake, mindless, disrespectful, dribble, I’m gonna keep givin em hell!

    That’s what real Raiders do.

  • RaiderDee

    How do you know when you have someone helpless?

    Instead of countering your comments, he points out how to spell groupie.


    good on you.

    Told you. You should have left.
    Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.
    Please continue.

  • DKnight007

    # ArtilleryShell Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Now that we have no draft picks, we better get a capologist who can rework contracts so we can at least retain and sign free agents

    We will have draft picks and the Raiders have already calculated this.

    They will receive at LEAST two comp picks for losing high priced FA’s Nnamdi and Miller. They may also receive a later pick for losing Gallery.

    I think they will receive a 3rd rounder for Nnamdi and a 4th for Miller. Maybe a 5th or 6th for Gallery.

    So that means the Raiders will have a 3rd, a 4th (or two 5ths) and a 6th next year 9or two 6ths if they get anything for Gallery)

    Plus they can always try and trade up into the 2nd round by using picks in the 2013 draft or trading of players.

    Carson restructured down his deal significantly to make it easier on the cap. Seymour and Routt did this year to get Boss in the fold, and I expect CJ and Carlisle to be let go next year. B Campbell or Barksdale to take over at RG and Chekwa or DVD to take over for CJ.

    I also expect Wimbley to restructure his contract to make it even more cap friendly, than it already is also when he signed it.

  • Hey DMAC….glad to read you purchased your Tixs. Enjoy the game with your family Man. Go Raiders! Just Win Baby!

  • RaiderDee

    ArmChair GM Says:
    October 22nd, 2011 at 1:41 pm
    That’s what real Raiders do.

    Guess we differ.
    I don’t hang out with “groupies” like you.
    My Raiders friends aren’t little kiss-asses, like you.
    What the real Raiders I know do is back up their words, instead of backtracking.

    Oddly, you sound exactly like that old coot, bhp, even though you admit you’re just a little kid.

    you sprout off, then get all huffy when challenged to back up your words.

    sorry, man, that’s not what Raiders do.
    That’s what 49er fans do. YOu sure you’re in the right place?

  • EMRaiders

    There’s nothing wrong with defending your team. That is part of being a fan.
    Eventhough I haven’t agreed with everything Al has done lately, I do respect the man for what he has accomplished in his life. And yes, to actually experience something live, is a lot better than reading about it. I actually envy the older fans a bit for that. So I agree with you on that statement. But still, just because someone was around longer than others doesn’t make them bigger or better fans.

    I don’t remember rooting for the Raiders to move to LA. Eventhough I live here in OC, and it would be a lot easier for me to actually go to games, that is something that I have no control over, and no matter where the Raiders go, I will still root for them.


    PS – for the record, to me, no matter where the raiders go, Oakland will always be their true home. Not because I am from there, but because that is were they were born.

  • HayesDaze37

    Pssst — It’s drivel, not dribble.

  • RaiderSam

    Anyone actually talking football? Then again, the blog is about a kicker…..

  • HayesDaze37

    New post

  • GG

    Couple ideas, outside of staying in Oakland or LA long-term…

    Rename team as California Raiders, split home games between Oakland and LA. Negotiate a deal with the NFL to take some away games to LA too.

    Las Vegas Raiders.