Raiders sign K Rayner


The Raiders signed veteran kicker Dave Rayner on Saturday afternoon, which portends Sebastian Janikowski’s hamstring injury being serious enough to preclude him from playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rayner, 28, has played for six teams in his six NFL seasons. During that time, he converted 55 of his 75 field-goal attempts, including 13 of 16 last season for the Detroit Lions.

The Raiders released defensive back Ron Parker to make room for Rayner on the 53-man roster.

It’s likely that Janikowski will be healed enough to kick in Oakland’s game Nov. 6, vs. the Denver Broncos. The Raiders have a bye after the Chiefs game.

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Steve Corkran

  • Armond must have tickets sitting next to Brien and Norco Bob.


    After watching the onside kick replay from last week – yes, I think it went 10 yards. No, I don’t think the Brown touched it before it went 10. In fact, I think the Raids were fortunate that Cribbs didn’t take it to the house.

    Think Franco caught the Immaculate deception. Don’t think Tatum touched the ball though.

    I KNOW Brady and Lytle BOTH fumbled. No doubt on those.

    Absolutely agree the Raids have gotten the short end of the officiating over the years.

    Was merely trying to explain why the Raids consistently have led the NFL in penalties for 30+ years now.

    I don’t believe it’s due to lack of discipline or stupidity. I wouldn’t go as far as saying there’s a conspiracy against the Raids, although it sure might seem that way.

    I do believe Raider games are more closely officiated due to image and reputation.

  • Sullivan44

    Armond, that’s Raider games, for ya. After years and years of Al Davis and John Herrera, you get a stadium full of Briens. Ruins the experience. Makes it a waste of money.

  • EMRaiders

    you mean watching the game live isn’t enough to beworth ur while?

  • morilla

    What are Briens? I am not familiar with this subculture.

  • Sullivan44

    A “brien” is someone who is too big of a puzzy to join a real gang, so he basically brings the gang culture to the Raiders, claiming the Raiders like a gang. He “set trips” on other fans during the game, fans of other teams, and even Raider fans who aren’t as loyal as he’d like.

  • Tebow is running more than passing so far.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Tebow is going to have to throw at some point

  • qodrn

    Dedicated to the legacy of Al Davis
    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

    First: Ghostraider (exact score)
    Second: Sullivan44
    Third: Pretty Rick
    Fourth: Sullivan44
    Fifth: Fingers
    Sixth: Zymurge Raiders 23, Browns 17
    Honorable Mention: LA for PAIN

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  • Thec07

    Free Norco Bob…. He is fcking G