Raiders sign cornerback


The Raiders signed free-agent cornerback Terrail Lambert on Tuesday and assigned him to their practice squad.
Lambert, who turns 26 on Dec. 1, has spent time with the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints, either on the practice squad or during training camp. He has yet to appear in a regular-season game.
He presumably was the other cornerback worked out by the Raiders on Monday. We identified the four others: David Pender, Jamar Wall, Bryan McCann and Mikail Baker. The Raiders also worked out linebacker Scott McKillop.
The Raiders now are at the full compliment of eight players on their practice squad.
The Raiders did not make any other roster moves Tuesday.

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Steve Corkran

  • Let’s Go Raiders! Just Win Baby! Thanks Steve! Thanks for ye dedication to the Raaaiiiiidddddders!Yeah Baby!

  • edward teach

    I am so glad to hear this. Ever since word came that we were working out six new players I’ve just been on pins and needles. Had a really difficult time sleeping last night, wondering who the new guy would be.

    Just kidding. Nice work, Steve.

  • Gerard

    First. Haha. Finally. Dream come true.

  • Gerard

    …never mind. Foiled again.

  • Blackmamba_20

    Notre Dame guy

  • Blackmamba_20

    Goldie how you man

  • shooooot!

  • Sup Mamba? How are you good buddy? Blessings!

  • R8eray…glad to read you made it home safely. Peace.

  • Blackmamba_20

    yeah good bro, hanging out for the Minni Game sunday.. ready for the boys to do the Bizz

  • Goldie…I know, ha!

    Heard it from the wife for a few days….”in one ear, out the other!”

    Next trip is vs Detroit with wife and kids! SMH…

  • Absolutely Mamba. Enjoy.

  • Ghostraiders Says:
    November 15th, 2011 at 3:38 pm
    Honestly though.. there’s a lot of sh!t head raider fans in Oakland as well.. there’s sh!t head fans in every city.
    You got that right! Quite a few of the sh*t heads gang banger wannabes (Brien) frequent this blog.

  • Steve, new post on fed-ex and pepsi awards?

  • Awesome R8eray. Have a super and safe time with the family to Detroit. Blessings.

  • Thec07

    Just Fire Baby, hey mayne, hit my email up so that we can be square…

  • Albert….I thought you joined the 49ers blog? You know they will welcome you with hugs, kisses and open arms.

  • Goldie7 Says:
    November 15th, 2011 at 6:44 pm
    Albert….I thought you joined the 49ers blog? You know they will welcome you with hugs, kisses and open arms.
    Go suck Tebow’s dick. I’ve been a die hard Raider fan since 1986.

  • lol…That’s so gay of you Albert. Grow a pair. Coward!

  • mikedlopes

    KC schedule shows them no light. Denver and Chargers schedule is easy enough to were they can keep up with us. We have to start playing good football 4qtrs and shut people out, cause denver and chargers will linger right there with us.

  • Howie_Long

    Need to cut whose ur momma and sign some gunners anc cb’s…green bay and Chicago gonna light ud up if we don’t

  • Howie_Long

    Steve cockren sucks…i asked him to ask tough questions at the press with huie and he said hubert wouldn’t allow it. Like why huie said in preseason you had to earn your playing time then houshmsnzadah comes in from day one and plays over dhb

  • Seymour Bush

    The Dischargers have dropped four straight, and are heading to Chicago, then Denver, Buff, Balt, in Detroit before ending in the Coliseum. I think they are in trouble.

  • Goldie7 Says:
    November 15th, 2011 at 6:50 pm
    lol…That’s so gay of you Albert. Grow a pair. Coward!
    Your the guy whose confessed his love for Tebow just because you share the same silly religious beliefs.

  • Seymour Bush

    Dungver has the Yets on thurs, then in SD, in Minn, Chi, NE, in Buff and ending with KC. That is not that easy either.

  • Howie_Long

    Wonder if mark is ticked off at huie because he said hagen was al’s guy and housh ur momma was his. Soon huie will take credit for al’s draft picks


    did you order the code black?

  • tengtd

    More Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalism. Was that a call from Herrera OR a peek at the Raiders transaction page. Had to be the one guy you didn’t track down didn’t it – maybe they signed him to show you up, LULZ!

  • You’re childish Albert. Grow up will ya? How old are you… like 12? lol

  • Just Fire Baby


    Give me that e-mail again, por favor.