FB Reece, TE Boss, LB Wimbley, Kurt Warner weigh in on Palmer trade


Here is some early reaction to the Raiders trade of quarterback Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals, courtesy of NFL Network. Raiders fullback Marcel Reece, tight end Kevin Boss, defensive end Kamerion Wimbley, as well as former Rams/Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner share their thoughts on the bold move.

On what he thinks of quarterback Carson Palmer:

“We’re just so excited. You know of Carson and you’ve seen the success that he’s had in the past, and just ready for him to bring some of that along with him when he steps on the field for us.”

On how quickly he thinks Carson Palmer can step in and play:

“When you think about a guy like Carson, you look at his relationship with coach [Hue] Jackson and the systems he’s been in. Carson is a veteran guy, he’s a very, very intelligent quarterback. And I think coming from a player as well, I expect him to be on the field as soon as possible. You know he’s been working out; he looked great and he can always step on the field and sling that thing. We’re excited for him to get out on the field and we’re pretty sure he’s going to step on and make an impact right away.”

On if he saw Carson Palmer today in the building:

“I did see him today in the building. I just left the building and saw him, and spoke with him for a quick second. He’s in good spirits, we’re all excited and ready for him to get out there and make plays.”

On his conversation with Carson Palmer:

“He was smiling all throughout the building, just like everyone else is. For us, we feel like we’ve brought in a great addition onto this team. Coach Jackson has a tremendous amount of respect and confidence in Carson, and we have all of the confidence in the world that coach Jackson is going to do the best thing for this team, and we feel that he has. We’re all excited about it.”

On if he thinks Carson Palmer is playing this week:

“I think you guys are going to have to stay tuned and wait until Sunday and see who steps on the field. But like I said, Carson is a smart guy; he catches on really quick and us as playmakers just want to get out there and make his job as easy as possible. As players, we don’t expect anyone to come in here and play Superman and save our team because that’s not what we needed. We feel like we have somebody to come in and help us make the plays that we’re going to make.”

On if he saw Carson Palmer in the facility:

“I saw Carson briefly today in the facility. I was in there just for a little bit. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him yet but we’re excited to have him. It’s never fun to lose your starting quarterback and Jason [Campbell] has been playing really well and he’s been doing a great job leading this offense. But anytime you can pick up a great quarterback like Carson Palmer, a proven quarterback in this league for a number of years now, it’s a good day for our franchise.”

On how long it will take for Carson Palmer to develop a chemistry with the offense:

“It’ll take a little bit of time but I think with the weapons we have offensively – running backs, receivers – I’m hoping that we don’t really skip a beat. Like I said, Carson has been doing this for awhile; a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback so we’re just excited to have him.”


On his conversation with new quarterback Carson Palmer today:

“I just walked up to him and welcomed him out here. We just kept it kind of light and we talked about some of the players that we had played with. … I was just telling him welcome back out here because I know he was out here when he was in college and everything. We just kind of kept it light and I told him we were happy to have him out here, and were looking forward to getting started with him.”

On what head coach Hue Jackson is building in Oakland:

“They’ve been putting together all of the pieces that we need to contend for a Super Bowl. That’s our goal; to come here and win, and I think we’re serious about that. Adding Carson [Palmer] to the arsenal I think definitely helps to show that we’re serious about trying to get to the Super Bowl.”

On his initial thoughts when he heard about the trade:

“I think initially I was a little surprised. I didn’t think Carson would be playing football this year, but obviously with the injury to Jason Campbell. I like the move. I like the move on both sides. I think Cincinnati has their guy for the future, they’re excited about that; they were able to get some great picks that will help them continue to build that franchise. And I like the move for the Raiders. If you can get that Carson Palmer that we’ve seen in the past – the guy that has the big arm that can make the throws down the field, that can manage the game – you couple that with the defense and especially that running game, I think this might make the Raiders a better football team if we get that Carson Palmer. So I think this was a great move for both sides. I think both sides ultimately will benefit from this.”

On the Raiders trading two potential first round picks for Carson Palmer:

“That is definitely a lot to pay. But as you were just talking about, this is an organization that feels like they’re close. They feel like they can make some noise this year. They’ve got a young football team that can build for the future, and if you can get a guy like Carson Palmer, a guy that’s been a top 10 quarterback in this league for quite awhile, that helps this football team and that changes the complexion of how people have looked at them. Up to this point, it was they have a great running game, solid defense but I’m not sure they can make some noise against the big boys. You get Carson Palmer and you get him back to form, definitely you start to look at this team and there are two sides to the coin on offense. They can bring a lot to the table. It is a lot to give up there is no question, especially with the questions on will we get the Carson we’ve come to know, but if that does pan out I think this makes this team a definite contender.”

On the adjustment Carson Palmer will have to make:

“I think it can definitely be difficult. I don’t think very many people have been through this; I know I haven’t been through a situation like this so I can’t speak from expertise. But the fact of going out on a field and running, or going out on a field and throwing routes to air is completely different than the speed of the NFL. But I do have some experience. I was playing with the Cardinals a number of years back and the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers went down, and they brought in Vinny Testaverde in the middle of the week. He started against us on Sunday and actually led them to a victory. I know Carson is in shape, I know he’s ready to go. I think they can facilitate an offense if they want to put him out this next week where they don’t ask him to do too much – they depend a lot on that running game – but I think it can work. If they decide to sit him for a week and then use the bye week, I definitely think he can be up to speed and ready to go a couple of weeks from now.”

On how far he sees the Raiders going this season:

“I definitely thought this team up to this point was a team that could get into the playoffs. I didn’t necessarily think that they were a contender, a lot because as much as I like Jason Campbell I didn’t think that he was a guy that could carry them if they’re running game didn’t work out. But I look at Carson Palmer, and again there are a lot of questions here, but if he gets back to form and he can be that guy that can win games for you, I think that changes the complexion on how people look at the Raiders. I think then with their young talent at wide receiver and the speed they have there with the great running game they have, they become a team that is a little more scary than they were just a couple of weeks ago.”

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