End 1st qtr: Chiefs 14, Raiders 0


Two Kyle Boller interceptions helped put the Raiders in a 14-0, with fans chanting for Carson Palmer after Kendrick Lewis intercepted his first pass and raced 59 yards for a touchdown with 12:35 left in the first quarter.

Boller’s second interception, by Brandon Flowers on an overthrown sideline streak intended for Denarius Moore, preciptated a 61-yard touchdown drive that ended on a 1-yard run by Le’Ron McClain.

Darren McFadden left the game after the second series, replaced by Michael Bush and later Taiwan Jones.

The Raiders ended the quarter at the 50-yard line after a 5-yard gain by Bush. Boller beat a Chiefs blitz and hit Darrius Heyward-Bey for a 15-yard game moments before.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raiderfankirk

    I know some of you guys are at game. PLEASE START PALMER CHANT! !!!!!!!!!”!!!

  • GForce21

    I would rather see Hue give Pryor instructions of two reads and run than see Boller throw one more pass.

  • big pep

    is that our F.B. out there on D. that boy is huge.

  • JT

    Boller is fun to watch, he runs for 20 yards next play he hits his 3rd INT

  • davidon



    Boller fu** sucks!!

  • I’d rather see Pryor than Boller at this point.

  • big fan

    Who gets the ball to open the 2nd half?

  • RaiderDebo

    Have a new appreciation for the “out of bounds” deep balls by JC. Boller has been terrible, but even though they’ve immproved, our receivers still aren’t ready for prime time.

  • hendu

    200,A tie,JUNK

  • JB


    Start him in the second half. He certainly won’t be any worse than Boller.

  • Surge92

    Can you say JaKyle?

  • davidon

    If think Hue will pull Boller

  • lefty12

    Where are the short,safe passes?Come on Hue,get your head out of your …

  • raiderbuggy

    i cant believe they go out and get palmer and dont start him he is way better than boller 3 interceptions in this game alone one rite before half time what is coach thinking maybe he wants to lose the game are u serious hue wake tfu damn

  • Surge92

    Hue can’t risk giving this game away. It could come back to bite us in the arse down the stretch.


    If Hue can pull Jason Campbell last year he better pull Boller

  • raiderbuggy

    im just shocked hue jackson should be fired on the spot or stop suckin kok

  • Pretty Rick

    Hmm I was called delusional last week for suggesting that Terrell Pryor playing this sunday. I’d rather be delusional than see Kyle Boller take one more snap this season.


    Hue wtf r u thinking?!!! pull Boller!!

  • raiderbuggy

    i cant believe we gave up how many 1st round picks to watch boller play atleast palmer has a proven track record

  • raiderbuggy

    id rather see russell then boller and thats sad


    rookie QB Christian Ponder playing better than Boller has his whole career!!

  • supapimp

    breath, raider nation. the chargers lost today. raiders still have the second half of the game.


    if Palmer doesnt play we are going to lose!


    well, thats it. we lost