Live blog: Raiders-Chiefs updates


Join Steve Corkran for a live blog and chat during today’s matchup between the Raiders and Chiefs.


Bay Area News Group blog editor

  • davidon

    Are the guys not open or is Boller staring down the receivers

  • GForce21

    on the pick six, he never looked ford off at all.

  • olinesux

    mcclain is in

  • davidon

    Get Pryor in…ready or not

  • Surge92

    If Boller continues to struggle, we need to put someone else in there. We can’t afford to lose to the Chiefs.

  • davidon

    156..I would pull him now if you want to win the game.

  • weaselbit

    Pull him, fire him, replace him w a recently retired qb

  • weaselbit

    cuts inside and hes gone

  • TheToozFan55

    We HAVE to win this game, dammit!!!!!!!!!! We could be on top!

  • raiderbuggy

    i just dont understand what hue was thinking we gace up how many 1st round picks to start boller we are in the hunt hue wake up