End 1st qtr: Raiders 6, Bears 0

The Raiders are dominating everywhere but the scoreboard, leading on 40 and 47-yard field goals by Sebastian Janikowski.

On two possessions Oakland got deep into Chicago territory, getting as far as the Chicago 22-yard line before stalling on a third-and-4 incompletion from Carson Palmer to Darrius Heyward-Bey, with Janikowski getting the field goal.

After Aaron Curry pressured Caleb Hanie into an interception by Stanford Routt, the Raiders got as far as the 19 before a third-and-9 sack of Palmer by Julius Peppers against Jared Veldheer.

Before the quarter ended, Hanie overthrew Matt Forte and Michael Huff intercepted. The Raideres opened the quarter with first-and-10 at the Chicago 46.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Bears looking physical right now…

  • Pretty Rick

    Looks like this may be one of those low scoring defensive games.

  • mcfadden20.

    why did i pick this game over 41 points looks like they will barely score 30 total lol

  • alex7

    Gerard. Orakpo / Sack

  • alex7


    you thought Caleb Hanie would lead the Bears to 20+?
    And we’d score without our #1 and #2 WRs, and #1 RB?

  • McClain is just stupid sometimes…

  • BabySlash


  • BewareofRaiders

    Only the raiders who give up a 3rd and 18

  • J Hill


    This is they type of stuff that kills us.

  • GForce21

    Good thing we didn’t learn from last weeks “everyone run as fast as you can past the QB so we can give him a 20 yard scramble” defense.

  • F’N DAMMIT!!!!

  • Raider2DaHeart

    Teblowed again

  • BabySlash

    McClain what a joke.

  • J Hill

    I blame Breshnahan on those plays for having us in a straight man so everyone has their backs to the QB.

  • DaTruth91

    Wasbanned Says:
    November 27th, 2011 at 2:09 pm
    McClain is just stupid sometimes
    your an idiot….. He cant cover 2 people at the same time.

  • davidon



  • Our 2012 draft needs to be OL and DL

  • billromanowski Bill Romanowski
    It kills me to watch Rolando Mclain’s lack of hustle!!!!!!! At least try to fake it!

  • lefty12

    Naturally you blame Bresnahan.

  • BabySlash

    holy mother of god

  • BewareofRaiders


  • Remember this…

    wasbanned Says:
    November 27th, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    story of the game so far…

    Wasted opportunities by Oakland

  • J Hill

    Breshnahan is a phuggin CLOWN!!!!!

    Why would you blitz like that and leave all that single coverage????

  • alex7

    thought we weren’t going to blitz him

  • davidon

    What is Bres doin

  • PGutierrezCSN Paul Gutierrez
    @Raiders blitz, get burned….TD Knox

  • CVRaider


  • alex7

    and if you are going to blitz, press. don’t just sit back and give up a wide open slant

  • DaTruth91

    how many times do u have to get beat on a bliitz and get beat to realize your a fking idiot…

  • You can’t give up 3rd and 188 and expect good things to happen.

  • RaiderYYZ

    McClain has had his back turned twice now. So frustrating to alow that TD.

  • 3rd and 18

  • BabySlash

    when this team gets clutch…I’ll give them a break.

  • CVRaider

    To make it worse .all out blitz with a soft man on third and 8.


  • Pretty Rick

    Thats what happens when you let a team convert on 3rd and 18.

  • CSNMoonMullin John Mullin
    strange game – #Bears doing little with Hanie @ QB but Raiders didn’t put #Bears away when they had chances – these situations blow up

  • doriangray

    anybody see wut im taLKIN bout now with the dumb chucky b blitzin at the wrong time


  • J Hill

    It’s so obvious, Lefty!!!

    It makes no sense to have the defense in a situation where Hanie can run UNTOUCHED for 25 yds on a 3rd and 18. Why try and sack the guy with a heavy pass rush from the Dline????

    Why blitz the guy on 3rd and 8 instead of letting him try and throw against 7 defenders???

    Just bad chess playing … in my humble opinion.

  • got some O

  • lefty12

    Blitz-damned if you do,damned if you don’t.

  • BewareofRaiders

    Rockin my reece jersey

  • RaiderOnHigh

    Good thing Coach Davis isn’t around to see this.

    Or better yet, wish he was so he could rip some hellacious ass at half time. And he’d be right to do so.

  • doriangray

    just plain stupid tho . hanie waited like 5 seconds watched the blitzers run to the line. stupid d.b. is 9 yards off the reciever . wide damn open

  • doriangray

    its just the only way u can lose a game like this. just dumb . they cant run well and hanie is throwin ints.. play smart

  • davidon

    This D reminds me of Pitt..Pass first

  • so on 3rd down you throw for the endzone instead of getting the 1st???????????????

    Hue is still pissing me off.

    Another missed opportunity

  • Raider2DaHeart

    We NEED TJ playing 2 receiver. There just isnt NO chemistry at all with Chaz and Murph….

  • Pretty Rick

    We need TDs