Live blog: Raiders-Bears updates


Join Steve Corkran for a live blog and chat during today’s game in Oakland.


Bay Area News Group blog editor

  • qodrn

    Thanks. Now I can work on my horses.

  • Intentional grounding 10 second run off penalty against the Bears. We Win Baby! This darn game made me nervous as heck. We can’t keep playing this way.

  • tatum31

    I don’t make a whole lot of comments in this blog, but here’s one I can’t hold back: two or more times in recent games, during the game-time Live Chat, both Jerry and Steve have mentioned that someone on-high has dictated that the moderator should speak less, and more-or-less leave the blog up to the fans. That’s asinine. I watch the chat because I’m looking for informed, professional input from guys (pros) who have been studying football and the Raiders professionally for many years. Why in the world would I want to watch a live blog full of amateur opinions? By your count, there are thousands watching. Does the boss ever consider that maybe the great majority of of us are tuned in to hear what Jerry or Steve have to say, and most of the time, couldn’t care less about what the posters say? Sometimes, the posters have good input. But, I thought the balance between the pros and the amateurs was just fine prior to the directive to make it more of an amateurs show. The amateurs might pose interesting questions, but WHO CARES about their opinions? They’re repetitive and really boring. The blog is now much less valuable that it was when half or more of the entries were by the pros.