Report: McClain ‘remorseful,’ at team walk-through


Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain told CSNBayArea.com that he doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t play Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Coach Hue Jackson isn’t ruling out the prospect, either.
Jackson told CSNBayArea’s Paul Gutierrez at the team hotel Saturday in Miami that he has yet to make a final determination after meeting with McClain on the heels of McClain’s arrest in Alabama on four misdemeanors, including third-degree assault.
“We’ll see,” Jackson said. “I feel very comfortable that we’re getting down to the issues with him. This is something he has to learn from, we all have to learn from. I will make the best decision for the organization and the football team.”
McClain, 22, flew from Decatur, Ala., to Florida on Friday night and joined the team at that point. He was excused to go to his native Alabama earlier this week so that he could attend his grandfather’s funeral.
The alleged assault occurred Wednesday night. McClain was arrested Thursday afternoon after the victim said McClain pointed a gun at his head and fired it near his ear. McClain’s lawyer said his client is innocent of any wrongdoing.
Jackson told CSNBayArea.com on Friday night that, “I’ve been advised to not say anything. Best thing I can do is just stay quiet and get ready for the game.”
When asked if he intended to play, McClain nodded his head and said, “No reason why I shouldn’t.”
McClain reportedly was present for the Raiders workout at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, at which time he was welcomed by his teammates, according to Jackson.
And what came of the promised face-to-face chat between Jackso and McClain?
“Trust me, he’s remorseful,” Jackson said, “and he should be. For the situation he put his team and his teammates in … He needs to grow and learn from this. There are so many lessons to learn. These are ‘life’ things that we’re talking about.”
Bay Area News Group beat writer Jerry McDonald is on his way to Miami today. It’s unlikely that he will have any access to Jackson, McClain or any of the other players or coaches, given he won’t arrive until 10 p.m.

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Steve Corkran

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    Thats nuts. I look at guys all day locked up for gun charges that did less then what this guys says Ro did.

  • This is kind of funny. Rolando photoshopped with NWA


  • fingers

    I cant speculate anymore about what McClain did …. After today’s game I may give it somemore thought…. It’s outta our hands anyway … Today I just want to put every ounce of positive energy I can muster up and send it to our team….
    I’m Sure Hue will do what’s best for the Raiders…

  • Thanks Vegas!


    We’ll see what happens…going to Aliante Station right now!!

    Catch y’all later!

  • fingers

    Just Win!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    I guess each state has it’s own area of leniency.

    Here in New Mexico, you can get like 5 DUI’s and kill someone, and still only do a few years and get your licenses back.

    One guy recently did 18 months for vehicular manslaughter, got out and did it again.

  • Angry Villager with Pitchfork

    If the Raiders win today, I’m going to get HAMMERED drunk! Victory shots, full-on celebration Frank The Tank style.

  • Brandishing a firearm in TX is required to get your driver’s permit.

  • fingers

    Sheesh… Can the Nfl channel manage to go 2 minutes without any Tebow worship ….don’t know about anybody else but I’m sick to death of the Timmy hype….

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    2011 Trends (Regular Season)The Raiders are 7-3 ATS.
    The Raiders are 5-0 ATS away.
    The Raiders are 6-1 ATS as the underdog.
    The Raiders are 5-0 ATS as an away underdog.
    The Dolphins are 6-5 ATS.
    The Dolphins are 2-3 ATS at home.
    The Dolphins are 2-1 ATS as the favorite.
    The Dolphins are 2-1 ATS as a home favorite.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Tebow moves the meter, so the talk about him will continue, even if they lost the next 2 weeks.

    I heard on ESPN radio this week, that the Bronco’s game against the Dolts had more on-line downloads of the live stream, than every other game COMBINED.

    The media can’t and won’t ignore that.

  • Just Fire Baby

    What was the spread in the Bills game?

    Suprised that we covered that.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    +3 1/2



  • raiderfankirk

    Guns are cool. Idiot’s with guns are not.

  • DonManoukiansNeighbor

    new post

  • oaktown1

    Check this out. The following is from someone from Alabama, who commented on csn.com. I think it’s time to call Lofa.

    From Decatur local.Sorry Raider fans, but I suggest you take off your rose colored glasses and hope your coach or Goodell saves Rolando’s life. Living in Decatur, we the local community have pulled for and supported Rolando through Alabama & to Oakland. But also, 100% or so of the community fully believes what was reported because we know Rolando’s history. I would go watch him play high school football because you could tell he was gifted. But I also watched him play high school basketball with an ANKLE MONITOR. His co-defendant is always by his side. Know him as well. I sat a few rows from Rolando earlier this year at the local basketball competition between the 2 high schools, with Rolando wearing his sunglasses the whole time. Last night when the 2 teams played, the local school superintendent put out a public request that Rolando not attend due to the bad example it would set (Google it), without even knowing Rolando had already left for Miami to meet your team. When he was shot at earlier this year, while working out with some of the local police, we were talking about it, and they commented they weren’t surprised. He was sued here locally last year for hitting a fellow Alabama student with a car, twice, and then body slamming him. I even had Rolando sign a poster for my nephew this summer at an event he was sponsoring & he asked where I got it. Why is it 2x this year he has been home and gunfire has taken place. We have another local player his age, Jerraud Powers, DB for the Colts, who is nothing but a shining example. The next incident Rolando gets in here, will probably get him killed. A guy 6’5, 255 lbs., known to carry a gun, threatens someone, they will shoot him first, and ask questions later, claim self-defense, and will get off. Sadly, the community here doesn’t want him to come back. His smiling pic while getting arrested says it all, “I am above the law”. Ya’ll can keep him.

  • morilla

    I saw that last night. Man, Rolando playing hoops with a ankle monitor. Too funny. Maybe Hue should make him wear one so we know where he disappears to on the field.

  • zopi

    I hope this man from Decatur is not a relative of the judge.

    Whether guilty or not, McClain needs to sit. No need for distractions. Enough is enough.

  • qodrn


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    Protected by the rally squirrel and Coliseum rodents

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